The Higer Self is Perfection

When people ask me what the higher self is, I always mention the word “perfection”, but only a few know exactly what I mean by the future perfected version and how we can reach it.

Perfection means having none of the flaws of mortal man, none of the ignorance, biases, selfish drives, shortsightedness, temper, egotism, foolishness, etc. and instead being as close to godlike and angelic and powerful as possible without losing your individuality… having accumulated as much wisdom as can possibly be gained by an individualized soul. Strong, steady, aware, balanced, wise, understanding, poised, and free from limitation.

We can’t reach that in one lifetime. I mean, we can indeed reach perfection as far as human potential goes, but there are greater forms we can take that allow further expansion and perfection after that.

So in this life, perfection comes down to knowing the difference between what comes from ego/ biology/ social-programming and what comes from spirit/ heart/ wisdom, and consistently choosing and acting from the latter.

It also means to conquer your day more and more, having fewer moments where you’re being mindless, foolish, or ignorant… and that includes sleep time where we normally lose awareness of ourselves and do silly things in dreams. It means watching our thoughts and feelings to the same degree that we watch what we say and do.

It also means striking a perfect balance between compassion and wisdom, love and discernment, heart and mind… for instance, being so loving that you ignorantly feed a psychopath and drain all your resources is foolish and not something met by wisdom or discernment.

Likewise, being so unloving yet discerning that you become paranoid and stand-offish while being cold inside, that’s not good either.

In fact, we have neither a pure thought nor a pure feeling: nor are our actions pure. Everything in us is mixed and even entangled, often by all sorts of considerations which come from the intellectual centre.

Thinking about oneself evokes a certain image, of a clothed body, or a face which strives to be dignified and charming. This image is only a reflection of the Personality. If we want to discover the latter, we have to penetrate more deeply, and only introspection would permit us to discover its true face.

Introspection leads us to discover that there exists a sort of little ‘nebula’ within us. This is insubstantial, or almost so, but is gifted with the capacity for experiencing and thinking, for feeling emotion, and for action.

An exercised and sustained attention permits us also to constate that this ‘nebula’ is mobile: it is sometimes found in the brain, and sometimes it descends to the heart and sometimes to the solar plexus.

After a violent impression is made, for example after some great terror, it can move downward through the whole body to the feet. Once the emotion has passed, this ‘nebula’ normally re-ascends to a place in the higher part of the head.

We then say that the person has come back to himself. Contemporary man however, worrying more about the question of appearances than about that of being, caught up in circumstances, always absent from himself, or falling during his hours of idleness into a drowsy satisfaction, can no longer feel the pulsation of life within him. To make such fundamental discoveries, he must make efforts, must exercise, and must practise inner observation.

We must remember that it is since the fall of Adam that the spiritual man, having become an animal man, has lost contact with his higher centres, that is to say, with the Tree of Life, by giving pre-eminence to his lower centres, that is, to the Tree of Know/edge of Good and Evil.

Nevertheless, by means of the Personality and of its three centres, we possess within us, in either embryonic or developed state, all the elements of which the Universe is composed, which the Orthodox Tradition calls the ‘World’.

These elements are represented by corresponding parts of our Personality. As he gradually acquires mastery and control of his Personality, man, with the aid of this complex instrument, succeeds in Knowing the Universe in all its parts, and in establishing conscious and organic links with it.

Although it is unknown to the majority of mankind, the best way for a human being to use his free will is to deactivate his ego.

In this light, one can easily see how the people of Earth are currently bound like animals, for animals do not even have the free will to deactivate their egos. On the contrary, animals are, by default, enslaved by their egos.

The exterior man has three ‘I’s: the ‘I’ of the body (physical), the ‘I’ of the Personality (mental), and potentially the real ‘I’ (spiritual). The-oretically, the real ‘I’ should have assumed the responsibility for com-anding the whole system. But since the fall of Adam, the real ‘I’,in its aspect as the inmost heart, has been relegated to the background of consciousness,dominated by the mental ‘I’ of the Personality.

