This ONE Ingredient Added to a Glass of Water Protects Your Heart, Sight & Prevents Cancer

We all know that drinking water is very healthy. It is the best thing you can do for your health.

But if water’s taste has become “dull” to you, add some lemon in it. And here are some advantages and health benefits you can gain from this simple mixture:

–  Lemon, like all citrus, is full of vitamin C. It is an antioxidant that improves the condition of damaged cells, slows down aging diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer and maintains your sight.

–  Lemons contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can strengthen your immunity and help you to overcome flu and colds. Besides that, lemon can soothe irritated throat.

– It also helps in the fight against skin aging. In combination with hydration, which you get from drinking water, lemon can help you stay forever young.

– Lemon helps with stomach problems and improves digestion, especially in combination with hot water or little bit of mint, which is well known for its ability to soothe irritated stomach.

– Lemon contributes in the process of cleansing your body.

– Lemon can refresh your breath. The claim that lemon can damage tooth’s enamel is just a myth. When using it in small quantities of water, the risk is extremely low.

Remember, all these benefits can be achieved by adding slices of lemon (or squeezed lemon) into water, not by water with lemon bought at the supermarket.

These products have added sugar and preservatives, which can only do harm to your organism.

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