Silver is Killing the Criminal Banking Empire

As we wind into the last quarter of 2014, the pace of truly historic and world-changing events have been speeding at us like never before.

It is much like Lady Liberty making her way across a tightrope one thousand feet above a nation of onlookers during a rainstorm.

And to make things more challenging, she also juggles an increasingly impossible number of chainsaws and hand grenades, creating too many distractions to handle all at once.

Inevitably, the chainsaws slice her arms off and sends everything plummeting towards the crowd below. The onlookers, who never realized that standing directly below wasn’t the best decision, now scramble to avoid being maimed by the falling debris.

But, exactly who or what is responsible for creating these deadly chainsaws and hand grenades, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world now? More importantly, what can we individually do so we do not become part of the panicked masses who took no action to shield themselves from these obvious calamities until it was too late?

There are many things we do not have direct control over in life. That said, there are actions we can take to empower ourselves to either mitigate or even take advantage over many of the events, both geo-political and financial, that we cannot control.

I believe that begins with first paying attention to what is going on around us. You see, major domestic and international events tend not to occur in a vacuum. They will tend to be related like dots on a grid which will form a clear picture for those who take the time to follow where they lead.

Due to the relentless push towards the new world order form of one world governance as represented by the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, European Union, World Bank, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, G8, NAFTA, NATO, Trans-Pacific Partnership, etc., which work together to undermine the sovereignty of individual nations, the world is much more inter-related now than ever before.

What goes on in one part of the world has a profound domino effect in others as well. Getting back to the metaphor at the top of this article, let’s take a quick look at several of the chainsaws and hand grenades that the world is juggling at the moment and how they may be intimately connected.

Never before has the entire globe been so buried in toxic debt caused by unlimited amounts of fiat credit created out of thin air. Estimates state there is now over $1.5 quadrillion dollars in failing sovereign derivative paper debts, disguised as security investments, circulating like a deadly virus throughout the financial system.

Though this will eventually implode catastrophically, in the meantime, the results of this monetary ‘experiment,’ has led to the bankers becoming even more monstrously wealthy, while leaving the rest of the world more impoverished.

This has played out with global stock and real estate markets once again zooming to dizzying heights as the Federal Reserve and their partners at the European Central Bank hand out money like candy to investment banks and hedge funds to speculate in stocks, bonds and real estate to their heart’s desire, creating an unprecedented bubble that is about to implode once again.

It’s as if the recent financial meltdowns of 1987, 2001 and 2008 never happened, never-mind the crash of 1929 that brought on a 15 year depression.  And it’s not just the FED up to their dirty tricks either. It’s being repeated by the monetary masters in Asia and the European Union as well.

Here, in the once proud U.S., despite the economy being in a hopeless shambles due to soaring unemployment, corporations slashing their workforce by the thousands every month, major retailers going bankrupt and over 160 million Americans receiving some form of government welfare just to make ends meet, the President reassures us that the economy has turned around.

For proof, he points to the fact that the DOW JONES is at an all-time high and real estate sales are booming.

What he conveniently leaves out is the fact that most Americans are not participating in either market booms because they are either broke, unemployed and definitely not the recipients of trillions in free money to play the markets like the “too big to fails” and hedge funds are.

It seems you still can’t buy a house or shares of stock with an EBT card or an unemployment check!

But the game gets more insidious. With close to zero interest paid on conservative CDs, money market and savings accounts, dollars just sitting in a bank lose value everyday so the only way out is to invest it in something.

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Just as the American middle-class begins to recover from the market devastation of 2008, they are being prodded to throw their savings into the black hole casino of manipulated 401k, stock and real estate markets once again just to have some chance at financial solvency.

And their investment timing couldn’t be worse. Along with Fed money-printing fueling the growing U.S. equity and housing bubbles, so too is foreign investment, specifically from China and to a lesser extent, Russia.

As the numbers of millionaires have grown as a result of their own bubble economy, the Chinese have been pulling out of their cratering real estate markets and into London, Australia, Canada and the United States, inflating each to new highs.

Aftermath of China’s property bust: Ghost cities!

Now that the top has been reached, these same speculators, along with Fed-fueled U.S. hedge funds, are dumping these overinflated properties onto any fool willing to take them, creating a supply imbalance – too many properties, nowhere near enough homeowners able to afford them.

Yes, it is a rinse and repeat bubble-bust cycle that those who ignore history become victims of so it’s hard to feel a whole lot of empathy when they get played repeatedly due to willful ignorance! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little mindless TV entertainment, mainstream news, sports, tabloid gossip or video-games once in a while.

But when those become the sole focus of a society to the exclusion of consciousness elevating endeavors, that society will reap what it has sown. History has clearly shown that to be the “bread, wine and circuses” stage of societal decadence, which always precedes collapse.

