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How to Change the World Without Money or God

by Charles Rentz, Collective Evolution

As we awaken to a purpose beyond our instinctually selfish nature and survivalist mentality, on both an individual and collective level, we see the world evolving in multiple dimensions, simultaneously.

Intelligence is evolving. Emotions are evolving. Information technologies are evolving. The way we interact is evolving, even your mind is evolving.

This means that our collective mind is evolving, resulting in a global transformation in thought, communication, and behavior — which we now understand as a paradigm shift in consciousness.

This shift within our minds, bodies, and souls (however you personally define these concepts) is creating a unified collective awakening across the globe.

Deep within the minds and hearts of more individuals than ever before (especially our youth) is a deep yearning for higher purpose and a need to feel connected with something greater than our own egoic selfish desires.

Many of us have consciously evolved to a point where we are looking beyond the outdated ideas of god, government, and social conformities, and seeking to establish a permanent relationship with our Higher Consciousness — who strives to bond with the entire human race as a whole.

Our global shift in awareness is inspiring many human beings to examine their existence and question the unconscious habitual mind programs that have been conditioned into us.

Many of us are tired of making sense of the contradictory ideas which pervade our society and lead us astray on a personal, national, and global level.

We are looking for a logical means of understanding why the human race thinks and behaves the way it does.

In other words, many of us are trying to get a handle on our current level of awareness and looking for solutions beyond indoctrinated cultural norms and dogma, so we can collectively improve our world and nurture our home — Planet Earth. This is great news and progress.

In order to make the world a better place, many of us are passionately seeking new perspectives and answers to our mutual human endeavors.

Furthermore, there are a vast array of self-defeating beliefs emanating in the world extending from religion, consumerism, and government that have been adopted as truths within both our individual and collective minds – these beliefs have become “the norm.”

For example, the idea that money and god can solve all of our problems — both foreign and domestic. Consciousness and reality are demanding that the human species realize that many outdated concepts, once invented to solve our problems, are no longer working for us.

The consistently destructive trends and damaging consequences of our actions – to ourselves and to the planet — are proving that we need to change our thinking to more sustainable core values.

Moreover, we are beginning to realize that many of our social structures, habitualized cultural thought processes, and normalized unconscious actions are built upon a foundation of maladapted principles, such as: depletion, obsolescence, greed, and power, to name a few.

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This mindset must change, however, and it is. Within each and every one of us is our individual heart and mind that is evolving into something I describe as our Higher Self —which is our most authentic and finest being, that allows our best human quality to express itself —Altruism.

In plain English, Altruism could best be described as a new level of consciousness which constantly brings forth the following Interdependent thought: “What is best for everyone and our planet?” This is in opposition to the “What’s in it for me?” attitude of the ego.

Perhaps, we have reached a stage in our evolutionary melting pot of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Spirituality, where a new gene, the Altruistic Gene, is becoming dominant in the collective gene pool of the human species.

Whatever this wonderful shift in human greatness is, we know something is harnessing the innate human desire to be kind, generous, compassionate, and unselfish — more often — with our own selves — and most importantly — with others.

This amazing moment in time along the continuum of evolution proves that we are, indeed, beginning to understand that the human race is interconnected in some way.

Thanks to the Information Superhighway,(the Internet), the entire globe has access to virtually everything and everyone, which is mind-blowing to say the least. We are learning how interconnected we really are, and it’s a spectacular time to be alive!

As compassionate human beings who are growing into awareness, our innate altruistic tendencies are inspiring us to embrace everyone, regardless of where we live or the culture to which we subscribe.

Perhaps, even more importantly, we are beginning to develop the awareness (and consciousness) of the fact that many of our collective habits and cultural practices are destroying our planet, and damaging our food supply, and that we must do something about it.

New and innovative philosophies, like Clean and Green Energy and Eco-system Conservation, are heading to the forefront of our global priorities.

New Age educational programs and industries, such as permaculture, are setting new examples for us to follow, which educate and encourage us to develop sustainable food sources and healthy living.

Many flourishing Intentional Communities are guided by these principles, thus leading by example “a new way of living the change.” These commonsensical Humanistic strategies are being adopted by our youth, too, who are literally our future.

Of course, since the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow’s corporations and governments, if we teach them new and improved cultural habits now, we will see Interdependent and Altruistic values reflected in their future decisions, which will affect everyone.

Properly educating and conditioning our youth with Humanistic Principles is paramount to the happiness and survival of the Human Race, and uniting and healing our world.

In closing, allow me to share that millions of people on Earth are awakening to greater purpose by cultivating their most compassionate and loving higher consciousness — their Higher Self.

As easily witnessed via Social Media Resources, whether it be watching videos displaying random acts of kindness, reading New Age ideas from Facebook pages, or posting inspiring messages on a blog, we see a coming together of Altruism like never before in history.

There has never been a time (other than now) where we could witness incredible Digital Technologies and astounding Psychological and Spiritual growth potential coming together in such a concerted effort, inspiring us to improve our mutual human condition.

We are being propelled into a new world — one which is interdependent, with a new understanding that we all need one another.

We are finally beginning to realize that there is only one home — Planet Earth — and one community — our collective human family.

Charles Rentz’s book, “Changing The World Without Money or God” is available on Amazon.