He Saved 669 Children Destined for Nazi Camps – 50 Years Later He Met Them for the First Time

The hero’s name is Sir Nicholas Winton. In order to save the lives of 669 Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps, he organized a daring rescue operation known as the Czech Kindertransport.

This happened between the years 1938-1939 and he managed to save them by bringing them to Great Britain.

What impressed me even more is the fact that he didn’t tell anyone about it, not even his wife.

If Sir Winton’s wife wouldn’t have found his secret notebook, where he kept a list of the children’s names and photos, we wouldn’t have known his amazing story.

The following is an excerpt of the BBC Programme “That’s Life” aired in 1988 and it’s one of the most touching videos ever:

By Alexander Light,; | References: I heart intelligence; Wikipedia;