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Mental Slavery is the Worst Form of Slavery

The reality of what lies ahead for the world is unacceptable to many.

The ones with no understanding of the situation will be gravely disadvantaged, as will those with some understanding who have been indoctrinated to believe that everything is beautiful when it is not, they deny truth whenever it conflicts with their comfort zone.

Mental slavery is the worst form of Slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes!

The following will surprise almost everyone. The sun of our solar system is NOT a sphere at all. It is a CUBE. It only appears to be a sphere because it is spinning at a high velocity. All suns (i.e., stars) are cubes.

The Demiurge intentionally designed the universe like this because on a metaphysical level, cubes (or more specifically, their 90-degree right angles) create strife, confrontation, and confusion.

Astronomers and scientists have erroneously assumed that since the planets and moons in the solar systems look spheroid, that the stars (suns) must also be spheres. It is important to see the sun as it is “a cube” in order to begin breaking down the illusion and programming that the dark side of the sun emits.

The worship of the sun is also influenced by certain nefarious “time-space” beings. Sun worship is the basis for major religions today, even if it has been corrupted or its foundation has been obscured or lost.

For instance, Jews have their ancient temples constructed to honour the sun and the Zodiac. In Celtic tradition, the direction east is also very significant.

Druids worshiped the sun; Native Americans place great significance on sun dances, Eastern religions highly respect the sun. Often, emperors were compared to the rising sun in ancient days of the Eastern world. Freemasons worship the sun and the master of the blue lodge sits in the east.

The sun appears to sustain life. In fact, it does sustain biological life, but, it is also a main programming agent for this virtual reality. Cubes have twelve sides of equal length. Twelve sides plus the centre point make 13. The power of 13, which is a limited power, is locked within the cube.

It is this power of 13 that holds solar systems and the entire physical universe together. The power of 13 is akin to the main building block of the universe.

However, the power of 13 is illusional and it only works in this dimension because of the virtual reality that is kept going by artificial perpetual motion. There is a Dark being called “Red Dragon” who has been assigned the responsibility of overseeing this artificial motion.

Many are trying to unlock the mysteries of the pyramids. The mysteries fade like the illusions around them when square-based pyramids are looked at from either the bottom up or the top down.

These pyramids are in fact a series of squares descending in dimension since Atlantean times. Seeing pyramids in this way is rather like looking into a square tunnel. These pyramids help to sustain the illusion of the power of 13 on this planet.

In addition to all the pyramids above the ground, there are many constructed below the Earth’s surface (Inner earth). Further, the energy of the nearly infinite squares in each pyramid on the surface continues to spread underground as the base grows larger and larger, esoterically speaking.

The power of the cubed sun is amplified many fold by the presence of pyramids. Here in the physical realm we talk of information being transmitted and stored in physical objects.

However, in many other dimensions information is transmitted and stored in and through what appear to be invisible light beams or transparent sensors. The cube in the sun has similar properties.

In a crude form, pyramids can also transmit and store information. These facts are known to very few.

The whole planet is like a cube emitting, transmitting and receiving all forms of cube-based “traffic”. This is linked to the “unseen cube” of the astral. Thus, all life is being manipulated and controlled from this level from the astral.

All beings coming through are being tagged from incarnation to incarnation. Only the very tough and strong willed “warriors” who still have a connection with their higher selves have managed to resist some of the brainwashing as they pass through the channel of rebirth.

To maintain the control and deception, it was critical that the Demiurge formed physical stars from cubes. This facilitated the control of the astral cube in the physical dimension.

Nefarious time-space beings direct earthlings to construct cubes and to use squares to help “connect” to the astral cube. It is no co-incidence that the motto of Freemasons is to meet on the square. This is why the logo of Freemasons (square and compasses) has a square at the base of it.

The compasses in the Freemason’s logo signify total control of the dimension by use of the square. The capital “G” in the centre of the Freemason’s logo stands for geometric or geometry, but specifically and esoterically signifies the square and the cubed sphere.

Thus, the Dark beings make circles from squares and spheres from cubes. Little do people suspect that indeed the apparently innocent square and cube form such an evil trap.

Some Freemason propaganda follows to demonstrate how important right angles and squares are to their practices. It should be noted that the Master of the Lodge sits in the East where the sun rises, and wears a specific jewel around his neck. That jewel is the square.

The Master carries with him, a great symbol. If you are of a York Mason you will learn that it is immoveable, whereas if you use the Canadian Work, that it is moveable. The square is the symbol of regulated life and actions.

It is the masonic rule for correcting and harmonising conduct on principles or morality and virtue, and as a symbol, it is dedicated to the Master.

