The Mystery of Evil: The Cauldron [Part 1]

The cauldron of this article lies within Ukraine – a country at war with itself.

“How come”, you will ask. Well the matter is as said here by journalist Mike Whitney:

“In less than a year, the United States has toppled the democratically-elected government of Ukraine, installed a Washington-backed stooge in Kiev, launched a bloody and costly war of annihilation on Russian-speaking people in the East, thrust the economy into a downward death spiral and reduced the nation to an anarchic, failed state destined to endure a vicious fratricidal civil war for as far as the eye can see”. [1]

The Maidan Incident

This war began with the Maidan-incident, Maidan being Kiev’s Independence square, which consisted of protests against the then president of Ukraine, Yanukovych.

However, the war and protests were preceded by something far more sinister  in that under the direction of the US Embassy in Kiev, the social media were mobilized and manipulated to provoke protests that would lead to a coup to oust Yanukovych and then start a civil war.

Incidentally, the US government is famous for utilizing propaganda and social media manipulation on an industrial scale as reported in the Guardian on 17 March 2011. [2]

The Euromaidan rallies began in central Kiev in November 2013 after then-Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovich, postponed the signing of an association agreement with the European Union. The protests came to a head in February the following year as violent clashes between the rioters and police triggered a dramatic change in Ukraine’s history.

During February 2014, four days of bloody clashes led to the violent coup during which approximately one hundred people were killed in central Kiev, which resulted in a power shift in Ukraine.

By the evening of the last day of the riots, Feb 21, radical rioters announced that they will continue to use force to make the president step down immediately. The following night Yanukovych fled the capital in fear of his life and shortly after he was ousted from power. [3]

So, the US got what they wanted with their propaganda, their riots and their coup.

With the fall of President Yanukovych, the east has become more disoriented because he was their leader, having come from Donetsk.  Donbass, i.e. Lugansk and Donetsk, have declared themselves independent republics and called their area Novorossiya.

After the military coup of the government in Kiev, the Donbass region disagreed with the new government and began protesting. The result of the Donbass disagreement was that Kiev wanted to enforce itself onto Donbass, which incidentally is the country’s industrial heartland.

The Ukraine conflict between Kiev and East-Ukraine began last April, when Kiev first sent the police to the region and when that didn’t work, he sent in the military in the form of volunteer battalions to the south-eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions, after rebels there refused to recognize the country’s new, coup-imposed authorities. [4]

Now the Donbass has been Russian for hundreds of years. Until 1991the people of the Donbass lived in a country in which the Russian language was the main language. (The same can be said for Crimea).

Ukrainian supremacist insistence on ownership of Eastern Ukraine and of Crimea is based on the internal state of Ukraine, a state within a Russian country, asserting that its borders represent a country of Ukrainians.

Kiev’s military entrenched themselves in the region, especially – as we shall later see – in the cauldron and the people’s military in the entire region had no choice but to fight back.

Deciding to punish the “rebels”, the new president of Ukraine, Poroshenko, withheld the pensions of the elderly civilians of Lugansk and Donetsk. Ukrainian forces bombarded the areas of cities and villages inhabited by civilians as well as schools, hospitals, churches – you name it.

Then, when the war zones were evacuated Kiev’s military forces bombarded the long chains of people trying to flee to Russia and elsewhere in Ukraine. Some humanitarian aid in the form of food and other necessities did and still do reach those areas, coming from Russia only, as far as I know. [5]

Genocide and Murder

The civil war has so far claimed the lives of at least 5,300 people, according to UN estimates. It was clearly a case of genocide.

[The picture above left  is a typical example of how untrained Ukrainian militia that only knew how to pull a trigger, shot rockets up into the air in the vicinity of the E/Ukrainian cities’ civilian areas indiscriminately; and right a ballistic missile used in the war by Ukies]

And genocide is murder, not war. Kiev got away with it because the illegal government of Ukraine is not a signee of the Geneva Convention of 1949, in which civilian populations of a contested area are protected from air bombardment.

However, according to the “Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), Ukraine as the Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) has signed and ratified Conventions I–IV and Protocols I–II of the Convention. [6]

Since the present Ukrainian government was established illegally through a coup d’etat to depose of the established government of president Yanukovych and replaced with a new ruling body led by Poroshenko, in terms of the Geneva Convention it should still be regarded as the Ukranian SSR and therefore this ratification is still valid and in force.

What should be done with these illegal actions of the illegal Ukraine government who contravened the Fourth Geneva Convention which is relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War? Why, lay it before the UNSC!

