Creating Your Own Reality in the Archonic World

“You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) is the predominant belief system of many New Agers. Do we create our own reality? Yes we do, but not as freely as proponents of YCYOR claim.

As it exists, YCYOR is a faulty paradigm whose incomplete nature was made so by design. This belief system is a dangerous spiritual weapon used by negative forces to disarm their potential victims.

People who seek the New Age as an alternative to atheism or Christianity are not improving their situations.

They are merely falling for further deception, the same trick with a new look. Like gravity, such deceptions can be traps, or they can be used as slingshots to propel one further along if one is careful and learns from mistakes.

There are several reasons why YCYOR is dangerous:

“You can transform evil by sending it love.”

Because they have freewill, evolved negative forces can choose whether to accept your love or not. And most often, they will not allow themselves to be transformed by it. Trying to change a negative being this way is like pouring a man many glasses of water and asking him to drown himself.

Often, this sent love can be of such a corrupted nature (due to misperception of what true unconditional love really is) that it is of a frequency palatable by negative beings who then feed upon it.

Whether negative beings can feed upon an emotion depends not so much upon what type of emotion it is, but whether it is based on awareness or ignorance. Sympathy and compassion out of ignorance makes better food than righteous anger, for example.

“As above, so below”.

Just as there are physical pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, so are there nonphysical pathogens in the form of etheric parasites, discarnate humans, aliens and demonic beings that can attach themselves to a living person, drain their energy and influence their thoughts, feelings, and personality.

Etheric parasites are negative thoughtforms, which are temporary beings generated in the etheric plane. The etheric plane is a nonphysical substructure underlying our material reality.

Etheric energies and constructs are invisible “metadata” that can influence physical events at the quantum level. In occultism they are also called tulpas, egregores, or larvae.

An Ex-Nasa scientist, dying of bone cancer, revealed what the Nasa & the US government have been hiding for a long time. He says, he didn’t want to die in a way having concealed information from fellow humans.

This is what he said:

“Archons exist in our heads, in ideas, and our consciousness. They exist in a cluster of negative thought forms known as psych nest. Aliens exist within our thought patterns. Some negative thought forms that we currently have, maybe parasitic form of inter-dimensional life. They live off, and feed on the energy of chaos. They reproduce themselves via language, things we say throughout the day.

“They are fully telepathic. They can read our thoughts, and implant thoughts into our brains.Archons can travel through language, a process called transmutation when they are shifted into sound frequencies. Many major television stations transfer these beings by encoding programs with specific frequencies. Certain sound vibrations mixed with specific geometric shapes creates a gate through which inter-dimensional beings can emerge in them.”

Whatever the case, one thing is certain: that the forces commonly considered “evil” have chosen their polarity and therefore only they can change it, they cannot be changed. They can only be understood.

So as far as “transforming evil” is concerned, external events cannot change one’s polarity (positive or negative), merely reinforce what one has already freely chosen to be. Receiving an act of kindness may make a positive person beam with more positivity, or make a negative person salivate with the prospect of feasting upon an easy prey.

Being physically abused may make a positive person reflect upon how horrible such abuse is and how he would not wish the same upon anyone else, while a negative person may abuse others out of vengeance and hatred.

Love is only blind when combined with ignorance. But Love coupled with wisdom is the most perceptive, discerning, & intelligent force in the world. Sympathy and compassion out of knowledge would mean sending love to beings who have not yet chosen their polarity, who out of their suffering request and accept the love they receive.

However, being nice to evil, showing it how act positively, sending it love and light, and acting chivalrously toward it usually ends in complete failure for you, and a full stomach for the intended target. Negative forces do not play by the same rules as positive forces, as they have no respect for respect, and no empathy for empathy.

You cannot transform evil, merely help it evolve. Yes, negative forces are on a path of evolution. They are evolving toward the Creator just like you are. The only difference is that they are evolving toward the sleeping half of the Creator, associated with matter, lack of freewill, and determinism.

Therefore, if you cannot transform a negative being (you can only cautiously provide the opportunity for change on its behalf, and allow it to choose its way) you can at least help it evolve, which also helps you evolve. This is done by acting responsibly and not feeding them. You learn how to better defend yourself, and they learn how to better attack their targets.

Within the negative hierarchy, beings force each other to evolve through constant COMPETITION, tricks, manipulation, extortion, and violence. Within the positive network, beings help each other evolve through creativity, compassion, teaching, sharing, and learning.

To be positive consists of two qualities: having gained the lessons required to interact harmoniously within one’s polarity, and having gained the lessons needed to interact vigilantly with the opposite polarity.

And here lies another fault of “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR), the idea that all is “love and light” and one need merely think fluffy thoughts and put on rose coloured glasses, and all will be fine. Another aspect to disinformation is missing information.

Here, New Agers are taught only half the equation. Christians are taught the same thing with the “turn the other cheek” idea which is actually a corruption of the original meaning of the phrase.

