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Mind Manipulation is a Gloomy Reality

A few years ago, a great number of articles were published in order to raise public awareness as to the dangers introduced to each and every individual, small communities and even society as a whole, by neuroscience.

And then there was nothing. No follow up reports, no publications, nothing. As if no one was concerned any more, instead of people protesting on the streets.

An announcement was made that the infamous National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S.A. has begun using a “scientific” method called Remote Neural Monitoring, supposedly to enhance the law enforcement agencies’ ability to fight crime and terrorist activities.

The consequences of this method are horrific by any definition. And then there was nothing. No one even seems to care anymore, instead of pursuing by all legal means the termination of any such notion.

For the uninitiated, neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, what it does, and specially focuses on its impact on behavior and cognitive functions.

It is a multidisciplinary science that links to mathematics, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, genetics and medicine. I.e. everything. Supposedly the science aims to aid people with neurological, psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

It all sounded inconspicuous enough, until some of its experiments saw the light of day and the public became aware (or not…it seems not) of the inherent danger of this method.

One of the, lighter in effects, experiment revealed, was one that experimenters applied electrodes to a number of women to test the effectiveness of the process against depression.

The experiment was dubbed as successful, as the subjects were not physically harmed in any way, and they were introduced to pleasurable feelings which resulted in the dissipation of their disorder. Cheers lasted until it was discovered that the women had all fell in love with their experimenters to the point of absurdity.

The case reached court, that ruled that the effect was unforeseeable (?) and unintentional (?) and ordered that all records (identities of the experimenters and subjects, locations, timelines etc…) be sealed and expunged.

There never was any word on how the subjects were treated after this experiment (typical journalism, if it doesn’t sell it is not interesting) and other experiments revealed far worse results.

Further inquiries by other journalists exposed that major corporations had hired neuroscientists to create ways of inducing the public to susceptibility towards their products.

Their armies of lawyers had introduced the guidelines so that the research would be within the boundaries of law and everything was swept again under the rag. But the implications are extremely clear.

Again there was no word if those studies were dropped or ever put into action. Since business is business, they were probably drawn to deeper cover and put in effect, but there is no evidence to that.

Also for those who have not yet been informed, Remote Neural Monitoring works remotely and attempts to control the brain with the purpose of detecting any criminal thought occurring inside the mind of a possible culprit. The science is based on the principles that:

  1. the human brain is too slow and therefore cannot compete with supercomputers and
  2. that each brain has a distinctive set of biometric resonance system and therefore is isolable and can be affected.

The entire program has been funded by the security agencies of U.S.A, U.K. Spain, Germany and France. There was innuendo of a similar program developed for Russia but again without any proof.

The repercussions are horrific and yet no one seems to worry about it! Not that anything could really be achieved against a program funded by governments at the highest level…

Not one, but two alleged sciences are directly aimed on mind and neural control of the human being.

And people go about their business every day, continue their lives and sit comfortably in their couches watching TV…

Huge amounts of money have been spent (in secret of course) to pay scientists to produce effective ways to manipulate the human mind. And people are starving or drenched in poverty unable to do anything about it.

If a major corporation can order you to purchase their product, a scientist induce feelings and behavioral patterns to you at will, a security agency know exactly what you are thinking of, at any given moment, what is there left that deserves to be called freedom?

Where have all the principles of freedom of thought, speech and due process gone? Where have the “Constitutional” principles gone (at least for the countries that claim to still have a constitution)?

The answer: of the window. And the follow up question is unescapable. Have the results of these sciences already put to work? Probably yes. Otherwise it is completely unexplainable why no one seems to care about it.

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