Top 5 Steps to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

In these times, our Pineal Glands are being activated by streams of inter-galactic vibratory communication streaming through the Sun and entering our energy bodies.

These communications awaken dormant strands of DNA, trigger dormant memories of life on other worlds and have the power to heal humanity of all sickness and disease.

Having a clean and open Pineal Gland enables us to understand and assimilate this intergalactic communication without fear. The Pineal Gland is also a channel for guidance from higher planes.

Hence, it is vibrationally advantageous at these times to have a Pineal Gland that is working effectively. A calcified Pineal Gland is a sure way to create entrapment in the 3D world.

Conscious awareness of DNA can bring about a healing on a level not yet understood by most of humanity or the medical mainstream (for they do not work in the interests of healing anyway).

One can scan DNA with one’s mind and locate rogue molecules that can lead to cancer. These can be removed or healed with our higher-dimensional energy bodies.

The discovery and activation of latent DNA spells the end of all human disease – for the dormant DNA is programmed to heal everything. Within the double helix structure, one can see other higher dimensional strands of DNA and buried within these dormant strands of light-based DNA, lies the Immortality Gene that renders death obsolete. Before one can attain these states – one must fix the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland is the seat of spiritual consciousness and is a gateway to other dimensions and levels of reality. When your Pineal Gland is working fully – your multi-dimensional vision will look something akin to this:

Anyone with a fully functioning Pineal Gland will be able to develop visionary abilities, travel to other dimensions, activate their Merkabah Vehicle, meet higher-dimensional beings, time travel, dream in amazing ways and accomplish all kinds of other spiritual feats as described in Keys to Immortality.

Pineal Gland Detoxification and Pineal Decalcification facilitates the awakening of dormant multi-dimensional consciousness in humans. It is a vital step on the road to healing if we wish to perceive the other dimensions that surround us and travel there with the astral body.

Various toxins widespread within humanity prevent our spiritual third eye from functioning effectively. A calcified Pineal Gland is akin to a piece of stone as opposed to a functioning and living organ capable of functioning as a spiritual transmitter for higher-dimensional communication.

Decalcification will happen naturally given the right conditions – although it can be assisted further with proper nutrition.

1. Avoid Tap Water

Tap Water is a major life destroying poison and should be treated as such. Calcification of the Pineal Gland occurs through the effects of fluoride – which is a highly toxic industrial waste product, which in its undiluted form can burn holes in concrete.

It is added to tap water under the guise of preventing tooth decay and this lie is understood when one looks at the effects of volcanic ash (containing high levels of fluoride) on animals.

Skeletal degradation and dental erosion is commonplace. Fluoride is also a neurological toxin and its intake can cause confusion, mental fogginess and deterioration of the neural pathways.

It renders one submissive, as one loses one’s clarity and mental acuity to the power of fluoride toxicity.

Fluoride is also highly carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

In that state of confusion, it is then very easy for other people or institutions with dubious agendas to control the individual, as they will not have the will-power to resist or even the clarity to realize they are being controlled. Fluoride also hides in toothpastes and dental flosses.

It is important to realize that a healthy diet free from refined sugars and high in alkalizing foods creates the optimum conditions for dental health – rendering fluoridation totally unnecessary.

Fluoride is challenging to remove from tap water and this toxin can also enter the skin through shower water making filtration absolutely necessary. It is also crucial to avoid drinking tap water and ingesting fluoride through the use of conventional dental products.

Ingesting microscopic amounts of tap water can dampen ones spiritual faculties for days at a time!

Naturally you want to be drinking from spring water. Be sure to check the pH of the water with a pH testing kit – anything under 6 is far too acidic.

Between 6.5 – 7.0 is perfect. Be aware that some bottled water can have a pH as low as 5. Drinking such acidic water is devastating to long term health.

Plastic bottles are also extremely toxic, especially when the plastic is not clear or the bottle is left in the sun.

I use Nalgene bottles for hiking and other outdoor use.

2. Remove the mercury fillings from one’s teeth safely by going to an established mercury-free dentist

They must use a cut and section approach to removal, use a dental dam and use a special ventilator during the procedure. Hot drilling of mercury fillings can do more harm than good.

Any ordinary dentist will have no hesitation to ‘hot drill’ the mercury and poison you further with the releasing of large amounts of mercury vapors (which are also released in hot weather and every time you drink hot fluids).

