Here’s Why Interstellar Is So Important


by Jordan Pearce, Spirit Science

I was just reading something by Noam Chomsky when all of a sudden this image floated into my head about Christopher Nolans latest work…

Actually, the thought started with Inception and how he used really simple – yet ideas with meaning to take you outside of the world you thought you knew and into something that was… different.

But it wasn’t like, “psychedelic different”. I mean, why was it that you could do anything you wanted in a dream world except for fly, morph, teleport, or become a giant squid monster? Why the limitations?

Surely that would have made it easier to do, right?

As I thought about it, what I came up with was that It must have been (at least in part) a purposeful decision to communicate the message and meaning of the story to a large audience in a way that wouldn’t freak them out.

That movie could have gotten crazy…

We have 3D limitations. We are subject to them all the time, and thus, in order to truly connect with something it has to be outside of, but relatively close to our understanding of reality.

But nonetheless that movie generated a predictable wave of interest in lucid dreaming, which had a positive effect on the people who connected with it in that way, and then attention and focused was diffused until the next big cosmic movie came out.

My thought then trailed onto Interstellar… Where we’ve now come full circle in this article, and how this movie was really an attempt at a slow and steady increase in the feeling of constriction of time, before blowing the lid off of concepts of “time” altogether.

Like, all throughout this movie you are getting more and more nervous, concerned, worried…. We are running out of time. Time is of the essence, everyone is getting older, all of your loved ones are going to die.

It was actually one of the reasons that I (at first) didn’t like the movie as much as I wanted to. I told myself I was bored through it, when really that was a cover for the fact that if I observed the movie as if I was every single character, I would have a LOT of anxiety.

It’s a messed up place to be man.

But then as the story comes to its climax all of that constriction and build up you were experiencing suddenly changes.

And it is done in such a way that it sort of blows your mind and steps you outside of the world that you thought you knew, into a new understanding of the fractal nature of time… And what lies beyond time itself as well.

If you watch the movie from the perspective of all of the characters, as if you are One with each of them… you really get a sense of expansion.. Like all of this constriction of time was a way to demonstrate the physical 3D world and the realms that lie beyond it.

When we step outside of time… when we change our understanding of what Time really is… it really has a tremendous impact on our lives.
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You start operating from a space of complete awareness, rather than with a feeling like you always are behind on something.

Or perhaps… even better… watch the following video. I think you’ll get what I’m talking about.

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