That may sound a bit harsh, but there’s a reason why lambs and cattle are so easily led into the slaughterhouse – they deliberately ignore history that has forever preceded the future which can not only save them, but assist them to thrive as well.

Invariably, they end up eaten for dinner by the multinational banker-controlled corporations who disguise themselves as governments.

Though citizens of most nations have been weaned to behave much like cattle, especially Americans, I’m afraid to say, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

It simply takes the will to look up and begin to see the world for what it truly is by utilizing our vast human consciousness to think and act critically and independently for our own betterment. Much of this has been covered in past articles so I shall not repeat them here for sake of merciful brevity.

What are the solutions? Honestly, there is no one magic bullet to save us from such complex and longstanding financial paradigm that has enslaved the masses in perpetual debt for so long.

However, if we pay attention to what is going on around the globe, we can see a repeating pattern emerge, one that gives us a great clue about not only why things are occurring in the manner they are, but even more importantly, arms us with critical information with which to make informed decisions that will greatly benefit us now and in the future.

Getting back to the chainsaws and hand grenades, there are so many financial scandals breaking just about everyday that it’s hard to keep track of them all without a scorecard. And that’s exactly how the global money-masters want it because after a while the public simply becomes numb to it all.

The mortgage-backed securities derivative scandal is followed by the “too big to fail” banking scandal, which leads to the LIBOR interest rate scandal, the FOREX scandal and now perhaps the biggest of all, the gold and silver markets manipulation scandal!

Each one of these on their own is a shocking revelation of a coordinated criminal banking conspiracy to defraud the world, but when bunched together, they become much easier to dismiss and ultimately forget about.

To further deflect their own culpability, the government leaders have turned into conspiracy-theorists of their own, stating multiple times that they are powerless to stop the ongoing hacking attacks on institutions of government, finance, corporate, retail, credit agencies, not to mention the theft of personal data from millions of Facebook, Apple, Google and Yahoo accounts.

While they claim the NSA is helpless to stop these ongoing attacks, they’ve inexplicably determined who is behind it.

Ready for this? China, Russia and ISIS! 

Since this supposed three-headed terror hydra can no longer hate us for our freedoms, as the Patriot Act and phony war on terror already waged holy jihad on America and wiped those away, I presume they must hate us for our debt.

And just why is the U.S. poking and prodding superpowers China and Russia now? Well, history clearly shows that when an empire’s economy spirals into terminal death throes, it must go to war to blame outsiders for said nation’s troubles.

That is why both previous world wars were fought and why the lunatics at the helm of the USS Titanic America are making a strong push for WWIII.

All of the stops are being pulled out and let’s hope the American people haven’t forgotten about the horrible mistakes of the past in time to stop this madness.

Well, though the people may forget, other nations irreparably harmed by the European-Federal Reserve banking cartel do not! In case you haven’t noticed, many of these nations have been quite noticeably dumping the quickly fading U.S. dollar world reserve currency in favor of new currencies backed by gold and silver!

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In what is called the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, have banded together to begin trade in Chinese renminbi, Russian rubles and alternate currencies, bypassing the petro-dollar altogether.

It is further expected that nations in Asia, the Middle East, a few presently in the EU and even Germany will join very shortly. This is HUGE!

U.S. govt considers these folks terrorists!

Until now, the United States was able to protect their hegemonic dollar empire by invading nations and murdering foreign leaders who sought to break away from its tyranny of debt and destruction.

Alas, with all empires, their day in the sun fades, reality sinks in that mighty as they once were, constant foreign invasions lead to an Everest-sized mountain of debt, ultimately reducing the empire to so much rubble and dust.

One would think budding empires might take note of the rise and disastrous fall of the Roman Empire, but they never do. Instead, they print and print more dollars in a desperate attempt to paper over their criminal operation for just a little while longer.

In addition, the U.S. and London gold vaults are known to be nearly or completely empty, meaning all of its supposed wealth no longer exists, having long ago been spent building their respective cooperative empires. Worse, much of that gold never belonged to them in the first place.

The Fed: 100 years of monetary destruction! — It is owned by the Rothschild dynasty;

After WWII, many foreign nations agreed to store their sovereign gold bullion in the supposedly safe European and U.S. vaults, never dreaming that their gold would be literally stolen, then illegally leased out by the western bankers to fund endless wars.

This is why these bankers have conspired to trash the gold and silver markets, turning them into paper only settlement markets. Again, very little physical metal ever changes hands because very little metal exists in these vaults to begin with!

This worked previously due to the dollar’s role as the world reserve currency. Foreign governments knew back then that the dollars they received could be used in global trade with other nations so they accepted this unfair treatment.

That day is now over as the world has awoken to the fact that most if not all of their gold they had entrusted to the European-American banking criminals since WWII is gone forever, leaving them with nothing by increasingly worthless U.S. dollar debt notes.

