Activism Project: Rob Greenfield is Cleaning Ocean Bound Trash

Let’s do some good together!

For every person that subscribes to my YouTube channel, I will pick up a piece of trash that was ocean bound! I’ll post a video so you can see the pile of trash that I’ve collected thanks to you.

Help me make a mountain of trash! And while you’re at it pick up a piece of trash too will ya?

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What’s on my channel?

My channel is full of adventures and activism that will entertain, educate, and inspire you to live happy, healthy, and free for the earth and yourself!

Earth friendly living, growing food, simplifying life, radical adventures, positive thinking, and general Do Goodery await your eyes and ears!

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My mission is to spread health and happiness to the world and all of the people and animals on it. I think the world could be a happier, healthier place with the videos that I’m sharing!

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