We also identify ourselves with this symbol, because we are taught that squares, levels and perpendiculars are the proper signs to know a mason. Norman Senn, Past Master Mosaic Lodge.

Previously I mentioned this is a terminating fragmentation that we are undergoing on this Earth, and in this Universe, which will result in the total destruction of the Virtual reality (AKA “Operation Big Crunch”).

Believe it or not, but 94% of this Universe has already been corrected. It no longer exists. The last 6% is scheduled for total destruction.

What we are witnessing is not a cyclical death, and rebirth of species, as some scientists contend. This is the Final Process for the Total Destruction of the virtual reality.

How do I know that? I know because I am intimately involved with the Team doing the Rescue Work, as well as allowing the Terminal Destruction of The Matrix (The Evil Empire).

The thought of Correction has cheered up the true light beings.They can wait almost forever for that day of Liberty, When from this idiocy, those of us That want to be, will be set free.

The Dark matter essence is so entwined within the Mother’s trapped creation in this virtual reality that the physical dimension needs to be totally destroyed in order to allow sorting of all consciousness.

What this means to us, humans on Earth, is that this planet, after all its levels of consciousness have been removed, will be totally physically destroyed.

All the entities which make up all the levels of consciousness associated with it are even now being subjected to exposure of their essence, classification and judgement. This includes all animals, fish, insects and organic matter wherever it appears.

Those deemed fit to continue the Divine evolutionary plan will do so in other New Dimensions which have been prepared for that purpose.

The day of Judgement is actually a self-judgement, as I have explained in my previous posts. Those not fit to continue spiritual evolution will admit they are not suitable to continue. Such a concept may be foreign to our lower mind thinking, but it is an actuality.

Those deemed to have failed, because of their own volition, will be transmuted in due course.

But before this is done they will, of necessity, undergo the trauma, and experience the pain and exploitation to which they subjected others, so that they will understand why their existence will come to an end.

In other words, they will need to expose themselves fully, or be forcefully exposed, by the Light, as beings of an dark essence. And they will eventually freely admit that, being Parasitic and wanting to remain Evil, they have no place in the Divine Order of Soul Evolution.

The Light is dismantling the power of 13. This is being achieved through the power of Five. This is the role of the Fifth Light Master.

Its role is to go directly into the cube to shatter the illusion of the artificial perpetual motion. When the Five goes inside the cube, it shatters by breaking down the joints or corners. As the corners are weakened, the 13 loses its grip and the illusion is shattered.

Light beings are attracted to fast spinning motion but when they go inside the motion to investigate, they find that the motion is imperceptible and it appears that there is no motion. This stagnation effect often causes confusion that further traps the Light beings.

To explain: the Earth is spinning around one revolution per twenty-four hours, which is readily perceived from a position in the sky.

However, people on Earth cannot feel the spinning. It is this false sense of stagnation that further traps beings and makes them complacent in the midst of extreme spiritual danger.

Red Dragon is responsible for the illusion of non-movement, which I shall hereafter refer to as “no motion”.

Red Dragon deceives all beings in the physical realm into believing that this existence is all that there is and that the merry-go-round ride is over and everything has stopped. Red Dragon has a weakness in Water because Water is not fooled by the “no motion”.

This can be observed in the tides that ebb and flow each day. The ones who watch Water closely often begin to see through the “no motion” illusion. However, those who do see through it often sense that there is no hope and no way out of this mess.

Under the guidance of the First and Second Light Master, the Fifth Light Master and all its parts are actively breaking down the false power of the Red Dragon.

The Five is literally inside the cube and actively breaking down the barriers. Red Dragon is trying to discourage and slow down the Five, but Red Dragon attempts are futile.

In regard to the “Hollow Earth”. There are many areas on the planet that have “geo-thermal” hot springs. Some of these are not natural at all.

The heated, odoriferous waters from the non-natural ones, such as the one in the hills near Salmon, Idaho, come from alien sewage systems. Can you imagine the sick joke that the aliens are playing on humans who frequent these waters for bathing and health reasons?

Some people have speculated that the Earth is hollow. The theory of a hollow Earth became more accepted among some occultists and others in the 19th and 20th centuries. The theory is well based because the Earth is in fact hollow. This is true even though it has not yet been proven via the so-called “scientific method”.

The Earth is hollow, with an inner sun and a more advanced civilization than ours. In fact, all planets are hollow and have inner suns. Some of the Inner Earth people are aware of Earth’s outer surface, and others are not.

Earth’s radius is 3,963 miles long. And, its shell is approximately 800 miles thick so, the halfway point between Outer Earth and Inner Earth is 400 miles below us. Note that the deepest point of any ocean on Earth is only 7 miles (6.86 miles, to be exact)!

