Armageddon By Radiation: The Undisclosed Truth of the Fukushima Crisis

Every day in the media and online we are bombarded with stories that utterly terrify us and reinforce the notion that Armageddon is not as far in the distant future as we previously may have thought.

However, where the mainstream media has and always will be misleading in its portrayal of reality is in the way it steers our attention towards the crisis that is most expedient for our controllers at a specific point in time.

A point in case example of this would be Ebola – sure, Ebola is utterly serious and of COURSE we should all be preparing for the pseudo-zombie apocalypse which is almost certainly to descend on South Africa in the next few months, however, we also need to be objective in our approach to the hysteria and be more discerning about who it actually is who is benefiting from all the hype.

In the example of the Ebola Pandemic, pharmaceutical conglomerates are set to make billions from the enforced vaccination programme which is almost certainly going to come our way within the next year.

With that being said, it has come to my attention that certain potential global catastrophes are not being reported in the mainstream media WHATSOEVER. When a media blackout occurs in respect of something potentially lethal to the human race, the question that gets raised, of course, is: WHY?

I am talking about the crisis at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima in Japan. The reality is this: Within the next decade, this little gem of a disaster could result in a complete wipe-out of the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth.

Even though most of you reading this live in the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa, don’t for one minute think that this means you are immune to a vast array of potentially disastrous scenarios that could befall you.

Think about hundreds of thousands of people migrating to the South to avoid radiation poisoning? I don’t think I need to spell out the crisis that would prevail as a result of this sort of thing…

The Tsunami of 2011 that hit Japan with such voracity caused a climactic event to take place that would forever alter the course of destiny for the people of Planet Earth. The fuel pools at the Daiichi Plant are located near the nuclear fuel storage pools.

These fuel pools are suspended three and four stories high in the air. As you can well-imagine, they have severely damaged structural support.

This is how close we currently are to an extinction-level-event: If either of these fuel pools fall over as a result of the damaged structural support, they would lose their cooling liquid.

This would mean that thousands of fuel rods would overheat and explode… and this would unquestionably result in a Global-scale disaster that you can barely imagine.

Asahi TV and even reported on the fact that even a small crack in the fuel pools would be enough to ignite a massive catastrophe – at the very least it would mean the end of Tokyo.

The fuel pool at Unit 4 at Daiichi has almost no walls left to it. It is a complete wreck. All it would take is a small earthquake, even something as innocuous as a level 4 on the Richter scale, and like clockwork, that the water in that pool would start to leak…

If a destructive earthquake were to happen anywhere near to Japan in the coming years, what would happen is that the last remaining bits of walls would completely collapse.

All the water in the pool would leak out and the spent fuel would not be cooled. The pools would start to completely melt and absolutely MASSIVE amounts of radiation which is contained in the spent fuel would be released into the environment.

Let’s be honest – the most primary concern amongst anyone with the bare modicum of brain power is that of future Earthquakes in Asia.

The Tsunami which hit Fukushima completely ruined Reactor number 3 – it’s walls were totally blown apart and what’s left of that fuel pool and all of the rubble associated with the mess is completely open and exposed to the environment!

As mentioned, there is no roof left on Reactor 4 and has only bits of its walls left. There are NO other means with in which to keep thousands of spent fuel rods cool. The bottom line, the ugly truth to it all is this: There is no containment left at Daiichi.

The only thing between us and a gargantuan amount of spent fuel is water, air and the passage of time as it hurtles forever closer to the next geophysical upheaval that would cause the end of times on Earth.

Fukushima in a Nutshell: Here is the Truth

The situation there, is and has been on the razor edge of full-on world catastrophe. Should the trigger occur, the resulting fall-out would spread around the world through air and ocean currents. The only relatively safe place would be close to the equator – the larger land mass being in South America and Africa.

Already, forward thinkers around the globe have begun relocating to these areas. Can you imagine what would happen if a mass migration of refugees from the northern hemisphere begin pouring into our country and those around us.

Most of these refugees desperate to escape the miserable circumstances in the poisonous northern regions, most of them (if not all of them) already sick with radiation poisoning. Africa is the most accessible continent from Europe so the possibility exists that the bulk of their refugees will throng here.

Should this happen we can expect overwhelming chaos to ensue. We merely have to observe what happens to refugees currently in our country who have fled from famine, war and other atrocities. Not only is our government not equipped to handle such a large influx of refugees, our infrastructure is not able to sustain them.

Food supplies will dwindle and water shortages as well power outage will severely affect the populace. Medical services, which are already short staffed and insufficiently equipped, will be stretched to breaking point with the masses of people suffering from radiation sickness.

Radiation sickness can be caused by different substances. Radioactive iodine affects the thyroid gland and the effects of it can be reduced by taking potassium iodide. Potassium iodide helps the thyroid to tell the difference between normal iodine and the radioactive kind, but this should not be consumed unless absolutely necessary.

There are other forms of medication available but the most neutral and effective is Prussian Blue (not to be confused with the artists’ dye). It reduces the length of time radioactive substances spend in the body and minimizes the damage caused by them.

Protecting yourself from radiation can be difficult. In close proximity radiation suits will be necessary, but further away you are more at risk from ingesting the radioactive particles. When the air is heavy with these particles it can cause radioactive rain – inordinate amounts of rainfall which is not normal for the area.

The rain cleanses the air of the particles and it is important not to expose yourself to this rain. If you must go out a N95 Particulate Respirator will help a great deal to minimise your inhalation of these particles.

A reverse osmosis water filtration system will help to purify your drinking water and it is also a good idea to use filtered water for watering plants grown organically in a greenhouse. Growing your own food in a greenhouse protected from the falling radioactive particles will also protect you from ingesting irradiated foods grown in contaminated soil.

Imagine now with me; food supplies are running dangerously low, clean water is increasingly difficult to find due to radioactive contamination spreading throughout the world, medication for radiation sickness is all but gone, the national power grid cannot be maintained and is overburdened and shuts down.

Violence breaks out between locals and refugees fighting for the last remnants of basic commodities. The military will get involved and martial law could be put in place, restricting the rights of citizens, limiting freedom of movement and requisitioning of private supplies for government distribution… It is a bleak picture is it not?

The gravity of the Fukushima crisis has not yet fully been realized. The clean-up operation is estimated to take up to 40 years to complete! That is a generation, a life time.

It is pretty safe to estimate that something disastrous can occur in that time and even if it doesn’t the constant leakage of radioactive material continues to contaminate our oceans and the damage from that alone can cause horrific consequences.

We should prepare ourselves for the worst, but take measures to protect ourselves now from the more insidious effects.

By Aimee Eveleigh, Rattle Report