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The Mysterious Underground “Temples of Humankind”

The Temples of Humankind are a collection of subterranean temples buried 100 ft underground built by the Federation of Damanhur. They are decorated in several motifs stressing peaceful human collaboration.

The Temples are located in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from Turin, in the valley of Valchiusella.

The temples were created under the direction of Oberto Airaudi who, having claimed visions of ancient temples at age 10 from a previous life, began excavation and building in August 1978.

By 1991 most of the chambers were reportedly complete when Italian police, acting on a tip from villagers, conducted a raid on the Temples. Eventually the Italian government reportedly gave them retroactive excavation and erection privileges and the Temples are now open to visitors.

Parts of the Temples:

    • Hall of Water – dedicated to the feminine principle, it is in the shape of a chalice and invites receptivity.
    • Blue Hall – for meditation on social matters and is used as a place of inspiration and reflection.
    • Hall of Earth – dedicated to the masculine principle, to the earth as an element and planet and to past and future reincarnations.
    • Hall of Metals – represents the different ages and developmental stages of humankind and the shadow elements of the human psyche.
    • Labyrinth Hall – showing Interfaith worship through the centuries, uniting different cultures and peoples.
    • Hall of Spheres – positioned where 3 Synchronic Lines merge, inviting planetary contact and transmission of messages, ideas and dreams to create harmony between nations.
    • Hall of Mirrors – dedicated to the sky, air and light, solar energy, strength and life. There are 4 altars to earth, water, air and fire.

Every year thousands of people visit Damanhur to try out the social model, study the philosophy and to meditate in the Temples which many have called the ‘Eighth wonder of the world’.

The Temple Halls are an underground work of art, a subterranean cathedral created entirely by hand and dedicated to the divine nature of humanity. It is a great three dimensional book which recounts the history of Humankind through all the art forms, a path of re-awakening to the Divine inside and outside of ourselves.

In the Temples of Humankind, every aspect has a meaning. The colours, the measurements and every detail follow a precise code of forms and proportions; every Hall has its specific resonance and its own sound.

The Temples of Humankind symbolically represent the inner rooms inside every human being. Walking through its halls and corridors corresponds to a profound journey inside oneself. The Temples wind for over 8,500 cubic metres on five different levels, connected to one another by hundreds of metres of corridors.

They arise in the place where the Eurasian continental plate meets the African plate, pushing up a mineral 300 million years old. The mineral is mylonite, a rock that carries the physical energy of the earth.

The Temples of Humankind have been built right inside a vein of this particular mineral, whose presence follows perfectly the flowing of the Synchronic Lines of the planet (sometimes referred to as ‘ley lines’ or ‘energy lines’).

The Synchronic Lines are like great rivers of energy which cross the earth and connect it to the Universe, carrying ideas, thoughts and dreams. The Temples arise within a ‘shining knot’; a point where four Synchronic Lines meet.

The Temples are a great laboratory where art and science, technology and spirituality are united in the research of new roads for the evolution of humanity.

As during the Renaissance, the construction of the Temples of Humankind has been the influence behind the creation of artistic and craft workshops, thanks to which Damanhur is valued all over the world.

Keeping pace with the growth of the Temples of Humankind – which represent the highest collective, artistic expression – Damanhurian society has refined itself and has created the basis for its own culture and tradition.

“The Temples of Humankind are a surprising achievement, and what does that say about the community that built them? The social structure developed by the Damanhurians has turned out to be as extraordinary in every aspect as the Temples are.

“The first thing to clarify is that this is a place of spiritual and philosophical research; Damanhur is not trying to create a new religion. Here they are researching in the field of spirituality, of social philosophy, here they are researching life. (…)

“If all this sounds a bit too good to be true, just let me say that after being with many of these people, living with them, experiencing people’s daily, there is no doubt in my mind that the reality comes close to the vision.” – Jeff Merrifield.

By Julian Websdale, HumansAreFree.com; | Related: The Ancient Temples Were Designed for 110 Hz Chanting;

Julian Websdale is an independent researcher in the fields of esoteric science and metaphysics, and a self-initiate of the Western Esoteric Tradition. His interest in these subjects began in 1988. You can visit his personal blog here.