Indeed, the Earth is hollow. There is an inner shell that faces downward from a surface perspective, but upward from an inner-Earth perspective. In the inner sky there are four star-like objects that emit light for the inner Earth.

The locations of these inner “suns” appear to change radically depending on where on the surface of the inner Earth they are being observed, and there is the appearance that the inner “suns” are moving much more than they really are.

This is because of the illusion of “no-motion” that makes the inner surface dwellers believe that the inner surface of the Earth is stationary and the “suns” are the only things in motion.

As above, so below. The Designer of the inner earth sought to confuse its occupants like It sought to confuse those on the outer surface.

The combined light from all the inner-Earth “suns” is much more subdued in comparison to the sun for the surface of the planet. However, they have one thing in common with the outer sun.

They are all set into motion at very fast speeds so they appear to be spheroid suns. They are external combustion engines just like the outer sun.

Since the suns are cubed they are constructed entirely of 90-degree angles, which metaphysically speaking, facilitates strife, confrontation, confusion, restlessness, agitation and outright belligerence. This is by design.

The suns in the inner Earth were speeded up in 1999, just like the sun of the outer Earth was in 2012. All four burn hotter than they ever have, and it has caused drought and a heat wave on the inner-Earth’s surface.

The flora and the fauna have diminished considerably since the suns were speeded up. The heat from the inner Earth is also a factor in global warming on the outer surface.

People are being deceived into believing the propaganda that carbon emissions are the cause of global warming. The main cause of global warming is the hotter sun.

If anything, for now at least, the carbon emissions are acting as a cool agent for the earth, working like a canopy to deflect and soften solar radiation from the planet.

However, in the long run, the umbrella of pollution will suffocate the earth. Meanwhile for health and other reasons it is important to stop polluting the land and seas even though the earth will continue to grow hotter. The ruling elite do not want people to suspect the sun is hotter because that is beyond human control and people would panic.

Things intensified on the inner surface before they did on the outer surface. The conditions in the inner Earth are not as complex as they are on the outer surface, and the removal and relocation of consciousnesses will be accomplished with less resistance, there will be less confusion as the majority of the people are more spiritually attuned when compared to the majority of those on the outer surface.

Before 1999, the climate of the inner Earth was predominately temperate to sub-tropical, although it could get slightly warmer or cooler in some places. Many of the climatic conditions of the inner Earth were similar to those found on the outer surface. Now, things have changed.

The surface and the air are hotter and are rapidly getting unbearable. This is why some of the inner-Earth beings are frantically digging their way to the outer surface of the Earth.

Some of the inner-Earth people are aware of the outer surface while others are so ignorant that they believe that the Inner Earth is all there is.

On the inner surface is found contoured land, with hills, mountains, valleys and even rivers. The inner Earth still supports biological life, which used to flourish down there. There remains varied vegetation including orchards, farms and wild growth although the quality of life has since deteriorated.

The animals in the inner Earth include some species that bear striking resemblance to those on the surface, and others that are distinctly unique to the inner Earth.

Among these mammals are hairy, elephant-like creatures with huge upswept tusks that are known on the surface as mammoths. They also have huge python-like snakes that are very thick yet fairly short in length.

Not too long ago, the inner-Earth surface was thriving with biological life, but today it is in a desperate state.

This is mainly because the “envelope” in which the inner Earth is contained is relatively smaller than the outer Earth’s “envelope” and the conditions are far more precarious and readily affected by drastic changes than that of the outer surface.

Some of the individual animals of the inner Earth are humanoids who are trapped in animal bodies. This nefarious work is carried out by evil aliens as a punishment on the humanoids.

The aliens also use energy fields to “hang” their victims outstretched on what appear to be invisible walls, leaving them suspended in “air”. These victims can only be released when the energy fields are disconnected.

There are several races of people that inhabit the inner Earth. Some are more spiritual and peace loving, while others are more technologically inclined and more ambitious.

Most of the races of the inner Earth have either dark complexions about the hue of fair East Indians with sharp features or they have fairer complexions with hues closer to those of fair Mediterranean people. Most of the inhabitants are slim and reasonably tall.

Unfortunately, slavery also plagues them – it has been imposed upon them by the conquering, evil aliens. In particular, there is a very evil group of aliens that call themselves something that sounds like “Zaag-Giles”.

The inner-Earth beings are being hassled by hostile aliens (especially the Zaag-Giles) who have enslaved the inner-Earth’s population, especially the children.

