Change The World in 60 Seconds

The 4 Steps Recipe
by Danielle Fagan, Collective Evolution

“The Shift” was more subtle than a lot of us imagined. Something big was supposed to happen on December 21, 2012.

Some thought the world was going to end by colliding into a black hole or by reaching a solar maximum… but that certainly didn’t happen.

Others believed that humanity was going to experience a shift in consciousness on that day, moving away from fear and towards love.

I think a lot of people in the spiritual community were hoping for a big, happy ending (or is it beginning?), where the sky would crack open and light would pour down on us all; suddenly we would forget our pain, ditch the ego, and live in some kind of glorious utopia from that day onwards.

Well, either that or a firework or gunshot signaling the beginning of some kind of change.

Well, that didn’t happen either. Not the whole crack-in-the-sky, firework, or gunshot beginning anyway. In fact, to a lot of us, it seemed as though nothing happened on that day.

So the doomsdayers carried on and began chipping away at their “doomsday stashes” of food and water. Others in the spiritual community either forgot the date altogether or became frustrated and impatient, forever asking, “are we there yet?”

I think a lot of us missed the point of “the shift.” The world can and has shifted to love. It’s changed for those that employ the following 4-step recipe:

1. Acknowledge the Role of Perspective

I am very aware that the fate of the world is a hot topic and you can just as easily claim that the world is slated for fire and brimstone as it is for fluffy clouds and cherubs. What’s important here is that we recognize that people will see what they want to see.

That is the beauty of perception. I think we all got a taste of that with that ridiculous gold and white (or is it blue and black) dress that was all over the internet a few days ago.

Same dress, different colour. Same world different opinion. Everything is neutral until you formulate an opinion about it and you’re in charge of that opinion.

2. Scrap The Labels

Labels are judgements. We love classifying things and people as good or bad because it helps us determine where we stand in the grand scheme of things.

I think it comes from the idea that there’s an all-powerful God who is also a label-making fanatic, spending his time assigning “good” or “bad” tags to everyone and everything. Let go of the judgements.

They’re a waste of our precious time.  Surely whatever being created this bold, beautiful world of colours, flavors, shapes, sounds, and feelings wanted us to enjoy our lives while experiencing it.

Ditch the labels for the day. Let everyone off the hook, including yourself, and just focus on whether or not you enjoy an experience. Spend time with people that uplift you and make you feel like a better person. Do things that expand your heart and mind.

Talk about things that will matter 5 years down the road. Cheer someone up, improve your health, stretch, eat well, build a snowman. What feels good to you will be based on your perspective. Use it wisely.

3. Focus on Yourself

We do not know what’s in the hearts and minds of those around us. We can only assume, because the only heart we truly know is our own. Only you know whether you act consistently out of love or fear. Socrates said, “Let he who would move mountains first move himself.”

Before you judge another on his actions or preach to friends and family about how to lead a better life or label the world as loving or fearful, take a look at yourself.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi said.

If we focused less on the actions of others and more on what we could be doing to make ourselves happier, we would shift the world immediately.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Become more aware of how your actions affect the lives of other people, animals, and the earth. You are much more important than you could ever imagine. If your action comes from fear, you imprint that fear onto another individual, but if it comes from love, you affect another with that love.

You are intimately connected to everything around you. You can choose to act from love or fear, but you cannot choose who your actions affect: you are a part of the whole.

You play a role in changing the world every single day of your life. You don’t need a thousand people to create a shift. The shift starts with you and ripples outward. That is that key point that a lot of spiritualists miss.

They think that the shift hasn’t happened yet because there are those still in fear. But the truth is that the big shift taking place on earth right now begins within you. When you are present and acting lovingly, you are fostering “the shift.”

When you leave your judgments at home for the day, you’re experiencing the shift. When you do all these things, you’re changing your perspective and the world shifts before your very eyes.

These 4 steps are the keys to changing the world because the world changes for you, with you, and because of you. Recognize your part in it all. Accept the responsibility for it and change your life today.

Every comment, post, or share you make today counts because you influence the way people feel. Which will you share today? Love or fear?

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