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7 Chakra Life Cycles and Crisis Years

“There seems to be a kind of order in the universe, in the movement of the stars and the turning of the earth and the changing of the seasons, and even in the cycle of human life”. ― Katherine Anne Porter

Nature has taught us everything we know. To reach harmony in life, we all need to learn how to observe Nature and learn the laws that govern our Universe. We as humans are a part of Nature and we also have cycles of our own.

In order to move forward in the spiral of our evolution, we all have to go through the crisis years which happen when we change from one cycle to the next. Some people get stuck in the loop of problems during their crisis years while others are able to overcome the challenges and move to the next level.

If you are following the mission of your higher self, there is no need to be afraid of the crisis years. However, if you keep violating the laws of Nature and keep failing to listen to your own intuition, you might experience certain turbulence with your state of health, personal or professional life during the crisis years.

Major crisis years of the adult life are ages 21, 28 (also called Saturnian death in Astrology), 35, 42 and 49. The first 49 years of human life can be simply described as spiritual childhood. We observe Nature and learn from it until we grow up. Some of us mature before 49, some never do.

A spiritual adult is the one who is able to express their own creative essence and cooperate with surrounding environment by living a happy life, as Nature intended. The 7×7 table presented below is based on the seven chakras system and describes the first 49 years of our life.

This illustration of the seven chakra life cycles is supported by the spiritual science research as well as esoteric teachings. Contemporary scientific research also has proof that cells of a human body change every 7 years. You can analyze your own life to see if this model of chakra life cycles resonates with you.

The 7 Chakra Life Cycles

1. The main goal of our first 7-year cycle is to ground ourselves

This life cycle is dominated by the Earth Chakra. During this chakra life cycles we begin to explore the world around us, our immune system is activated and we begin to form our energy shell or aura.

Our experiences during the first seven years become the foundation of the future life we want to build.

2. Our second seven-year cycle is guided by the Sacral chakra

We begin to embrace our sexual energy, identify ourselves with gender roles and go through puberty. During this life cycle, we are eager to learn new things and are often active in sports. We begin to explore the world outside our family.

3. During the third chakra life cycle, we believe that we are ready to change the world

Solar Plexus chakra is the leader during this life cycle. We try to find the place where we belong and try to join different social groups. It is the time when we learn the rules society plays by in practice.

Most people lose their virginity during this cycle and it makes us think that we are ready for an adult life.

4. After we turn 21 and until 28 we enter the real world of an adult life led by the Heart Chakra

The main goal for this cycle is to learn how to refine and effectively invest our own emotions in order to get back the best possible results. It is the time to start building our own nest away from the parents, find a way to independently support ourselves and even perhaps start a family.

5. Throat Chakra governs the energies of our fifth seven-year life cycle

The fifth chakra is responsible for our creativity and will power. We are free to exercise our creativity and will as long as we stay in the limits of the mission given to us by our higher self.

If we have not done it by this life cycle, it is a great time to establish a true communication channel with our own Spirit (or clear distortions if any).

6. Our inner philosopher is born from 35 to 42

This life cycle is guided by the Third Eye Chakra. We begin to look for the meaning in everything. We need to walk the walk, we cannot just talk the talk anymore. It is the final battle between the Wisdom of Heart and the Wisdom of Logic.

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7. Crown Chakra is the main energy source during the last cycle of our “spiritual childhood”

It is the time when we have a choice. We can either listen to our ego – stop evolving and begin to decay or we follow the voice of our higher self and begin to cooperate with Nature through realizing our own creative potential that was given to us at birth.

When you grow to be a spiritual adult you need to take responsibility for your own potential and become a fully fledged member of your spiritual hierarchy in order to empower the world around you.

By Life Script Doctor, Learning Mind

More details about the seven-year life cycles with the goals for each year in life and visualization techniques that can help you smoothly go through the crisis years and get back the energy that you might have lost in the past can be found in the “We Are One Higher Consciousness… So What?” ebook.