In 1993, the United Nations Security Council adopted a report from the Secretary-General and a Commission of Experts which concluded that the Geneva Conventions had passed into the body of customary international law, thus making them binding on non-signatories to the Conventions whenever they engage in armed conflicts. [7]

What is the Cauldron

As the reader will see on the map below, there is a contested city lying smack-bang in the middle of the “Cauldron”, called Debaltseve. This city is located approximately 75 kilometers (about 47 miles) from Donetsk. It is a major railway junction that serves both the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Eastern Ukraine.

The main road leading westward from the city runs 47 kilometers (29 miles) through Svitlodarsk to Artemivsk. It is located in a very strategic position comprising a main resource of the regions infrastructure, the key transportation hub.

The value of Debaltseve is that it connects the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk, which allows for a fully functioning rail and transport system.”

There were 45,000 people living in Debaltseve before hostilities broke out. No one knows how many people remain now; most likely everyone who could leave has gone. During the siege of Debaltseve civilians have regularly come under fire and were forced to hide in their cellars for safety.

The city has been without electricity for many weeks while water and heating utilities also stopped working, despite subfreezing temperatures at night. Stores, cafes and schools or what is left of them, are all closed.

The date for the final evacuation of the civilians in and around Debaltseve was moved to 18th Feb due to continual shelling up to 17 Feb by the Ukraine forces or Ukies, as they are commonly called. From the 17th of February the militia of Novorossiya were knocking from house to house seeking people to evacuate under constant mortar fire from Ukies in their Debaltseve stronghold, finding none alive.

They were all killed inside their houses with a bullet in the head. The only other people to be found there after the final surrender were Ukrainian soldiers that had occupied certain pockets in the city. I know some will ask but why were the people not in bomb shelters?

When the shelling, bombing and shooting stopped those that were still there, mostly the very old and infirm, came out of the bomb shelters and stayed in their houses.

The Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of Donetsk sent buses to Debaltseve on February 17 for evacuation of the remaining civilians. Five buses arrived at the scene but there were none to load.

According to the Minsk agreements, all illegal armed groups on the territory of Donbass has to be disbanded and disarmed.

However, both Kiev and the Republics of Donesk and Lugansk militia have serious motives to cling to the contested Debaltsevo: for Kiev it is a major military asset with proximity to Donetsk and losing it would be perceived as a serious defeat for the government since the Ukrainian media depicted Debaltsevo as a place of a heroic last stand by their own militia while the region of Dombass has mines and pipelines, most of which belong to the Russian government.

Somehow the Ukrainian government troops have managed to be entrenched inside the Cauldron, which did not happen suddenly. The following image is a telling sign of a weapon and ammunition arsenal exploding under a barrage of shelling by the Novorossiyan army.

All over the operational areas it was found that there are accumulation(s) of arms by UAF in eq. Donetsko-Orekhovoe and at locations in and near Debaltseve, prepared  already quite some time ago.

In the Lugansk area on 18 Jan while the Novorossiyan Militia was trying to evacuate the locals to Lugansk city, the Ukrainian Air Force fired with MLRSs at the Militia’s positions near Slavyanoserbsk, Kirovsk and near Krasny Liman putting the lives of civilians at risk.

Now, a Multiple Launch Rocket System is an armored, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher; a type of rocket artillery. The system is mounted on a heavy armored truck running on tracks and is therefore not something that could have arrived in the contested area overnight.

To wage war, you must have ammo and Kiev had stockpiled hundreds of tons ammunition in Debaltseve. Tirelessly Poroshenko has been raising funds from whatever source it can (mainly loans from IMF and donations from various EU countries) to stock the different ammo pockets of the Kiev militia throughout Eastern Ukraine.

From the austerity measures imposed upon the people of west Ukraine, its easy to guess where all the money went to and it is understandable how distraught Poroshenkop is at losing, by some estimates, nearly 1/4 of all the ammo possessed by Kiev.

(At the following link http://www.thicktoast.com/ukraine-lost-ammo-debaltseve/ is a breakdown of what the Donetsk People’s Republic received from Ukraine troops on their withdrawal from Debaltseve).

Already in 2014 on July 31 a train with 6 transport cars carrying ammunition arrived at the Braginovka station (in a Dnepropetrovsk region village bearing the same name) from the direction of Pavlograd.

This is not the first time that train cars with ammunition have arrived in Braginovka  and it is probable  that a transit base with a depot has been established there.