And rather than get mad, these nations are getting even. All of the BRICS have been on a gold and silver buying spree, dumping dollars and loading up their own vaults so that their coalition will become the new defacto reserve currency of the world, leaving the European Union and the United States with nothing of value but mountains of worthless toilet paper.

And don’t think for a minute that this is all just idle speculation, for that would be a monumental mistake!

Remember the over $1.5 quadrillion in derivative debt instruments the financial markets are presently drowning in? Well, guess what? Most are denominated in U.S. dollars,  euros, yen and other toxic paper.

Are any of those backed by gold or silver? Of course not. So when the day comes to pay the piper, the debt-fueled global markets will blow sky high.

This is the very reason for the BRICS. They know this day is fast approaching and so are de-leveraging out of those currencies as quickly as possible to save themselves!

Not one to go down without a fight, the bankers have responded by dumping a tidal wave of paper sell contracts onto the COMEX and London bullion exchanges.

This has resulted in the metals crashing to five year lows in an attempt to scare citizens from buying the metals and instead herd them into the onrushing stock and real estate market tsunami that is about to hit.

It was revealed by Jeff Christian of CPM Group, a principal figure in the criminal manipulation, that for every 100 ounces of physical gold that investors believe they are buying on the metals exchanges and receiving paper certificates for, there actually exists less than 1 ounce in the exchange vaults.

This means the exchanges are selling contracts for metal they do not have in the first place. Yes, the bankers are indeed running an illegal ponzi, one that is about to crash and burn.

All this has served to do though is give rival governments and investors savvy enough to know what’s going on the opportunity to buy the precious monetary metals on alternate physical markets at a temporary and astronomical discount to their true value.

Need further proof that the financial world as we know it is really going to start going crazy? I’ll mention several.

After revelations that the silver markets had been rigged for decades, the banks that controlled the silver fix for the last 117 years, inexplicably quit in mid-August 2014 and turned over control to CME Group and Thompson-Reuters.

They claimed this arms length distance would put an end to their criminal manipulation and make the market more transparent.

This is what real money looks like! Invest in gold or silver today.

Instead, it’s created even more chaos as the new trading system has malfunctioned and frozen up for hours multiple times, halting all trading in silver.

When it has functioned, this Twilight Zone-like manipulation has continued and paper selling of metals that don’t exist goes on unabated.

Foreign nations, disgusted by this out in the open thievery have finally said “enough is enough” and are opening their own metals markets that deal solely in physical trading of the metals.

Late last year, Shanghai opened a physical silver exchange that has already been depleted by 90% and is expected to become empty by the end of November because there simply isn’t enough silver available world-wide to keep up with the unrelenting demand for the real thing!

Follow the yellow BRICS road to escape the dollar!

So this begs the question, how can western and European exchanges that trade only paper certificates for metals they claim to hold, trade millions of ounces everyday with no problem, while an exchange that trades the actual metals has run empty in less than a year’s trading?

The answer is simple, it can’t. This will lead to the mother of all defaults in the criminal exchanges as investors and foreign governments alike refuse dollars and demand physical settlement of their outstanding metals contracts in the next few months.

Metals and economic experts like Bix Weir and Harvey Organ have made bold predictions that silver will skyrocket from its presently manipulated price of $18 to well over $200 possibly by year’s end as the western-euro exchanges default, with prices continuing up until it reaches its supply-demand equilibrium somewhere north of $1000 by 2021.

Sounds far-fetched until you realize that silver is the most manipulated commodity in the world’s history as a low price effectively hides the ongoing 100 year debasement of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.

It was also why the government took silver dimes, quarters and half dollars out of circulation in 1965 as the metal content in the coins became worth much more than the face value of the coins themselves.

Silver is indeed a gigantic coiled spring that when released will shoot up very quickly and for quite a long time.

In preparation for this increasing mad global rush for physical metals, the Shanghai gold exchange opens in December, along with another major exchange in Singapore at the same time. Coincidence? Hardly.

Again, by paying attention to what is happening not only in our own backyards, but in the yards of our foreign neighbors, we can see what is occurring right before our very eyes and what can be done to benefit from the changes that come with these once in a lifetime monetary shifts away from a dying currency.

So yes, if the rest of the world is scrambling to buy as much physical gold and silver it can get its hands on, while the bankers continue to drive the prices down for a few months longer, so should you be buyers of the metals.

Gold is great, but silver being a precious monetary resource that is also a key industrial commodity, with well over 10,000 applications, is a much greater investment and will far outperform gold in my opinion.

Remember, gold and silver have survived as money for well over 5,000 years, while all paper currencies have failed within 100.

And it is certainly no coincidence that the Federal Reserve’s dollar is exactly 100 years old as it drunkenly teeters about singing its final tune, before finally plummeting into the monetary abyss of endless debt, never to be heard from again. R.I.P. U.S. dollar.

Until next time, may your decisions be good ones!

By Hanzei E., Lost in the Bamboo Forest; | Invest: Buy American Silver Eagle.