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Displacing the Matrix and the Power of Spiritual Cymatics

I had an extremely inspiring conversation with a beautiful soul today about the awakening and how we can be the most effective in facilitating it. In the course of our exchange, while sharing ideas about how to go about creating practical applications, many analogies and perceptions came to mind.

As anyone who reads my articles knows, I am all over the shift into the awakening now being birthed and the empowerment available to anyone who is willing to tune into it.

It’s not evident to all, as the fixation on the crumbling matrix and growth of the parasitic police state on the dead and dying stump of the old paradigm in the forest of the world seems to captivate most people’s attention.

It blocks out people’s vision, as it’s designed to do. While we must also be aware of it, we cannot be fixated on it.

That crumbling matrix of world information is important, but must be transcended into levels of empowerment and personal and collective activism, much like concentrating on the new growth bursting with life on that same forest floor, way surpassing the influence of this relic of old control systems.

That old rotten stump is dead and dying. It’s branches have fallen, its leaves are long gone, and its roots are rotting in the rich, active earth below transforming this fungal infection back into the cycle of life.

We are seeing the final stages of a dying epoch, and our attention needs to be on the new growth bursting up through the dead limbs and leaves of the forest floor instead of the induced drama of the dying, old and decrepit, falsely imposed structure.

The Awake Grid and Spiritual Cymatics

As we spoke about the need for practical solutions supporting community and personal activism, I shared how many write me about feeling so alone in this fight and why I wrote Are We Alone? Or Strategically Placed and why it struck such a chord in people. Feeling isolated and alone is a fact of life in the so-called alternative community, but it’s a much greater phenomenon than that.

It has to do with our current alternative paradigm and how we’re approaching the shift.

When discussing alternatives and how empowering they are I had a picture of those same dispersed energetic nodes I refer to in my article, be they individuals, energetic portals, ley lines or otherwise, only now vibrating with an enhanced intentional frequency.

The vibratory effect at every level causes the immediately outlying points of awakened conscious human beings to resonate and thus create vibrational cymatic patterns which then vibrate and resonate with and even begin to converge with these localized nodes.

A magnificent image of people coming together when these strategic especially awakened human energy points are activated and vibrationally alive, if you can envision it.

It’s much like the deeper interpretations of the role of our star, the sun, and other planetary bodies, never mind massive galactic influences. My point is, as we tune into and facilitate these wonderful vibrations the effects are extremely practical, bringing together sympathetic souls and influences into powerful and extremely practical convergences. And it’s happening.

Bottom Line

We need to not just awaken individually but converge and activate in very practical ways to express this new awareness and understanding. As so many are intensely aware of the seriously decaying state of social governance, this should not be our focus.

Instead we need to concentrate our attention and intention on the blossoming innate knowledge of a better way to live and work together to explore the way of life we know in our hearts to be right.

Many are working to set such programs in place and we need to encourage and participate in these, or initiate our own, and thus help accentuate and realize this new birthing paradigm.

We are seeing movements arise around the planet affirming this very aspect. Groups, communities and alternative organizations are being born as we speak, well aware of our perilous external condition yet knowing a much better plan can easily be put in its place. This is true conscious revolution.

Look for it. Be part of it.

Let go of the old. Living in a reactionary state only affirms the oppressor and its matrix of deceit, fear and control. It’s time to move on and build. You’ll see it when you do. And it’s wonderful. Just respond from the heart.

More on this to come. A wonderful new day is dawning.

By Zen Gardner;