The half of the equation they do possess involve the ideals of creativity, compassion, teaching, and so on. But when it comes to DEALING with negative forces, they are wholly ignorant and unprotected sheep. This is another principle that negative beings count upon, for it makes their targets easy to feed upon and control.

When opposite polarities interact, problems can occur if the positive being treats the negative being as though it were positive. Being positive means not feeding negative. No matter your polarity, the only way a negative being will learn is through resistance against its manipulations or attacks, on your part.

If you were of negative polarity, you would often take the initiative to attack another less powerful negative being, but if you were positive, you would only act in self-defence and never actively provoke anything, merely respond if your response was “requested” by another being through its act of aggression.

The best way for positive to interact with negative is to not feed them, to act only in response to a hostile request, to stick up for oneself if attacked, and to pick one’s battles wisely. Treating them as though they were positive only feeds them more, and burns oneself out, like the short-circuiting of two batteries incorrectly connected.

New Agers also believe that “Evil is the absence of good.”

A rock lacks the quality of good. But it is not evil. So lacking good does not make something evil, and evil therefore is not the absence of good. Evil, characterizing the negative forces, is a force unto itself. It exists as an independent though PARASITIC creation.

The sleeping half of the Creator, to which all those on the negative path are evolving, lacks any and all creativity.

This is why matter itself, though conscious, has almost no freewill and is thus characterized by physical laws which allow the perfect prediction of all future states of such matter (not counting quantum effects, which arise from the interface between the conscious and sleeping halves of the Creator on a subatomic level).

If it can be predicted, it can be controlled, and thus it has no freewill. The point here is to emphasize that negative forces lack creativity. This is not to say they are boring, but merely limited in what they can do. They are always one step behind positive forces, because the latter have the upper hand spiritually when it comes to metaphysical sovereignty and who gets to control whom.

The negative hierarchy, despite having its own individuality, must exploit positive beings and consume their soul energies because they themselves lack originality, creativity, and negentropy, and use the creative soul energies of positive beings (which such beings suckle from the Creator by virtue of their spiritual purity) to counteract the entropic nature of their own evolution.

A clock, once wound, will wind down again unless more energy is put into the system. Negative forces need the creative energy to keep up what they are doing, otherwise they will decay.

So evil is not the absence of good because it has its own identity and freewill, though it does depend upon good for its survival because it is PARASITIC in nature.

“You Create Your Own Reality” YCYOR is once again faulty in inferring that since “evil is the absence of good”, evil can be negated just by putting some good in its place.

An evil person simply lacks good, according to this idea, and so being good to that person and bombing him with love and light will fill him up with goodness and thus erase the evil, much like annihilating a hole in the ground by filling it with dirt.

Of course, in truth evil has its own solid identity, and prefers to feed upon good, so YCYOR is the perfect mechanism allowing them to do this.

The more ignorant you are, the more painful your struggle. Pain, anguish, and suffering out of ignorance are what negative forces feed upon.

They have a vested interest in manipulating you into making ignorant choices. Instead of going home on a clear and straight highway, they trick you into taking a long detour with many tollbooths along the way.

Not all lessons must be experienced with pain, because it is obvious that clever people can learn from the mistakes of others. This arises from the concept that, in truth, we are all “one” on a fundamental soul level, and learning from the mistakes of others is an action that illustrates one’s correct understanding of this principle.

Always having to experience something negative for oneself is a sign that one is separate, alone, and more individuated than one truly is. The price of that ignorance is having to suffer through a painful experience.

Experience is a means to an end of learning a lesson. Those who make experience the end goal are going down the negative path. Whether they are conscious of it or not.

There are two ways to end the pain of an unnecessarily arduous path. One either fights to get back on track (such as completing karmic issues or eradicating subconscious programs), or one ignores the pain and continues on the detour thinking all is fine.

The latter path is one advocated by YCYOR, where serious problems are ignored rather than confronted and overcome.

If you have made a bad choice in life and are presently painfully struggling because of this choice, the only thing you can do is stop straying even more; you must grit your teeth and gradually move forward in the right direction.

It may be difficult to do so, but going forward with a commitment to awareness and discernment is the only permanent solution.

Those on the negative path are ones who have chosen the detour, the path of separation, and have accepted the resulting struggle as a way of life. Rather than getting back on track, they toughen themselves to face the pain, and make an industry out of pulling other beings off track and into the wilderness to be fed upon.

Their subjectivity fools them into thinking that their fantasy interpretations of reality are objective. YCYOR makes a fatal mistake in reasoning that dark influences can therefore be kept out of one’s reality by denying their existence.

The problem is that ignorance and denial of something that has its own independent existence gives it room to maneuver in ways you refuse to perceive. The darkness within, your shadow side, has its own agenda and desires that continue to operate no matter how much you try to pretend it’s not there, and they will manipulate your thoughts and behavior without you knowing it.

Likewise, the darkness outside of you, namely the plethora of predatory forces in human and nonhuman forms as well as the external consequences of poor choices made over the years, will inevitably give you a rude awakening from denial. In other words, when wishful thinking and denial is chosen over awareness and responsibility, things catch up with you sooner or later.

