The Foundational Knowledge to Spiritual Alchemy

by Jocelyn Daher, Spirit Science

Just within the last couple of decades or so has science been able to explain and piece together what ancient civilizations have being saying for thousands of years.

For example, the computer age finally being able to replicate the holographic nature within patterns called fractals.

These ancient cultures providing symbols so massively intricate and interconnecting yet simple such as the flower of life.

The point is that finally the concept of oneness has finally come into a tangible and visible spectrum and provable theory. Spirit being the feminine or yin version of reality is finally merging with it’s masculine duality and yang aspect, Science.

The perfect form of alchemy happening in our generation. I have really personally been experiencing this merger within the energies lately and through my journeys I feel I have been given an ancient key to unlocking the universe’s guide to project management.

The project I speak of being the elevation of the collective conscious starting with the singularity of it all, you!

The idea is just like in quantum physics: The Entanglement Theory, where when one photon of light is changed, all of the other photons no matter where in reality were all changed simultaneously.

I feel this is the same with human consciousness. All of the seemingly invisible universe tied together by this universal law of connection.

 That is where these principles come in, it has to do with energy cycles. All of life moves in cycles, ripples and waves, from the transits of time through seasons to the waves of different invisible energy; to the oscillation of what gives us life our breath or our beating heart.

If you know the singularity within the pattern of how a larger structure moves, you can then superimpose those principles onto any smaller structure and have a road map. If you don’t understand what I am hinting at here but still curious, just stick with me.

Wise women in the days of tribal commune passed this knowledge to all who were in the tribe. This basic starts with the fact that we are all electromagnetic beings.

This connects us to the planets; specifically the Sun, the Earth and the Moon which are also electromagnetically charged.

The different positions and electromagnetic wave lengths of the planets change the seasons on our planet. Just as our planet has seasons that it goes through each year and since everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm, humans too have seasons.

But instead of yearly seasons, we experience monthly seasonal like energy changes. Women have known this for thousands of years because for a woman’s body, we experience physical changes exhibited through menstruation.

But just because there is a visible change within the woman does not mean that her male counterpart on this dear planet is not experiencing the same energy fluctuations within himself in a more unseen way.

Just as all of us have unique astrological charts from the positioning of the planet determined from the time we were born, so too is the unique impact the electromagnetic currents have on each of us; whether male or female.

This knowledge in my opinion, is the basic foundation to setting up your personal yet universally synchronised alchemy practice or in other words the way to harness the unique spiritual gifts you possess and synchronise them with the universal fluctuations of energy.

So without further adieu, I will explain each one of these energy patterns within the month and the most appropriate actions to be doing during those times.

The energies flow just as the precession of a living being going through a lifetime or seasons through a cyclical year: Birth-New Growth/Spring, Full Bloom-Harvest/Summer, Decay/Autumn, Death- Rebirth/Winter.

Another way to look at these energy cycles is elementally: Winter would be Water as a time of healing and cleansing with the New Moon, Spring would be Air a great time to communicate and facilitate positive change as the moon is waxing, Summer is Fire as we are burning away any excess energy offering our fruitfulness under the Full Moon and lastly, as the moon is waning away would be Autumn the Earth element to ground ourselves and re-balance before going through the baptism or re-birthing of Winter.

Within each month is one week that is equal to one season or energy expression. We will start with the equivalent to our new year, the Winter. And the equivalent to the Winter energetically, is the New Moon. This is the lowest point of electromagnetic interaction between the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and beings on the planet.

This can be compared to the death or rebirth stage, this is often why women during their red moon cycle will want to get rest or be alone. But also for many men, this is a time to re-stock since everyone’s energy is on reserves at this time period.

It is a great time to dive within and ask yourself the deep questions of what needs to be cleansed, nurtured and healed. This is a great time for assessing what no longer serves you and evaluating what “seeds” or ideas you would like to be planting moving forward.

Both metaphorically and physically, farmer’s almanacs have been spreading the knowledge of planting your seeds on a New Moon for decades but this can also be purely a metaphysical practice to help grow your ideas to fruition.

The next energy is when the moon starts gaining momentum again as it starts to wax towards the Full Moon. This energy emulates Spring and it brings forth extreme mental clarity. Creative planning, brinstorming, organising and networking are best done during this time.

This week transitions beautifully into the energy period that resembles Spring, this more specifically is the Full Moon time and equal to Summer, which by this time you have brought forth the physical manifestation or fruit to harvest of your idea or you have built a lot of momentum and confidence towards yourself and-or your project.

This is the perfect time to ask your boss for a raise or promotion! This is the best time to celebrate, share time and your energy abundance with friends, co-workers and family.

This is the best time for being on a road trip or doing anything that involves being in the body in a high intensity athletic way. Where the New Moon is the Yin or feminine energy, the Full Moon is the Yang or masculine energy, this is where we can really let it all hang out and get our hands dirt with big physical projects.

Both the Full Moon and the New Moon have their benefits in enhancing certain aspects of sexual practices but that is to dive deeper into another time. Of course the last energy transition would be similar to Autumn, there is a feeling of drawing inwards, finishing and putting the last touches on those unfinished projects.

 As the visibility of the moon disappearing, so will your energy. It is important to take note that if during the waning moon time you feel lost, lonely or anxious it could be because you feel you did not properly end or finish a project.

This can always be remedied by creating a new goal within the next “Winter” week to plant new “seeds” or ideas to finishing that particular project but it is always good to start to rest during this time period.

With these principles in mind you can really begin to move with effortless intention like the universe and make sustainable change, not only in yourself but in the world.

It is sometimes an unnatural feeling at first to devote certain energies at only certain times. Specifically things like letting ourselves truly rest when we live in a society  that is solely focused on production.

But if we look at nature, all of life goes through these cycles as a way of preservation and also believe it or not as a way of perfecting the replication process to improve and protect thriving energy.

When we work with nature instead of against it we thrive! I wanted to share this as a way to bring back that ancient memory in such a modern paradigm and my prayer is that it offers balance to the planet.

I hope it helps you express the extraordinary gifts you have inside you since all of us have been given a unique elemental gift to help service and shine here on what’s left of Gaia’s green surface.

The more we remember just how unique and gifted we are the more the planet and the beautiful souls within this planet will be revived once again! AHO!