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The Second Wave of Souls: From Atlantis to the Present Day

Part one is available here.

The second Soul wave entering knew they could only help the first wave, if they too materialized in forms that would allow them to work on the lost Souls (the ‘humanimal’ creatures) in a physical form and dimension.

The Grand Master and various angelic volunteers knew that in order to do that, it would require lowering their own vibration, towards that of the physical plane, and subsequently lowering their consciousness to some extent.

They knew this was dangerous, and that they had to be very careful how they did this, and be careful about how deeply they went into physical matter, or they too would become trapped in limited consciousness just as the ‘humanimals’ were.

Thus the ancient teachings describe how this second wave of Souls entered earth and created or became the first consciously controlled thought projection, or materialization, of modern ‘human’ life on Earth (or at least they eventually became modern humans as they gradually solidified into the material plane from their spiritual ‘angelic’ state).

This physical human development was initiated in the Atlantean time frame and continued for thousands of years and even past the destruction of Atlantis (The flood) and was finalized in the early Egyptian period where the last ‘humanimals’ walking the earth finally died out, through engineered infertility and many other means. From then onward, all Souls, even Souls with ‘humanimal’ experiences could only incarnate into human bodies.

An early ape-like human form (Neanderthal/ape like) was eventually chosen by second wavers as the preferred type of physical vehicle to thought project and model themselves after, because it allowed for the greatest development, control and manipulation and had the greatest dexterity and largest Pineal gland in the physical plane that would be required to help the first wavers develop. 

That is why scientists cannot find the ‘missing link’ — because there simply is none. Because while evolutionary change certainly does exist, our present existence on Earth did not involve evolving for millions of years from apes.

The human body is a solidified or densifyed thought projection, done by taking the high vibrational frequency of the thought and lowering it down to the physical frequency level and dimension.

Scientists are supposed to stay objective, and stick to proven facts, and if they can’t present absolutely proven facts, they are supposed to present their ideas as “theories”, and only as “theories”.

Yet many alleged “scientists”, have sneakily insinuated, and taught the “theory” of evolution of humans from apes, as FACT, even when they have a huge gap, a huge “missing link” in their “theory”- they have not found a direct ancestral lineage of modern man, that connects the whole evolution of apes and “cave men” types of semi-ape, semi-humans. There is none.

And on the flip side of the evolutionist theories, many religions have followers, and thus money and power at stake. Unlike both of those categories, we have nothing at stake, nothing to prove, nothing to lose or gain since we don’t make money or get power from the old teachings we present.

While we have personally viewed it as an historical, record, you are welcome to “take them or leave them”. We really, really don’t care if you believe the concepts of history or creation presented in this script, or not.

In order to accomplish this ‘rescue’, two things had to be done.

One: a method had to be devised that would help the ‘humanimals’ REGAIN their Spiritual Consciousness and awareness of Oneness with the Universal Spirit by having a more suitable body that would eventually evolve to help them accommodate their full Spiritual and Conscious potential.

Two: a method had to be devised for the second wavers to MAINTAIN their spiritual consciousness and awareness of Oneness with the Universal Spirit when entering a body.

To both these ends, second wave beings founded the spiritual path which can best be translated from Sanskrit in today’s English, as the “Children of the Law of One” and created the methods and teachings that are still in use, and valid, even today. Thus, the spiritual order of the “Children” was founded with a very specific and unique purpose.

And while this order included aspects of what would later become numerous ‘religions’, the Children was unlike any other ‘religion’ that would ever appear on Earth.

It was NOT created to fill a need in people’s hearts and minds, NOR to strike fear into their hearts, NOR to worship anyone or anything, NOR to answer the spiritual questions that arose in the spiritually ignorant masses, NOR to control those masses. It was created before all those issues even existed.

The whole point of the second wavers materialization was to rescue their ‘trapped’ kin, by returning the first wavers to their angelic state of existence and awareness (The Universal Consciousness).

Thus the whole point of the Children’s spiritual path, was to be able to enter the material plane so they could help the first wavers get a more suitable body to develop their full conscious potential, while maintaining their own spiritual consciousness and angelic state of awareness, so they wouldn’t get trapped as well.

As the second wave rescue mission gradually descended into materiality and early human form, some of the second wave, lured by selfish desires, turned away from the Children’s spiritual path.

They lost much of their spiritual awareness, and separated from Oneness with God. Ultimately, this division created two quasi ‘religious’ or ‘philosophical’ groups in the old world with very different purposes, philosophy and ‘politics’ – best translated from early Hebrew as… The Sons of Belial (Darkness) and The Children of the Law of One.

The Sons of Belial mimicked the Children in many ways, even in the sense of being ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’. But their ‘religious practices’ were mockeries of true spirituality – phony, empty, and self-serving and ritualistic.

They would use ‘prayer’ and visualization to attain whatever they wanted, and they turned a blind eye to what the repercussions of getting what they wanted would have on others. Some popular present-day religions are offspring of the Belialian religion. And then there are the secret societies that still practice their original ways.

In the Atlantean time frame, the most significant contention between the Children and the Belialian was over what to do about the ‘humanimals’. The ‘humanimal’ were easily controlled by the powers of a second waver’s mind, and they could be made to do anything just through visualization.

Since the Belialians had turned away from their awareness of Oneness with God in favour of selfishness, they wanted to use the humanimals as ‘pet slaves’ and dumb them even further down. They were the fallen ones of old.