The latter, who commands by default, so to speak, lacks unity. Changing, floating, multiple, he can only act in a disorderly manner. Thus the ‘I’ of the body, who should normally obey the mental ‘I’, frequently imposes his own purposes upon the latter.

In reviewing in our lives different examples of the connections between the three ‘I’s, we would certainly profit by meditating once again on the symbol of the coach, which offers many analogies in this vein, all of them profoundly instructive.

The ‘I’ of the body is at war with the‘I’ of the Personality. The ‘I’ of the Personality is composed of a considerable number of little ‘I’s forming different groups which take turns at ruling our attitudes and actions.

Among the many notions that the Anunnaki have sponsored is the belief that God is perfect. The notion of a perfect God has troubled many true searchers. If God were perfect, how could there be the problem of evil?

The problem of evil has perplexed many. The basis of the problem is that if God is perfect, how could there be so much suffering, decay, injustice and, ultimately, how could there be Darkness?

The problem of evil is exacerbated by the belief that God is good, and that all things are created by God. By this reasoning, everything that exists must be good since everything that exists has the virtue of being created by a good god.

Such an argument shows a necessary connection between being and goodness. This is just another example of the problem of evil based upon the notion that God is perfect.

In fact, the True God is NOT perfect in the sense of the Anunnaki notion of perfection. God is Love and what God creates is created with Love. If something goes wrong in the creation process, God can correct it. This is deemed an imperfection according to the human notion of God’s perfection. It is important to realize that good is not synonymous with perfection.

God is an infinite being exploring its infinite potential through an infinite number of finite avenues. While individual evolutionary paths begin and end, beginning as the first stirring of awareness among primal matter and ending in unified congruency with the Creator, the grand experiment itself is without beginning or end because there are an infinite number of these paths.

There is a supreme God. Below the level of the supreme God are two eternal, self-existent Natures or Principles, one Good, the other Evil. Each of these Natures are ontologically different and they are opposed to one another.

These Two Natures of good and evil. Light and darkness. Became mixed. This resulted in the light particles (beings of light) being trapped in darkness (Matter). A struggle between light and darkness began in all aspects of existence in this dimension. The light particles that are trapped in Matter are constantly oppressed and exploited.

Fundamental to Gnostic belief, the Manichaeans too believe that this world is controlled by Darkness, and that there is a mixture of good and evil in all the actions of human beings. Hence, in this world there are two ontological types of people- those of the light and those of the darkness, that is “True -Light beings” ans “False-Light beings” respectively.

The True-Light beings have been struggling to retain their divine connection since the mixing with Darkness occurred. With this mixing, connection to their Source has been obstructed. A rescue operation for the liberation of the trapped True-Light beings was immediately initiated by the good principle, (which was unsuccessful, so the Supreme Good took over the Rescue Mission and sent projections of Itelf as manifestations).

The illusion created by Darkness has distorted the Truth about this “war”, about the nature of beings and their spiritual origins. Darkness used many traps to exploit and further entrap the True-Light beings.

The loss of both their spiritual awareness and the truth about their predicament have induced True-Light beings into a spiritual slumber. This is why the Manichaeans strive to purify themselves through the discipline of the tree seals (hand, mouth and bosom).

Darkness feeds on those of the Divine creation in this world, not symbiotically, but very much like a destructive parasite, and the True-Light are spiritual assassinated under these perilous and fatal circumstances. The more the True-Light beings are attached to the desires of this world, the deeper their entrapment in (Matter), and the greater their loss in spiritual awareness.

Throughout the ages, since the entrapment of True-Light beings in the Matter, the Supreme God has been sending messengers of salvation at various times, to reveal the knowledge of Truth (the Nous) to awaken the trapped True-Light beings from their spiritual predicament, and remind them to take steps to purify themselves sufficiently by rejecting Evil and by self discipline and right living according to the instructions revealed by the Divine messengers.

