Reincarnation: A Blessing or a Curse?

The Cup

by Elva Thompson, Zen Gardner

This is the cup, the cup assigned to you from the beginning.
I know, My child, how much of this dark drink is your own brew
Of fault or passion ages long ago
In the deep years of yesterday, I know.
This is your road, a painful road and drear.
I made the stones that never give you rest;
I set your friend in pleasant ways and clear
And he, like you, shall come unto my breast,
But you , My child, must travel here.
This is your task, it has no joy or grace,
But it cannot be wrought by any other hand;
Take it. I do not bid you understand.
I bid you close your eyes and see My face. – Swami Vivekanander.

The above poem is very enlightening for those of us who seek truth in our lives. It describes how faults in one life are carried forward into the next… ad infinitum and I might add…ad nauseum.

We endure life after life in this predator/prey dimension, forever trying to reconcile our electromagnetic balance sheets; a balance sheet of energetic debt that we know nothing of!

As electro magnetic beings in an electro magnetic universe of charge, every thought is a weapon of salvation[oneness] or duality[separation.]

Re-incarnation: A Blessing or a Curse?

Some relish the thought of re-incarnation, the salve that helps to calm the ‘I’, the ego, the personality, the me.  The all encompassing sense of self, that in its arrogance can’t accept the thought of its own annihilation.

For ego centred folk, re- incarnation is a faith and a blessing.

Yet, re-incarnation is also a curse, a prison that blocks us from transcendence and keeps us bound by electro-magnetic debt to this contrived reality.

To understand the geometric hologram of reality, read an earlier article called ‘Smashing the Programme.’

The electro magnetic debt  known as karma

Karma comes from the Sanskrit root Kri meaning action.

Nothing in our reality stands still, all is in motion.

Duality is the basis of life in the third dimension, and all human life is a balancing act, a balancing act of polarity. Every thought, action and deed that we entertain carries a charge that is either positive or negative.

At physical death this balance sheet of positive and negative charges is weighed, not by a god of any sort but by the programme of duality and, the debt has to be repaid in the third dimension where it was created.

Life after life we are locked into a suit of flesh that has its own instincts and desires…that of the reptile self. And while the dinosaur rules, we shall be chained to this hell, this third world of fire and dissent.

The Reptile Mind

We are split beings, the product of vivisection and genetic engineering.  We are Divine and demonic essence packed into the same space, viewing virtual reality through a piece of geometric software.

The dinosaur brain that was forced upon our Divine nature is the seat of the ego, the little ‘I’ that thinks itself a god. It is the predator mind, the killer, the rapist and the waster of men’s lives.


The reptile mind is fearful, and we are  traumatised by it from the moment we are born until the day we die. Our lives via the inherited software called the reptile mind are plagued with insecurities, fear and desire.

These emotions give off a negative charge and we are drawn back into incarnation by the resonance of our desires.

In this knowledge lies the key to why we come back here life after life, and the key that will release us from the wheel of rebirth.

This  life of ours is the faerie tale of the princess locked away in the ivory tower of flesh by the wicked witch.

Condemning us to separation, the ‘us versus them’, the conflict, the struggle, the loneliness and despair that subjugates us, turns us into little mechanised units. We then become prey and are exploited by predatorial, sense bound beings called monarchs and rulers, those creatures of darkness that have no soul.

This is their world, they run the show and we are the performing animals.

We are educated to work for them, to fight their battles upon the bloody field. We are mechanical entities going through the motions for the next pay cheque, desperately hanging on to any crumbs that our handlers spill to keep us in the loop.

The years slip by and we become resentful as our hopes and dreams are dashed in a sordid, shallow life.

And after everything we’ve been through, we are still  at the mercy of duality, the reptile mind of ‘us and them’, our thoughts still plagued with  infantile emotions… until old age, disease or accident entombs us.

Is this life?….or is it a living hell?

Thoughts on life

Why do we accept our lot knowing it is immoral and spiritually bankrupt?

Why do we conform to the norm… instead of shattering the duality in ourselves?

Because we are afraid…

We would rather be prisoners in the gulag of misery than strike out a road into the unknown.

I often wonder why people become hermits, monks of harmlessness…

Why? I ask myself would they deprive themselves of the senses: rich food, sex and the ‘powerful, aggressiveness of their  lives.’

I know now…they have caught on to the game of life in this reality…no negative charge means no energetic debt and liberation from the hell called the Third Dimension.

The great escape

The split into dualism from oneness can only be mended by our Hearts. We have to transcend  duality, the ‘us and them’ and see life for what it really is. 

We must overcome  the conditioning of centuries, propaganda and fear that keeps us enslaved and reach for the greater whole. We will then no longer waste our energy in conflict but will use it to forge a pathway to a lighter, brighter world.

Stay in love with the moment and see duality for the illusion that it is…

Much love to you all.

We’re a band of tired ‘oneness’ warriors on the road to home….