Exploring the Truth Behind Crop Circles

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we just have to be real and face the facts.

Not all crop circles are made by humans. Sure there’s plenty that are and you can easily tell.

The differences between ones made by humans and ones made by… well, “not humans” is astounding. The idea of these being created from an other-worldly source is not strange or farfetched at all when you think of the big picture unfolding here on Earth.

Crop circles are all around the world, but majority of them are found in the United Kingdom and around Europe. There are thousands of documented crop circles, and still new ones each day.

Ones that are created by external beings seem to always have a high EMF (electromagnetic field) reading.

The technology that creates the circles always leave behind a strong magnetic force. There are no traces of humans walking around and dragging boards that would create insanely intricate patterns – it’s not possible.

Let’s do some comparisons

So guess where the most crop circles are made? The same place where Stonehenge is located! Putting that connection together blew my mind a bit.

Wiltshire is a country in south west England, home to many intricate, amazing crop circles, as well as many hilarious, drunken farmer looking ones.

The one to the left was taken August 2001, and the one below was taken in June of this year.

The big difference in these designs, (besides the fact that they are NO WHERE near as intricate as ‘real’ ones) is you can clearly see paths that were created from people walking.

In all of the ‘alien made’ crop circle pictures, there is never a trace of someone walking through the field. They are also usually in the middle of the field, rather than right beside the edge.

Next on the list, we have this poorly made crop circle that appeared in Tlapanaloya, Mexico in 2011.  The main circle is suppose to represent the Earth and the smaller one is the moon.

Supposedly, there are two other circles not shown in the picture that are suppose to illustrate objects like a meteor that is approaching the Earth.

Needless to say, this prediction never came to fruition because this crop circle was made by a few bored people.

Now, let’s explore some mind blowing crop circles

The immense detail that goes into these is unreal. They are filled with sacred geometry, Fibonacci sequences and  aligning patterns that no one could make with any available technology, let alone a plank of wood.

So what’s the point of them? Why are they created? It seems quite clear that they are codes and signals to propel our awakening process. They depict formulas, diagrams and sequences.

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They’re created with technology we don’t (publicly) have access to. There are ones of DNA strands, vesica piscis, sacred geometry and that infamous response we got back in 2001.

In 1974, SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent a transmission from the Arecibo radio telescope. This signal was aimed towards the star cluster M13, some 25,000 light years away.

We sent an image out in the form of binary coding -1s and 0s that made out the shapes of  what humans looked like, our double helix strands, our solar system, numbers one to ten and some formulas.

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Years later, we got a reply back that of course was ignored.

The ‘person’ in the picture looks exactly like a typical ‘grey’ alien. They have a single strand of DNA, are around 4 feet tall and inhabit the 3rd, 4th and 5th planets in their solar system.

What’s also incredibly interesting is that a year prior to this message this crop circle was created.

It clearly represents the image shown at the bottom of the aliens transmission, which is their ‘telescope’ or technology for communication. These crop circles are showing us their technology!

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The point of these crop circles is an indirect message of telling humanity – yeah, you’re not alone.

Our level of awareness still isn’t at the point where we could handle a full on contact event. Crop circles are helping expand our knowledge of what is possible, it just gets shut down by the media on purpose.

There’s no need to be skeptical, it’s no secret aliens have been in close contact with our governments for some time now, and they know exactly what’s going on.

Our collective consciousness is ready to handle the truth of what’s going on.

Life is full of mysteries we’ve continuously been wanting to solve – well the answers are all here, you just have to recognize them.

By Lexie, The Spirit Science; | Taxi Driver Witnesses Crop Circle Appearing at Stonehenge – The Testimony;