The “war” between Light and Darkness will eventually be permanently resolved with the victory for the Light.

In Zoroastrianism, the struggle is waged by right action (orthopraxis) in the affairs of this world and eventually all are saved. But fo Manichaeism, it is gnosis, not orthopraxis, that saves, and not all are saved.

This again is different from Pauline Christianity with its emphasis on salvation by faith and predestination. All of these belief systems have been corrupted by Darkness to confuse searchers and obscure the truth.

Jesus and Buddah´s undistorted message should have been this, which I now state:

In the beginning, is the Principle of Light, and only the Principle of Light. Above it its is creator, A-itu, the Unmanifest, the Mother/Father Godhead ( for want of a suitable term), the Divine being of Purity or Supreme Godhead.

The Unmanifest created the True-Light Creation and the Good/Light Principle to run the True-Light Creation. Cration commenced as an experiment in manifestations. Since it was experimental, the Good Principle made mistakes from time to time, but each time the Good Principle was able to correct mistakes and creation progressed harmoniously.

At some point the Principle of Light innocently created an Error known as the Principle of Polarity, which is commonly known as the Principle of Darkness or Evil. Darkness could have been corrected to again be in line with the Principle of Light, but the Error would not take correction from the Good Principle. This Error has been referred to as the ” Celestial Error” by various Gnostics.

In other words, the Error was manifested because the Good Principle is not perfect and accidentally created a self destructive error, contrary to the good principle. Instead of taking correction, the Error isolated itself from the Good Principle. Thus, the Evil Principle is an offshoot of the Light Principle. Had the Error accepted correction from the Light Principle, Evil would never have existed.

Thus, the two principles of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, did not exist from the beginning of the creation. That is, they are not eternal as stated in Manichaeism or other Gnostics writings. “Eternal” means to exist always, without beginning or end. They cannot be eternal because they both have beginnings and Evil will soon have an ending.

The Evil Principle went on its own way and began imitating the creative power of the Good Principle( the True-Light). However, the Evil Principle is in direct opposition to the True-Light, so Whilst some of the things in the Evil Creation (False-Light Creation) might look like those in the True-Light Creation, they are not the same.

Soon, the Error (Evil) realized that it was not self sustaining, and that It needed the Light´s Energy to sustain itself. So to speak. So, Evil them commenced Its plan to appropriate as much True-Light energy as possible. This involved an extraordinarily elaborate, devious and malicious plan to trap and hold as hostages as many True-Light particles as possible.

Darkness employed illusions of attraction and motion to solidify its though forms into matter. In solidified matter, Darkness blended or mixed True-Light particles, trapping the Light in material “prisons”.

Darkness then constructed the Universal Dodecahedron, which is composed of twelve pentagon shaped universes, and attached them to construct a symmetrical solid, and placed itself inside the Universal Dodecahedron (Virtual Reality). All the while Darkness was inside of Virtual Reality, It tried deceiving Its trapped subjects into thinking it was the Unmanifest, the supreme Godhead.

The mixing is so thorough and deep that it is difficult to discern Light from Darkness. Darkness´ Virtual Reality is literally a huge graveyard.

It is now time to reveal more about the War of Essences, however, this is still an extremely simplified explanation so that the physical mind can comprehend it to some extent.

The war between Light and Darkness was started by Darkness when It invaded the Light. Many beings of Light have been encased in Evil as a result of the unprovoked invasion of the Light by Darkness.

This all commenced when the Celestial Error occurred. The Error refused Divine Correction and separated Itself from the Mother and wanted to form Its own Mock Creation. The Error eventually evolved into a horrible monster that refused the Mother’s Love. Thereafter, the Error formed Its own Mock Creation.

After the Celestial Error, the Mother continued to pour Her Love into the Error hoping to retrieve and correct the Error. As long as the Mother poured Her Love into the Error while going deeper and deeper into the Error, the Error gained power.

