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Becoming a Creator 101: Owning Your Own Creation

by Kirsten Renee, Spirit Science

On the path of becoming Kings & Queens, Gods and Goddesses, there is a stumbling block that we must make sure we are aware of… Do you know what it is?

I have spoken for a few years now about creating my own reality and co-creating it with others around me. This is an empowering concept. 

I can influence my life through my own actions and synergize with others to create a meaningful life. But do I feel as empowered when things go wrong?

What do I do, inside and out, when things don’t go as planned?

When you step out on the path of awareness, following the flow and seeking greater understanding you notice right away how sensitive you are to everything around you. Music, food, energy, emotions, colors, stress, the list could go on and on. 

Often, after learning something new I find that I am increasingly more sensitive to the world around me. So what? What does this mean?

Well at first it causes the tendency for me to avoid that thing/situation. That thing I have noticed a sensitivity to. But perhaps the reason I am feeling what I am feeling is because there is a lesson there. Something about my own perception that I need to face or experience in a new light.

I am always asking for new opportunities to grow, to experience more, to see further, and to love deeper. And yet when things get hard it becomes so easy to slip back into my old patterns, my low vibrations, and succumb to fear.

I end up spending all of my time focusing on the thing that ‘triggered me’ rather than understanding my role in the event happening in front of me.

What is my creation? Could I have planned ahead? What parts did I influence by my action, OR inaction? What can I take ownership of, in this moment, to do everything I can to correct the incident and prevent it moving forward?

These are hard questions. It takes a grand amount of focus for me to slow my mind down, temper my emotions, and make decisions from a space of being calm, warm, loving and neutral.

Our minds are fast, so fast in fact that often we are already on step ten before we even blink.  Check out this short RSA video to see what I mean:

My name is Kirsten, and I am guilty of blaming others for my problems. I am aware of it and I want to change that about myself.

The first thing I am going to do, to change my perception, is to SLOW DOWN. The milliseconds after something happens, I am going to take a slow deep breath and return to a warm, loving, neutral space. 

Once I am there then I can evaluate the insult, situation, pain, things breaking, or points of concern happening around me.

Then from that space, I can choose to create a better ending to that events story.  One where everyone around me wins.

I cannot do that when I am being ruled by my ego, and my ego runs wild when I am full of fear, doubt, pain or misunderstanding.  Often all of those things happen when the energy is too high, or too low.

Calm, warm, loving, neutrality has become the new formula that is helping me focus my actions in a place that serves everyone around me, and creates the opportunity for acts of greater love and caring for the people I interact with.

We are all sensitive people, we all want to be nurtured gently in our growth. Then, how can we not do that for everyone we meet?