The Paris False Flag Exposed: Updates

Q: How did the French authorities manage to identify the alleged terrorists so quickly?

A: “The police source said one of them had been identified by his identity card which had been left in the getaway car.” – Reuters (Rothschild-owned propaganda agency).

Pretty convenient, isn’t it? As if you’d take your identity card with you to commit mass murder!

And very similar to 9/11, when the police found a pristine passport on the street and immediately identified one of the alleged pilots (how?), which led them to Osama bin Laden (how?), which was a CIA agent (here’s the evidence), which led to the invasion of Iraq (why? because it has huge amounts of oil), which also led to the invasion of Afghanistan, which is a neighboring country (why? because it has vast opium fields that are guarded by US and British soldiers ever since).

The following video is showing the two gunmen, allegedly shooting a police officer (you can safely watch it, as it’s clearly a staged event, played out by crisis actors):

This is absolutely ridiculous! Judging by the smoke ejected from the barrel, the alleged shooter missed the shot. Not only that he used blanks, but he even aimed away from his mate’s head.

[A blank is a type of cartridge for a firearm that contains gunpowder but no bullet. When fired, the blank makes a flash and an explosive sound and cycles the firearm’s action. Blanks are often used for simulation (e.g. movie special effects), training. Blanks are commonly used when the sound and flash of gunfire is needed, but a projectile would not be safe, such as in military training maneuvers or funeral honors, in movies that require gun fights (…)]. – Wikipedia [emphasis added];

Also, why isn’t there any blood on the pavement? The guy was allegedly shot in the head at point-blank range with an AK47!

If you have the stomach for it, this is the amount of blood that resulted from an accidental head shoot with an AK47:

To me, this is clearly a staged event, similar to the Boston Marathon “Bombing”, but with a poorly scripted and even poorly executed scenario.

And what about the “brave” person who recorded the whole scene from a very convenient, yet very exposed, nearby window? He/she didn’t duck for cover and had absolutely no reaction when the “terrorists” allegedly shot a human being in the head? Yeah, right!

The weapons per se are another red flag.

Getting a hold of two AK-47s is close to impossible in France, where owning guns of any kind is forbidden by law. Most people in the EU never get to see a real handgun in their entire lives, let alone purchasing two assault rifles and afferent ammo. Who supplied these guys with assault rifles and ammo?

Who benefits from all these false flag events? 

The British(-American) Empire, obviously, which is constantly expanding and has become the largest empire in history, though most people don’t even realize it. Covert expansion is preferable, just like ruling from the shadows is preferable. You can read everything about the elite’s control over mankind here.

And by the way, the real terrorists are the secret services that work for the Rothschild cartel. They are the ones who PLOT and EXECUTE these false flags attacks, paving their way to the NWO dictatorship.

Update: The following video released by France 24 “news” agency shows three police officers running near the “terrorists” while they are shouting “Allahu Akbar” on the streets of Paris, while two “civilians” wearing body armor are clearly seen on a nearby rooftop. Again, a very convenient location and a very poor script. More importantly, the video has clearly been edited, splicing in the scene containing the “terrorists”:

And the inconsistencies start piling up, exposing the false flag… 

Update 2: According to Charlie Hebdo Journalist, one of the attackers had BLUE eyes — a statement that brings further evidence of a staged event.

Update 3: In the following video, a cop standing about 10 meters behind a group of colleagues starts shooting “through” all of them into the Supermarket… obviously, with blanks.

Update 4: There’s so much wrong with the following video, that I should have tried to find what is right. Based on the evidence, it is my strong belief that this was a staged event for the cameras and the shootout looks like a bad movie.

1. First of all, there should have been long and tiresome negotiations with the alleged “terrorists”, as there were hostages involved.

2. Then, reconnaissance missions should have followed, in order to determine the health state of the prisoners, the real number of terrorists, the type of weapons they used, etc.

3. After gathering the required information, the planning phase would have followed. In this stage, everyone involved would have learned as much as possible about #2, as well as their exact role and position in the upcoming assault.

Armed assault is the final resort, as there are many things that can go wrong, as history showed.

4. There should have been multiple simultaneous entry points, yet the alleged special forces chose to assault the FRONT DOOR alone.

5. There are way too many policemen at the front door and they are not stacked in accordance to the training manual of the special forces.

Usually, two teams of five members each are used for this type of assault. The teams stack on each side of the door, as close as possible to the walls. Everyone else clears the premises.

6. No live media coverage is allowed before and during the assault, as the shooters may watch everything on TV themselves.

Finally, the assault.

7. The first rule of each and every assault is throwing flash bangs as soon as the door is breached. The purpose of a flash bang is to disorient the targets with a loud noise and a blinding flash. The element of surprise is the greatest advantage the special forces have.

8. Next, the two teams storm the building simultaneously and begin clearing the building, in accordance to the planning phase (#3). As you can clearly see in the video, there is one guy who at first stays in the doorway, then aimlessly runs inside.

Standing in the doorway is in direct opposition to the special forces training, because that’s where they are the most exposed.

Not only that, but the guy then runs inside all alone and while his team mates shoot inside the building through the very same door. At one point (0:23-0:24), the team on the right basically shoots through him, which IMO is further evidence of blank cartridges being used.

9. Another inconsistency is shooting basically without aim, while hostages are allegedly inside. While storming a building, the assaulting teams only shoot at clear targets, in small bursts. This way they don’t risk shooting the hostages or each other.

10. Then, a cascade of ridiculous things happen. At minute 0:43, one of the alleged terrorists comes running towards his shooters. Not only that this makes absolutely no sense, but he should have been dead long before reaching the door.

As soon as reaches the doorway, he makes a Hollywood-style jump – as all bad movie scripts require – before falling on the sidewalk, just in front of the phony special forces.

To make the script even worse, the “special forces” continue to shoot at the stuntman, which would have resulted in shooting each other.

Update 5: Witnesses said they heard the gunmen shouting “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad”, but without saying “peace be upon him.”

It may be hard for us to understand, but whenever Muslims mention the Prophet they always say “peace be upon him,” otherwise it’s a sacrilege. And these guys were suposed to be Muslim extremists? Pathetic!

Update 6: Sky News reporter says the blood has been put there (thanks, mate!):

Update 7: The police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack allegedly committed suicide today, while writing the report. – Reference.

“The fatal blast took place in Fredou’s office during the early hours of the morning for ‘unknown’ reasons.”

So let me get this one straight. All suspects have been killed and the commissioner investigating the case has committed suicide? Well, I guess it’s case closed then… (wink!)

And if you’re one of those wondering how the Parisian false flag is going to affect our liberties in the near future, then here is your answer: 

“SAS troops are patrolling the streets of Britain to prevent a Paris-style terrorist outrage.” – Ref.


“Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott immediately seized upon the attack on the Charlie Hebdo editorial offices in Paris to foreshadow further boosting the vast powers of Australia’s police-intelligence apparatus and expanding the country’s frontline participation in the US-led war in Iraq and Syria.” – Ref.

Yup, we’ve just witnessed the Problem-Reaction-Solution scheme in action!

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;| Please follow the hyperlinks for further references.