As the Error gained power, It became more and more arrogant and deluded. Ultimately, It began to think that It was the Ultimate and that It was self-sustaining. However, It will cease to exist when the Mother’s energy is totally withdrawn from It.

The Mother would not cut off the Divine Energy totally from the Error because many particles of Light had already been encased in Evil for a long period of time. Some of these Light beings were kidnapped and imprisoned; others were lured into traps including the frequencies of Time which were created by the Error and etc.

Many of the beings of Light have been trapped in animal bodies on the Earth. That is the reason that so much effort is being poured into class III beings.

In this sector of Creation the Error is now being represented by the Demiurge. This energy grew darker and darker as it withdrew from the Mother. Now, It is very far removed from the Light.

When the Mother stopped pouring Her Energy into the Demiurge Energy, Darkness began stealing energy from Light beings that It has imprisoned and it began desperately looking for other sources of Divine Energy.

Evil is very foreign to Purity, therefore Light beings were/are so naïve that they were/are easy targets for Darkness. Purity thought that eventually Divine Love would win back the Error.

After many attempts to win back Darkness and to retrieve the imprisoned Light particles, the Mother concluded that Darkness cannot respond to Love nor be a part of the Divine Creation.

After this conclusion was made, the “war” (as perceived by Darkness) truly commenced. In fact, the Mother is not interested in wars or battles, but is only interested in retrieving the imprisoned Light particles (beings) without harming any of them. In one sense, Darkness has held all of these Light beings as ransom.

The Mother formulated a plan that is quite confusing as it unfolds here. It is intentionally that way so that the plan cannot be discovered. Beings of Light are confused as to who is who. Likewise, the beings of Darkness are uncertain who is who, and have great difficulty in identifying the beings of Light who are working incognito among them.

Ultimately, the Mother projected Herself and brought about the formation of twelve parts and called them “Sisters”. The Twelve Sisters, for lack of a better word, could be called the “Son” energy, however, these are just terms and are not to be taken literally.

Each of the Twelve Sisters has many projections. (Today, most of the main parts of the Twelve Sisters reside in ordinary human male bodies.) The Sisters were sent out to work throughout all the contaminated creation amongst all classes of consciousness which Evil had trapped and imprisoned.

They are protectors of the Mother’s Creation who also assist the Mother in sustaining the Light particles that have been imprisoned by Darkness, and will continue to do this until the Correction Process is completed.

One of the Sisters was assigned the dangerous task of intentionally entering into the darkest recesses of Evil, the Evil Mind of the Error. The Error took the bait as It perceived it would be a golden opportunity of acquiring a never-ending source of Divine Energy supply by imprisoning this particular Sister who acts like a direct conduit to the Mother.

The Mother knew that there was a risk to send out one of Her Sisters in this manner, but was prepared to take that risk as it was the best plan available.

The Evil Mind greedily used Its Own Main Part to graft Itself onto the Sister. This allowed the Mother to always be able to follow and keep track of the Evil Mind controlling this sector of the Mock Creation.

In the Revelation of John the Divine, there is a corrupted version of the truth when it says that the Devil will be bound for a thousand years and then will be set free to run amok. The truth is that the Devil was bound when It seized the Sister.

The Devil (the Demiurge) is unable to fully express evil so long as it is attached to the Sister. That is the price the Devil pays for the energy source, and that is the sacrifice that the Mother makes for all Light beings. When the Sister is separated from the Devil the Demiurge will once again express absolute evil.

The Mother always “incarnates” and follows this Sister about whenever the Evil Mind takes on a physical “incarnation”. This “grafting” to the Sister by the Evil Mind also limited the Evil Mind’s ability to express evil and to expand Its Evil Empire. However, the Absolute Mother will always reside in the Pure Realm to make sure that She can always retrieve Her parts and projections in case of any misadventures.

In order to implement this Plan, the Sister was required to allow herself to be caught in the spin of lower frequencies of Time created by Evil. This process has the capacity and propensity to alter the frequencies of Light beings and further trap them. Once trapped, it is more difficult for them to express their Divine qualities. Once the Divine qualities are suppressed, the Light beings can even appear to be evil.

