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Why Are UFOs & Aliens Suddenly a Mainstream Subject?

by Steve Thresher, guest writer

There was a time when the mainstream press would only cover aliens and UFO’s if it were a satirical piece, after all aliens were relegated to the realm of tin foil hats and science fiction.

Recently however more and more publications are talking about the possibility of alien life like it is becoming science fact.

This open discussion of these topics in publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Huffington Post and even Sky News to name a few. The headlines openly discuss the possibilities of alien life and the vastness of space and the likelihood we will find life.

NASA have been have made countless discoveries in recent years that indicate that planets in our own solar system were once alive and had water flowing on the surface.

The Telegraph in 2011 would run headlines such as ‘Alien Life Deemed Impossible’. Professor Brian Cox who holds great sway over mainstream audiences when it comes to space ad the unknown also stated that alien life was impossible.

Last December former MoD Nick Pope discusses the possibility that the government was prepping us for alien disclosure through our news and media outlets, by openly discussing these subjects and slowly introducing the concept that it may be true over time you can condition the public to accept the news without fear.

Nick Pope said:

“It wasn’t long ago that UFO shows were consigned to networks like Syfy, but there are now only a tiny handful of channels that won’t touch the subject. It’s gone from fringe to mainstream in a matter of a couple of years. Is this part of a campaign to acclimatise people to an extra-terrestrial reality, ahead of an official announcement? Is Disclosure just around the corner?”

The UK government is also set to declassify more of its “X Files” and make them publicly available on the National Archives in late 2015. Nick Pope said:

“This is a hugely embarrassing situation for the government.

“Last summer they told the media and the public that yes, this was absolutely all the UFO files and there was a big fanfare about this being the end of a five year programme to declassify and release the entire archive. Now they say, ‘Oh, wait a minute, we’ve found a whole bunch of further UFO files’”.

This combination of declassifying government documents and widespread media coverage of aliens and UFO’s seem to be gearing us up to accept they exist on mass.

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[To this day] the mainstream press are publishing article about the search of life sustaining planets and how thousands more have been discovered. It was just the other week that NASA were saying they have thousands of life sustaining planet candidates.

The concept of alien life is without doubt slowly being introduced to the public consciousness:

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