An additional way of training our thinking and feeling is by acquiring a quality we can call “positivity.” There is a beautiful legend that tells of Christ Jesus and several other people walking past a dead dog. The others all turned away from the ugly sight, but Christ Jesus spoke admiringly of the animal’s beautiful teeth.

We can practice maintaining the soul-attitude toward the world that this legend exemplifies. The erroneous, the bad, and the ugly must not prevent the soul from finding the true, the good, and the beautiful wherever they are present. We must not confuse positivity with being artificially uncritical or arbitrarily closing our eyes [YCYOR] to things that are bad, false, or inferior.

It is possible to admire a dead animal’s “beautiful teeth” and still see the decaying corpse, the corpse does not prevent us from seeing the beautiful teeth. We cannot consider bad things good and false things true, but we can reach the point where the bad does not prevent us from seeing the good and errors do not keep us from seeing the truth.

The reason “You Create Your Own Reality” YCYOR works so well is because it is based on a lot of metaphysical truth. People awakening from more ignorant belief systems are lured by the truth content of YCYOR. But as with all disinformation, its designers care not so much what their targets know, but what they do.

Despite a large truth content which influences what its followers know, the few lies and logical inconsistencies in the doctrine is enough to twist what they do. Negative forces want them to do what is in line with the negative agenda.

Such targets are effectively “tenderized” for consumption or “disarmed” for elimination. YCYOR fools its followers into believing they are more spiritually evolved than they truly are. Such New Agers are lulled into a false sense of security, an overestimation of their abilities and invulnerability, and thus fail to prepare against random ACCIDENTS or attacks from negative forces.

As long as we keep lying to ourselves based on conditioning, wishful thinking, suppression or denial and believe the lies “out there”, mistaking them for truth, nothing will change. This goes also beyond having a “positive” attitude, where hope can be merely a trap and lie to the self.

Believing in lies that are “positive” in appearance (regardless how well-meaning the intent or good-hearted the person) is actually being negative and blocks one’s awareness and spiritual evolution.

Being positive can mean acknowledging something negative because it is the truth, seeing it for what it is. If you believe a lie, even if it seems positive and makes you “feel good”, you give away your free will and that has spiritual implications. In these times of transition it becomes imperative to seek truth and strive towards objectivity so we don’t take the “wrong” turn into entropy.

The Ducaz are the Force behind the New Age movement. Inside the movement, a large number of the people wear the mask of spirituality when they are actually in the movement to fuel their egos, or for other self-gratification, such as financial compensation.

But, many of these supposedly spiritual people who promote love, peace, harmony and no negativity are very quick to attack, injure, ridicule and censor anyone or anything they do not like. Any truth that they disagree with is labelled as negative and thereafter censored. Such ones often fight amongst themselves over whose spirit guide is more powerful or insightful.

Truth can be painful and daunting. Nonetheless, truth is positive, no matter what spin others may put on it.

There are those who mislead others with the mistaken doctrines that all is love, all is one, everything is beautiful, there is no evil, the harmonic convergence will make everything wonderful, and one can create one’s own reality. Often they insist that only positive things should be discussed. These people are in serious denial of what is happening in the world.

There are those who do not wish to discuss wars, diseases, crimes etc. because they say these are negative things and should not be spoken of. This is ignorantly absurd. The world is a vile place and there are wicked things that occur here.

Whilst the topics are troubling, they should often still be addressed. For example, children and young people should be informed about the dangers of drug usage. It is a positive move to prepare children for the world they live in. However, there is a fine line, and the way issues are presented is critical to how the message impacts the audience.

The New Age movement is headed by many self-appointed “gurus” who spread whatever “new” thing they re-discover and modify. Whilst there are exceptions, these “gurus” usually have little or no academic training in theology, philosophy, science and other relevant disciplines.

It is generally believed by many in the movement that those with academic or scientific backgrounds cannot grasp the deeper aspects of spiritual matters. This becomes the focus of the “gurus”. That is, they indoctrinate others with whatever beliefs they choose.

When a “guru” presents an ancient thought, they often give it a new twist. Since the “gurus” have limited relevant academic/research backgrounds, often they can only present a veneer of a concept, whether it is re-incarnation, astral travelling, channelling, enlightenment, past-life experiences etc.

The New Agers are generally inclined not to accept information expounded by those who have done in-depth studies of the relevant subjects, because they believe that such people cannot really understand spiritual things.

Likewise, those who are trained academically are restricted by their own academic indoctrination that metaphysical matters are primarily based upon superstitions and ignorance.

There is a huge amount of supposedly channelled material floating about New Age circles. Some of the material was never channelled, but was assembled by charlatans.

Other material is channelled, but the sources of the material are mostly questionable, even though much of it is sugar-coated with echoes of love, altruism, self-giving, warriorship and the like.

Although outwardly the negative aliens appear to be helping people by healing many physical ailments, in reality, they are very dangerous and evil. They steal what is Golden, and in return give only temporary physical comfort to the patients’ putrid biological bodies.

By Khali Carol, HumansAreFree.com