WTC Owner Larry Silverstein Sues Airlines for $Billions, After $5 Billion Insurance Payment

The notorious owner of the World Trade Center, Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein, doesn’t think that his $5 billion in insurance payments are enough to reimburse his losses during 9/11.

Despite admitting to ‘pull’ World Trade Center 7 despite moderate fires, Silverstein is now suing the airlines whose planes flew into the towers for extra billions.

Instead of donating even a penny to the 9/11 first responders who were told they would be fine while inhaling toxic substances only to be denied healthcare for their chronic conditions, Silverstein says that he simply hasn’t been relieved of his ‘economic’ loss that suffered after 9/11.

Even after receiving around $5 billion from his insurance company following the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings, he says that he needs another $3.5 billion to line his pockets.

An additional 3.5 billion that brings the total to 8.5 billion, which airline attorney Roger Podesta says will be 2 1/2 times the fair value of the fallen buildings.

Perhaps Silverstein wants to be in league with the global bankers, who make a cool $83 billion from taxpayer’s each year that is then turned into financing for Mexican drug cartels and terror cells as admitted by NBC.

A New York judge will ultimately decide if Silverstein will be granted the billions following the completion of the three-day trial that started on Monday.

Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein

But before we even look at the ridiculous loads of cash that Silverstein is seeking after already raking in billions from his hefty insurance policy, let’s look at how he suffered these ‘economic losses’.

For this, we are focusing in on World Trade Center 7. In a PBS interview, Silverstein plainly states that he actually told the fire department to demolish the building due to the minor fires inside.

Fires that were nothing compared to the fires we’ve seen in nations like Chechnya, where the country’s tallest building burned for hours and did not collapse.

In other words, Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein went ahead and demolished a building that most likely did not need to be taken down.

You can watch the interview segment where Silverstein details all of this below, where he talks about how he made the ‘decision to pull it’:

So at this point we have Silverstein making a nice $5 billion on a building that was suffering from minor fires, cashing out on the relatively new insurance policy that he acquired. Fast forward to 12 years later, and it turns out the $5 billion wasn’t enough.

Will Silverstein get his extra billions? Will anyone highlight the fact that he decided to demolish his own building despite moderate fires that even foreign skyscrapers can sustain?

By Anthony Gucciardi, Story Leak;