In August of that year the Kiev forces struck from Debaltsevo –their intention to converge with the 24th Mechanized Brigade that was breaking out of the southern part of the Cauldron. It was an ambitious plan, whereby the enemy tried to bisect the Novorossiya militia. [8]

The Kiev military Junta has fortified itself in Debaltsevo and it was only the battles for Debaltsevo in mid February 2015 that finally demonstrated that the Junta was unable to advance any further for they were surrounded at that stage by the military of Novorossiya.

The idea with the entrenchment of Kiev forces inside the cauldron was to encircle the opposition, which in the end turned against them for it was the Militia that encircled them. [9]

Surrender or Die

The Cauldron around Debaltsevo with the Ukie troops, weapons and ammo inside, had been sealed off by the Novorossiya military already on the 6th of February. By mid-afternoon of 17 February 2015, the militia units of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic controlled the railway station and the eastern outskirts of Debaltseve.

On this same day several groups of Ukie security forces numbering about 120 people, learning about the control of Debaltseve by the armed forces of New Russia, laid down their arms and surrendered. By evening, the number of surrendered had risen to 300 people.

Command of Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​the boiler has been completely lost, the Ukie security forces began to withdraw from the environment in small groups on country roads. In general, the position of the Ukrainian military in the area of ​​the boiler became more critical.

Battalion Kievan Rus, stationed in the village commune under Debaltseve was almost without provisions and ammunition. Another group, located in the boiler APU, losing hope of salvation from the outside, attempted to break through from the inside in the direction of Uglegorsk-Debaltseve.

Some of these troops found inside the city of Debaltseve after surrendering, must have been the ones who went in the night and shot sleeping residents in the head. [10]

Both sides of the war faced a deadline on Tuesday 17 February to start pulling back heavy weapons from the front line. Novorossiya commander Vladimir Kononov said on Russian television on 17 February that most of Debaltseve was under their control and urged the Ukrainian troops to give up.

“Their only choice is to leave behind weaponry, lay down arms and surrender,” he said.

This announcement came after fierce fighting focused on Debaltseve. Both sides in the conflict claim the town is on their side of the ceasefire line – a line that was not resolved under the ceasefire agreement negotiated the previous week by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

Associated Press reporters saw artillery rounds fired Tuesday from Ukrainian government troops inside the Cauldron at rebel positions around Debaltseve. Sustained shelling was heard in the area all morning, some coming from Grad rocket launchers.

Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko told reporters Tuesday that the separatists continued to attack positions of government troops overnight around Debaltseve and that the pullout hinged on the ceasefire being fully observed.

He said at least five troops were killed and nine injured in the past 24 hours in the war zone.

CBC’s Nahlah Ayed, located outside the town said:

“We don’t know what the fate is of all those thousands of Ukrainian soldiers who have been under siege in that town.” [11]

On 19 February the Novorossiyans were in control of most of Debaltsevo and the organized resistance from Ukie soldiers have ceased. About 1000 junta soldiers have refused to surrender and were hiding in the outskirts or have fled to the south end of the cauldron.

The Novorossiyans are not even bothering to hunt them down or return their sporadic and inaccurate fire – they are waiting for hunger and cold to force them to give up. However, those Ukie soldiers of the Debaltsevo cauldron that surrendered were treated for their wounds, washed, clothed, fed and they will be sent home as soon as possible.


A spokesman for the Novorossiyans has reported that all communications between the junta forces (Ukie militia) in the cauldron and their commanders have been suppressed.

Apparently it was decided in Kiev that the soldiers that were members of the APU Debaltsevskoy groups were ordered to leave their strongholds, weapons and technology and withdraw independently by breaking out of the encirclement in small groups.

No support whatsoever was offered from Kiev. Some obeyed the order while some, preferring to save their own lives, began to surrender.

While there were still thousands of soldiers holed up inside the Cauldron, many Ukrainians were concerned that the government was not doing enough to support them.

For many, it is a violent echo of the siege of Ukrainian bases in Crimea a year ago. Back then, the government was accused of leaving its soldiers at the mercy of Russian fighters, who forced them either to remain and join them, or leave.

That the forces in the Debaltsevo cauldron were doomed was pretty clear for a while already, but what is still amazing is the speed at which the collapse has taken place.

Clearly, we are dealing with a catastrophic collapse of combat capability of the junta forces. If their position was so critical why were the soldiers abandoned?

During his recent press conference in Hungary, Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo has been defeated; that the US has been sending weapons to the junta.

He said he was absolutely sure that while this could kill more people, it would make no difference at all because the Ukrainian soldiers have no desire to fight whereas the morale of the Novorussians was extremely strong.