The Zaag-Giles have been kidnapping children from peace-loving races and forcing them to work as slaves, and for other purposes, including consuming them as gourmet food and using them for ceremonial sacrifices.

Most of the Zaag-Giles are quite tall with very dark complexions and they generally inhabit the valley areas of the inner Earth. Zaag-Giles are primarily a matriarchal society and females play a very active role in their conquests.

Because Zaag-Giles interfere with outer surface affairs, they live closer to the outer surface than many of the inner-Earth inhabitants.

Zaag-Giles have technology to visit the surface and have done so on many occasions. They have been spotted many times by indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest of America, especially by members of Kwakiutl tribes, who have instilled the Zaag-Giles into their folklore and artefacts and call them “Tsonoqua”.

The Zaag-Giles eat human children from both the inner Earth and the outer surface and have exploited the Kwakiutls and other races on the outer surface.

At present, some Kwakiutl members are using Tsonoqua to assist them in their dark arts. Little do most of them suspect that things have changed and soon they will pay a high price for their dark activities, especially those in league with the Tsonoqua.

Certain of the Kwakiutl people and certain channellers are often the ones who give out “channelled” material from the Zaag-Giles.

Some of Zaag-Giles and other aliens as well have tricked the Kwakiutls and the channellers by pretending to be their ancestors, Ascended Masters or some alien beings here to assist the planet.

These beings have no interest in assisting earthlings – they serve their own nefarious interests. Many Kwakiutl people have been beheaded, kidnapped and taken to the inner Earth by Zaag-Giles.

Other than alien technology such as that used by the Zaag-Giles and other military types of aliens for travelling between the inner and outer surfaces of the Earth, there exists a large, rotating, “mobile” portal or aperture that is now near the North Pole.

There are other smaller portals in Tibet, Africa, China, Australia, Cuba, Scotland, Ireland, Finland etc. (these portals are NOT to be confused with the inter-dimensional portals that exist around the globe).

From time to time there have been flora and fauna species that have migrated or floated to the outer surface and beaches from the inner Earth.

Today, the portals rarely open due to various changes in the Earth’s structure over time. In the distant past, migration of all types of biological life, including people and animals have occurred to and from the inner Earth.

Nowadays, these portals do not open very often and the inner-Earth people do not live too close to the portals, but a lot of animals and plants do. From time to time surface dwellers have stumbled across portals, as have inner-Earth inhabitants.

The openings of the portals depend upon the rotation of the planet and the rotation of the portals. When certain things align, a portal will open for a short while. There have been cases when a portal opens to an icy region and suddenly closes, leaving people or animals from the inner Earth stranded and they freeze to death.

Some of these have been discovered by modern day explorers and the discoveries are inexplicable but for the knowledge that the inner-Earth beings were trapped in the ice when a portal closed.

In some of the villages of the inner Earth their social structures have a single person in charge. The leader is like a village head who is usually a person who is highly respected and honoured. The village head is also a spiritual figurehead.

Another part of the social structure of the villages involves people who are in charge of technological advancements. In this quarter of the inner Earth there are laboratories where experiments are being conducted and other tests are being carried out.

These groups of people appear to be more advanced technologically than surface dwellers are, even though they are not involved in nuclear technology. However, some of the villages on the inner-Earth are not so advanced as others.

A few outer-surface people regularly visit the inner Earth. These people know how to enter the inner Earth. Haidakhan Babaji, who is also an Light Worker, was one such regular visitor who went down for various purposes.

He and other Light workers have gone down there many times to assist the inner-Earth beings. The Light Workers enter through a different method than the portals described earlier.

Some of the inner-Earth beings are now severely affected by the deterioration of things on the planet and are taking very drastic steps. They are so exhausted and affected by the conditions around them that some of them now resemble barren, walking trees.

They are thirsty, hungry and haggard and seemingly without hope as their world is severely affected. In desperation, they are now furiously digging and drilling their way through the Earth’s core to the surface.

The inner and outer Earth are being simultaneously affected by the Clearing Process. However, many have been misguided about what is occurring and think that the Clearing Process is a means for re-starting anew on the physical Earth or that it is for ascension of the Earth to another dimension.

In fact, the whole creation controlled by the Shadows will be dismantled totally to free all the trapped True-Light beings.

Those who can see beyond the physical factor of impermanence will rejoice at the breaking down of this Virtual Prison. It is the most joyous thing that has ever happened for those who truly seek Love, Truth and Purity.

All viable True-Light beings of all classes of Creation, including mineral, vegetable, animal, human, galactic etc. will one day return to the True Creation of True Light, Love, Balance, Beauty, Peace and Harmony.

By Khali Carol, HumansAreFree.com