If you filling looks metallic – it is mercury and highly toxic. Do the full mercury detoxing protocols and nourish the body with super-foods as outlined in my Pineal Detoxing E-Book.

Mercury from amalgam fillings leaches into the body, poisoning the Pineal Gland and putting a serious dampener on one’s ability to travel multi-dimensionally.

Mercury is also found in almost all vaccinations in the form of methyl-mercury (Thimersal) which binds to the brain and is then very difficult to detox (albeit not impossible).

Be aware that taking medical vaccinations can cause irreparable damage to you or your child. Anyone with mercury toxicity may want to consider juicing fresh cilantro daily.

3. Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine is also a Pineal Gland Toxin also found in tap water and in siwmming pools. Each time you bath in a chlorinated swimming pool or take a shower, chlorine enters the skin through the pores and moves through the bloodstream. It then causes further calcification of the Pineal Gland.

The aforementioned toxins are the main things to avoid – the Pineal Gland Toxic Triangle as pictured below.

It is essential to avoid all three of these toxins at all costs and avoid ingesting even the smallest amounts of any of them. After avoiding further ingestion – one must then proceed to detox the body of all three.


4. Adopt the raw vegan diet

The raw vegan diet is full of nutrients and antioxidants as well as free of the other kinds of toxins (pesticides, additives, artificial sweeteners and the like) that also contribute to Pineal Gland toxicity.

The perfect diet for the Pineal Gland is one that contains plenty of green juice and/or green plants in their raw natural states. Chlorophyll cleanses blood – pushing toxins out of cells to be expelled by the body.

Consume wheatgrass and spirulina daily.

Karma aside – eating meat and dairy floods the system with heavy duty bovine, porcine and avian antibiotics, medications, growth enhancing hormones and all kinds of other substances incompatible with physical and spiritual health.

Many of these medications are laced with mercury and other toxins harmful to ones DNA.

5. Sort out the karma 

It is not sufficient to decalcify the Pineal Gland and ignore inner emotional cleansing and/or self development.

Negative karma can ‘metaphysically calcify‘ a Pineal Gland and have the same effect as the Toxic Triangle. If after doing the detoxification – one is still not able to access the higher planes – one can look to unresolved karma as the blockage.

As the Pineal Chakra is above the Throat Chakra (the centre of truth, integrity and ethics) – opening the Pineal Gland has little value without a grounding in ethics. Thus anything connected with control dramas, cheating, lying, stealing, manipulation and the like all has to go.

One has to be free of lie energy if one is to develop any kind of deeper understanding. Opening the Pineal Gland prematurely without a stronger grounding in a life of integrity can cause lower astral interference and an ensuing karmic healing crisis.

Thus a strong life in ethics is essential before considering opening the Pineal Gland.

An ethical life involves being free from the tendency to cheat, control, manipulate or steal in all forms (both subtle and overt). It also calls for sexual and emotional responsibility and naturally the freedom from the karma of eating the flesh of animals.

Opening the Pineal Gland without a proper grounding in ethics and emotional stability can cause extreme lower astral interferences that can be detrimental to health and well-being.

Thus activating the Pineal Gland and exploring the other worlds must always be done in the context of living a strong and grounded spiritual life.

Outside of spiritual context Pineal Gland Activation will just invoke fear, confusion, lower astral interference and the potential for severe karmic healing crisis.

Opening the Pineal Gland for ‘kicks’ or from a state of karmic impurity is unwise and not recommended. Those who undergo the Pineal Gland Cleansing Protocols take full responsibility of the state of their lives.

The full process for spiritual awakening and integration is detailed in Keys to Immortality and includes full instruction for clearing attachments to lower astral entities.

Thus the emotional and karmic cleansing is just as important as the physical cleansing – if not more so – if one is to become fully spiritually integrated.

The purpose of Pineal Gland Decalcification is to dissolve the veils between the waking and the dream worlds and to ultimately achieve a state of Source Integration.

Those with active Pineal Glands can have an amazing dream life, leave their body often in the dream-time and start to perceive multi-dimensional reality.

Source Integration and the Dissolution of the Astral Veils enhances dreaming on many levels and enables on to have a full understanding of Spiritual Reality as depicted in diagram 4B below.

When you are Source Integrated you will understand what you see with the Pineal Gland open and with spiritual practice and a body free of toxins you will be able to enjoy a stronger connection with the Universe and Spiritual Reality.

By Spiritual Master Free Spirit

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