The most amazing event of the day, though, is Petro Poroshenko’s continual denial that there is any Debaltsevo cauldron at all. Apparently the junta is in such a shock from the recent events that the “freaks in Kiev” has decided to simply deny the reality of it all.

This is an extremely misguided strategy because even though the Russian media has now been banned on Ukrainian cable and radio stations and the entire Russian press corps has had its accreditation in the Ukraine canceled, it is still accessible on the Internet and information about the current events is easily transmitted simply by phone (including phone calls from junta forces inside the cauldron).

So while the freaks in the Rada and the government can go into a “deep denial” mode, the population is informed about the reality and rumors will, if anything, only amplify the magnitude of the disaster.

Hypocrite that he is, this usurper of the presidency in Ukraine, promised in Kiev on the first anniversary of the Maidan revolution on Independence Square in the capital, that the sacrifices of Ukrainians then and since would not be in vain.

But, he leaves his troops at the mercy of severe circumstances after a devastating war?

He said:

“We will carry out reforms, we will reinforce the army and defend our state, however difficult. Whatever challenges come our way, I will do everything so the great sacrifices of our people of this year, God forbid, will not be in vain.”

He calls on God?

Kiev’s military defeat has become not only a personal one for Poroshenko but a humiliation as well. The fierce fighting in Debaltseve had put him, as the Ukrainian ‘president’ in an increasingly difficult position domestically.

As Ukrainians mark the first anniversary of the bloody Maidan protest, many are asking themselves what has been achieved. Crimea has been lost, the economy is cratering and more than 5,000 people have been killed in a war with murky origins and little purpose.

It is the conflicting information about the order of the magnitude that is still feeding Ukrainians’ frustration with their government.

“The loss of Debaltseve is so huge only because Kiev turned it into a symbolic redoubt”, said Gustav Gressel, a specialist on Eastern European defense policy and a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin.

“Poroshenko’s biggest mistake was not to withdraw earlier. The battle for Debaltseve is reminiscent of the futile struggle for the Donetsk airport, which Ukrainian forces finally gave up in January after months of bitter fighting. It wasn’t worth the effort. The strategic value was in no way proportional to the troops put there,” Gressel said.

“If Ukraine is going to lead a war of attrition against a far superior enemy, he said, it must fight tactically, avoiding vulnerable ‘bulges’ like the Debaltseve pocket and raising the costs for Russia’s covert war.”

The renewed Minsk agreement of February 2015 isn’t dead yet, but it’s not looking good either. If another government-held city falls, say the port of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov, Poroshenko will have to be just as concerned about the home front as about the front line. [12]

The upshot of Poroshenko’s defeat lies in Washington that suffered its greatest military defeat in more than a decade when Ukraine’s US-backed army was soundly routed in the major railway hub of Debaltsevo. Roughly, 8,000 Ukrainian regulars along with untold numbers of tanks and armored units were surrounded in what came to be known as “the cauldron.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered major casualties ranging between  3,000 to 3,500 while a vast amount of lethal military hardware was left behind.

Additionally, the US-backed proxy-army saw many of its crack troops and top-notch units destroyed in the fighting leaving Kiev unable to continue the war without assistance from allies in the US or Europe.

The full impact of the defeat will not be known until angry troops returning from the front amass on the streets of the Capital and demand Petro Poroshenko’s resignation. The Ukrainian President is responsible for the massacre at Debaltsevo.

He was fully aware that his army faced encirclement but ordered them to remain in order to satisfy powerful right-wing elements in his government.

The disaster is even more terrible due to the fact that it was entirely avoidable and achieved no strategic purpose at all. Extreme hubris frequently impacts outcomes on the battlefield. This was the case at Debaltsevo.

Poroshenko is now very much in danger from the very Nazis he has allowed to co-rule with him. If Poroshenko is doomed to be the scapegoat in the Debaltsevo cock-up, it’s only because he followed the foolhardy advice of his Washington paymasters.

Had he listened to his military advisors instead, he probably would have withdrawn his troops earlier and spared himself a Gadhafi-like demise. The debacle ensures that the bumbling president’s days are numbered.

It’s nearly certain that he will either be replaced or hanged sometime in weeks ahead. He has already flown his family to safety out of the country and there’s growing speculation that both Washington and the far-right nationalists who occupy the Security Services will insist on his removal.

That paves the way for a second Ukrainian coup, a grim reminder of the tragic failings of US policy in Ukraine.