They had the greatest capability to help their trapped brothers due to their expanded awareness, but failed totally. The fall was due to selfishness and a Lizard like or reptilian mentality they expressed. And to this day they still practice their “Draconian” and un-Godly ways.

The Children, however, still wanted to help return the humanimal brothers to their higher state of consciousness as well as freeing them from the flawed body shapes and help them to incarnate into the newly created human body and to re-connect to their full conscious potential.

Thus the Children also became ‘activists’, and their goal as a group ‘movement’ was still to free their trapped kin, but now they also had to contend with other SECOND wavers who had ‘gone bad’.

Let us say that even the best of the Children, eventually succumbed to some degree, to the separation from the Universal Spirit. But that is another story, which involves the allegory of Adam & Eve.

While part of the Children’s goal was eventually achieved (the ‘humanimals’ were freed from their limiting and strange entanglement after the destruction of the old world), freedom from darkness and slavery has not been fully accomplished yet. The human body was perfected, but their conscious awareness has still not had time to fully evolve, that is until now.

The battle continues. As far as the first wavers go, reincarnated ‘humanimals’ still walk the Earth but in normal human bodies — you have seen them.

If you are observant, you can see subtle unusual and flawed traits, mannerisms, or facial appearances on many of the people of the world. But ‘humanimals’ or not, the age old struggle between the Children and the Belialians — the struggle of freedom against slavery, still continues.

These days slavery can be in many forms, traditional slavery, economic and financial slavery, socio-political oppression, industrial labour, imprisonment, mind numbing chemicals and vaccinations, false information, trash food and soft drink chemicals designed to blunt the minds and create laziness through obesity.

The world is now basically populated by five groups, the Children, Belialians, reincarnated “lost souls” first and second wavers, and the enlightened. Most from both the first and second waves are still separate in consciousness from the Universal Spirit. That makes them easy prey for the Belialians, and they either become their pawns in one way or another, or their slaves in one way or another.

Belialians are not some kind of genetic creatures who have physically lived and survived for thousands of years. Like all of us, they have continued to reincarnate, and now live in modern human bodies. But they are so evil those of us who are sensitive to it can sense or feel that.

This can sometimes even be physically or intuitively seen as being reptilian-like in behaviour and mentality, or as the old teachings call it, “Dragon, reptilian or lizard-like”. No empathy or compassion. But whether you see or sense this yourself, you can know them by their agenda.

Lifetime after lifetime, they maintain their maniacal drive for power, wealth and an agenda of slavery and domination. Many of them are the people who now (2014) run the world. The upper echelons are the real power people pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Like Initiate Children, the higher level Belialians are totally consciously aware of who they are, and what they are doing. The middle and lower echelon are sometimes in the forefront or in the public eye, functioning as political, military or business and Bank leaders who are apparently not being told what to do – yet they really are.

Of course some leaders are just pawns, and not consciously aware of whom they serve (and wouldn’t care anyway).

Belialians are usually born to rich and powerful families who are already of the Belialian heritage, (Like begets like) and their families train them and continue to pass on their tradition. They go to the best schools and join the “right” and “special” fraternities and sororities.

They are trained in the ways of using visualization and rituals to practice their dark magic. They always want more money and power. They want to maintain economic slavery and child labour and slavery in the world, and even worse.

They want a state of total monitoring and control of all people (and they have clearly been making great strides in this lately).

They will use physical force to dominate and control if necessary, and mental programming through education, media, peer pressure, or other means, has been extremely successful – and parents continue to pass their own erroneous programming on to their own children also.

Examine the real world history and you see these struggles continuing through time – entire groups of evil oppressors trying to enslave. We have continued to fight them, and they continue to fight us with false allegations, accusations and evil actions (pointing fingers at the innocent) .

Just as many of the scientific advances have come from reincarnated old world scientists, so too have those with thirst for power and control at any cost, come from reincarnated Belialians. They continue to develop more sophisticated ways to keep people under their control.

So how do you identify them? Again, you can feel it, and sometimes see it when you look into their eyes. But anyone whose agenda is greed, power or control of others, is either Belialian, or one of their pawns.

They care only about themselves and would be willing to harm anyone or even everyone on the planet if it helps them get more power — and they can do this all with a big smile and warm handshake (which many people “buy” into as being a “nice” person). Ask yourself if this could be true, and feel the response from your inner voice.

The Belialian awareness of the newly incoming third wave of virgin Souls from the Spirit world gives them real cause for concern so they increase the toxicity in trash food, soft drinks, inoculations, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Baby food, chemtrails, fluorite in drinking water, most medicine and a multitude of other consumables and useable items designed to dull the minds and cloud the clear thinking of the new third wave of Souls. Trust us, there is a war going on. 

So our work continues on. And now, because of the time restraint and situation, we are now publicly revealing the teachings and herald the coming spiritual changes brought to earth by the newly arriving third wave of enlightened virgin Souls.

Remember, because of the unique nature and purity of the Children’s spiritual way, it is as valuable today as it ever was. Their teachings and methods can help anyone return to the Universal Spirit, achieve enlightenment, and live in harmony with Universal Law and Universal Will.

While part of the Children’s goal was eventually achieved (the ‘humanimals’ were freed from their physical entanglement after the destruction of Atlantis and the old world), freedom from darkness and slavery has not been fully accomplished, but will be in the near future, by helping humans raise their conscious awareness.

That is the purpose and objective of the Third Wave of virgin Souls entering the earth right now.

Humbly Compiled. I still think, therefore I am.

By Rene’ Descartes, HumansAreFree.com
Rene’ can be contacted at [email protected]