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The Universe Natural Law and the ‘Artificial Karma’

The Universe Natural Law and this “Artificial Karma” (Which was really created by the Demiurge) are not the same. Even in the astral world, one is subjected to the astral “laws” of karma.

Astral beings are coaxed to re-incarnate again and again for reasons that are based upon lies. In the astral, one is forced or coaxed into believing that one has to do this or that in order to rid oneself of astral debts in order to attain liberation from the astral rebirths.

If this is true, one has the horrible task of ridding oneself of the unjust karma. It is unjust because, contrary to its claim, karma is not administered fairly, even though its main claim is that “you reap what you sow.” This is not always true.

Karma is carried out in such a way as to make sure the true beings are always being disadvantaged. This perpetual cycle forces beings to move from the astral to the physical and back again, endlessly. Whether a being is in the physical or in the astral, that being is incurring karmic debts.

These debts are impossible to repay under the evil system. Trying to pay off physical and astral debts is like attempting to pay off a perpetual mortgage for the soul. The evil lords of Karma extract such high interest that nobody can pay off his/her debts.

As an example, according to the law of karma, it is believed by many that if “X” assists a disabled person, “X” could be interfering with that person’s karma, hence “X” would be punished with karmic debt for the interference.

On the other hand, if “X” doesn’t assist the disabled person, “X” could also be blamed for not assisting, and also incur karmic debt. How can “X” or anyone else know whether to act or not according to another’s karma? “X” cannot know.

Karma is a capricious system, it is devoid of justice. Even the purest of heart can and probably will be strapped with infinite karmic debt in this evil creation.

Just like in this physical world, there are also demons in the astral world who give false information about religion and spirituality. These evil “teachers” in the astral as well as in the physical dimension are there to trap others with their lies.

Thus, it is very difficult to break out of this tightly woven scam unless you do some serious thinking yourself instead of swallowing everything you are being told.

Although your pain and illness will be gone when you become a citizen of the astral world at physical death, there is still a type of suffering which is quite agonising for all beings involved, but this is especially true for the true beings.

Fortunately, in the astral there are some Light beings who operate as true healers and teachers to help heal, guide and support the ones who needed assistance. They are not placed in the astral by the evil demigod, but have been placed there by the Light.

This is one aspect of the war between Good and Evil in the astral world.

By Khali Carol,