The population is evading or resisting draft orders to obtain more cannon fodder for the east Ukraine war. At the same time, Ukraine’s economy, cut off from its main industrial base in east Ukraine and its export markets in Russia, is collapsing.

The $160 billion self-inflicted loss of trade with Russia has destroyed the economy, when it was already in a severe recession. It has now gone from very bad to worse than depression levels. [13]


In a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed the importance of direct dialogue between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk and he reiterated the obligations of the Ukrainian authorities to conduct constitutional reforms, by which  Donbass is awarded a special status. [14.1]

On 22 February in the Czech capital Prague, a rally staged by Czech left-wing and anti-fascists, was held in support of New Russia. The rally was organized in opposition to the ruling fascists of Ukraine.

Demonstrators chanted in unison:

“Shame fascists; Freedom for Donbass; Stop the export of US revolutions” while symbols of New Russia and its banner were carried by the people. [14.2]

During the Maidan anniversary march on February 22 in Kharkov, the coordinator of the Odessa massacre who was responsible for people in the Odessa Trade Unions building to be burned to death, was killed in the bomb explosion on that day. [14.3]

As commander in chief Poroshenko owed it to his men to agree the terms of their withdrawal when it was clear their further sacrifice was in vain That is the basic duty owed by every commander to his men.

Poroshenko failed in that duty. The result is scores of Ukrainian soldiers (thousands by some counts) who might be alive, are now dead.

The main responsibility for the debacle lies with Poroshenko. Not only did his refusal to face reality doom many of his soldiers to certain death but ludicrously, following the disaster he has declared victory and claiming his soldiers’ sacrifice was necessary to prove to the Western Powers the Russian military’s involvement in the war.

Not only does the disaster prove no such thing but there was no need to sacrifice his soldiers to prove anything. When a commander sacrifices his men for such a reason he has failed in his duty and it is time for him to go.

In reality President Poroshenko sacrificed his men because he did not want to incur the wrath of the war party in Kiev by ordering their retreat. [15]

According to a tweet by the Social Media Team that conducts the twitter account of the European Commission, the people of Donbass should stay cold and hungry because the Kiev regime decided to punish them. Therefore, Donbass should not receive humanitarian aid from Russia.

The result is that the aid convoys from Russia are being hindered and harassed at the border crossing points between Russia and Ukraine by Ukrainian officials.

The fighting might be over, but life will never be the same for the residents of Debaltseve. Please read this heart rendering account by these people, here.


The 75 year old woman in the image picks up scattered macaroni at a provender food cache left by the retreating Ukrainian military:

More than a battle 

Speaking to CBC News, Senior Fellow of the Transatlantic Relations Program, Adrian Karatnycky said that the events in Ukraine are less a fight between East and West than a change in Russian values and whether it respects established borders of sovereign states.

“The interesting thing is that for many years, Russia complied with these kinds of values. The Russian President Vladimir Putin is walking away from the kind of positions that his predecessor Boris Yeltsin had and which honored until he took over Crimea last winter. We’re dealing with more than a battle from East and West –  we’re dealing with a battle for the heart and soul of Russia…”

What was witnessed during this war is that it was truly a historical event: while the defeat in Debaltsevo was tactical in its dimension, it will most definitely have serious operational consequences and possibly even strategic ones.

The general feeling is strong that the entire Ukrainian military has reached the famous breaking point – the point where, regardless of your remaining capabilities, the entire organization of your military suddenly and rapidly breaks down.

Although the rest of the front is currently stable the defeat in Debaltsevo will, nevertheless have a crippling effect on the morale of all the junta forces.

Since everybody understands that the Second Minsk Agreement will not be complied with, it is obvious for all the parties involved that the conflict will resume.

When that happens, it will be in a dramatically different context from the one of this winter:

FIRST, the Novorossiyans are adequately armed (for the first time since the war started), equipped and supplied.

SECOND, the Debaltsvo operation has shown that for the first time the LNR and DNR forces are capable of working together; all the Novorssiyan forces appear to have finally been placed under a single command.

THIRD, with these two major weaknesses of the Novorossiyan positions removed, a lot of crack troops on other fronts have been freed.

The real problem for Kiev is that more or less all of the current line of contact can become a potential counter-offensive point for the Novorossiyans who have never concealed their desire to get back all of the historical Novorossiyan lands.

So while the current cease-fire is all nice and dandy, I think that by this spring, when the Novorossiyans will have reinforced their infantry with more men the situation for the Kiev regime will become absolutely horrific and no amount of US weapon deliveries will change that.  This might well be the beginning of the end for the Nazi experiment in Kiev.

