Top Doctor Exposes Monsanto as the Cause of a Huge Autism Spike!

Glyphosate found to be directly responsible for the terrifying rise in autism, food allergies, breast cancer, liver and kidney damage and more

MIT Doctor Stephanie Seneff, one of America’s top scientists, has exposed a direct correlation between Monsanto, autism, and many other relatively new health conditions, such as gluten intolerance.

In 1970, autism was extremely rare: just one child in every 10,000 had the condition under normal environmental circumstances. Last year this had risen to an estimated 1 in 68, which is a sharp rise that needs to be accounted for.

Seneff looked at autism rates in the first grade of the school system and found a direct correlation between the condition and the increased spraying of American crops with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready, a toxic chemical called glyphosate.

“I got worried years ago when I saw (autism) rising and people said Oh, it’s just more reporting and diagnosis,” she says. “But that’s just a way to hide the evidence.”

Seneff specializes in biology, technology, nutrition and health, and has over three decades of experience and 170 published peer reviewed articles to her name.

“Correlation is something you pay attention to,” she says, pointing out that tobacco was “nailed” as a cause of lung cancer for the same kind of reasoning.

“They want you to ignore correlation, but glyphosate is correlated with a huge number of diseases.”

She lists the effects of glyphosate on humans, which include breast cancer, liver and kidney problems, vitamin D deficiency and celiac disease, amongst others. Seneff also points out that while we have already witnessed a huge increase in autism, things can only get worse.

Twelve years ago, we were only spraying 10% of crops with Roundup. Now, we’re spraying 90% of corn, soy, granola and sugar beet produced in the States: meaning that by 2025 half of all babies born will be autistic, according to Seneff.

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“Glyphosate is being soaked up by the plants and getting into the food system, and the US government is doing very little monitoring,” she says.

What’s worse, other less harmful herbicides are being replaced with Monsanto’s Roundup, despite growing evidence of its devastating effects on human and animal life.

By Sophie McAdam, True Activist;