The implications for the Anglo Zionist empire are rather clear: if the 1%ers have any kind of sense of reality left, they should toss out Poroshenko and the rest of the crazies.

They should foster some kind of government to draft a new constitution and organize a referendum based on federalization.  Alas, I don’t think Uncle Sam or the Euro-cretins have any common sense left in them.

Interestingly the New York Times wrote in an article entitled A Bloody Retreat From Debaltsevo as Ukrainian Forces Suddenly Withdraw:

“Mr. Poroshenko sought to cast the retreat in a positive light but the loss of the town was clearly a devastating setback for the army”.

The fact that even the NYT has a more realistic assessment of what really happened than what Poroshenko is sprouting to the world in his hate for Russia and everything Russian, is a powerful indicator of how totally out of touch the junta propaganda really is. [16]

Poroshenko inside a cauldron of his own making

Poroshenko, who is increasingly embattled and reviled, is grasping at straws hoping to avoid the same violent end he ruthlessly inflicted on so many of his countrymen.

The debacle suffered by the Kiev regime exposes the utterly reckless and frankly stupid character of the policy pursued by Washington and its EU allies in Ukraine.

The initial attempts of the Kiev regime and its CIA backers to subjugate east Ukraine by sheer military terror, relying on fascist militias and select units of the Ukraine army that it considered to be reliable, have failed.

In spite of this is he allowing Washington to press him in preparing for a renewed offensive and is still discussing directly arming the Ukrainian army against Russia with US weapons. In the eyes of most of the Western world he made a fool of himself and has, as the Chinese would be calling it, been losing face. [17]

According to the Geneva Convention as mentioned above in the third paragraph of this article, an attacking country is not supposed to focus his fire on civilians or to use either nuclear missiles or cluster munitions in his strikes in an operational area near to civilians.

This, however, is exactly what Ukraine has been doing to civilians in E/Ukraine according to http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/10/21/kiev-government-used-cluster-munitions-in-donetsk-hrw/, the results of which can be seen in this graphic video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WadnbWUz17U; and, according to the following article, Kiev missiles nuked Donetsk as outlined in the accompanying http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/13/kiev-missile-nuked-donetsk/

The following video (with English subs) tells of the despair of the civilian population of the Donbass region as they live day by day through the devastation and death of Poroshenko’s war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz-bqC8kpO4#t=39; and lastly is a must-see video of the ceremony during which the war heroes of the Donetsk People’s Republic were awarded.

This is something that Kiev did not do for its soldiers that fought and died Poroshenko’s war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeS2tfaMy4Q&feature=youtu.be

During the negotiations in Minsk, Poroshenko insisted that there was no pocket and that his troops were in total control of the situation. The French president Hollande tried to explain the real situation to him but to no avail.

The result was that the ceasefire was arranged but the Debaltsevo pocket was not mentioned in the protocols while the federalists (Novorossiya militia) reasonably concluded that the pocket was within their acknowledged lines and could be eliminated without breaking the general agreed upon ceasefire.

At the very end when the wat had finally come to an end, many western MSM journalists streamed into Debaltsevo and there were reports about the real disaster and the real losses the Ukrainian government troops had there that will be hard to hide.

Poroshenko has been shown to be completely off his rocker. He can no longer be sold to the public as the bearer of the truth, the sincere white knight against the dark forces of Russia.

It will and has already been shown difficult for the West to continue working with Poroshenko. In this regard allow me to refer you a recent plea of the Ukranian PM, Yatsenyuk made to the US for arms in an interview with Fox News.

He reportedly said:

“We have to defend ourselves” against Russia. “Everyone knows that we still use outdated Soviet-style military equipment.”


How will the West, Obama and his neocon State Department react to that? Will they prepare a coup against Poroshenko or do they have other means to get rid of their useless puppet or to save the situation? [18]


To end this article we can, with reasonable right, ask why is Russia doing nothing? I think this question was and still is on many lips.

It is a difficult question to answer and would one attempt to do so the article would be too long.

So I invite my readers to watch the following video (with English subs), which is an opinion piece by the well-known Nikolai Starikov, a Russian journalist, social activist and co-chairman of the Great Fatherland Party:


And then we can also ask how is it that man wants to shed so much blood, sow so much destruction, spread so much evil just to get his way? Stay tuned for Part 3 in the series: The Mystery of Evil.

By Caeli Francisco, HumansAreFree.com; | References:

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