The Plan is to eventually extract the Sister, which will markedly weaken the Evil Mind that has encased the Sister. Once the Evil Mind obtained access to this seemingly unending power supply from the Sister, It began expanding beyond Its means.

Today, It is stretched very thin and is barely able to maintain Its realm. The Sister will be “rescued” from the Evil Mind very, very soon. When this occurs, the confrontation of the Mother with the DARK Energy will commence in full swing.

The Mother/Father God has come very close to extracting the Sister on many occasions, but each time the Evil Mind killed the physical body of the host before the extraction was far enough along to succeed.

Many attempts have been made on this Sister’s life in “her” present “incarnation” but all were in vain. Finally, the Sister will be separated from the Demiurge once and for all because Evil is now collapsing due to the Mother’s reduction of Her Divine Energy that is poured into this realm.

Also, the Light energy from those who have already been successfully evacuated from this realm is no longer available for the Demiurge to use and abuse to sustain Itself.

Because of this severe energy shortage, Evil in this sector of Creation is in total chaos and the Evil Mind no longer can control Its own Evil Mess. Terminal Madness will soon be at its zenith.

In the final battle, the Mother Energy will confront the DARKNESS Energy. Before this occurs, the Sister will be retrieved safely by permanently separating the Evil that has seized upon her. This operation is extremely delicate.

The separation is now near completion. Once the Sister is “rescued” and re-united with all of her Sisters (her Parts), she will be retrieved into the Mother. Together, these beings will form the Energy represented by the Mother/ Father/ Son Energy which will be the New Ultimate Being. The New Ultimate Being will then vanquish the darkness.

So God designs what only God can design. The rest is delegated to lesser beings who design lesser things. In being the greatest being of all, God therefore designed only the greatest things of all, that which cannot be created by any other being in existence.

That thing is existence itself. Lesser beings design only what lesser beings can design. Those beneath them lack the ability to create the same, and those above them would be interfering with the purpose of Creation if they denied lesser beings the opportunity to advance through exploration of their own potential.

Therefore higher beings don’t interfere with what is only for lower beings to do, and lower beings can’t interfere with what only higher beings can do. Therefore everything is designed only by the lowest order of intelligence that can design it. Therefore God did not design everything in existence.

God designed existence but does not micromanage it. Through the freewill and intelligence of conscious beings inhabiting that existence, existence continues designing itself. God is both beyond existence as a singular infinite being who created it, and within existence as the total plurality of finite beings experiencing it.

This is about an infinite being exploring its infinite potential through an infinity of finite beings Again, everything is designed only by the lowest order of intelligence that can design it. Your car did not come together solely by natural causes, nor was it assembled by God, rather it was built by humans.

Some things are completely the products of nature. Nature is the lowest intelligence of all since it is simply the framework of matter, energy, and space-time that operates according to the rigid laws of physics. Some higher being must have designed those laws, but that higher being did not design everything that resulted as a consequence.

Thus if a rock is stirred by the wind and falls off a cliff then splits in two upon hitting the ground, the two halves were not designed by the higher being, rather it was blindly “designed” by nature through the convergence of deterministic factors that lead to it splitting in a certain way.

Now If nature were the sole driving force behind evolution, then natural selection and random mutation would be the only ways in which species can advance. Those ways do indeed occur; in a situation of survival, the strong survive, and thus the species becomes stronger over time.

And natural factors like cosmic rays can disrupt DNA to create mutants with a survival advantage. Such random mutations are shots in the dark, however. There are too many harmful mutations possible versus healthy ones to account for the successful evolution of species toward stronger and healthier ones.

So some “random” mutations may in fact be intelligently guided mutations. This does not mean that, as Creationists believe, God is the sole intelligent designer of all life. That is because lesser beings are capable of driving evolution.

What lesser beings? Nature, the lowest and least conscious being of all, could drive a small component of evolution but not all of it due to the sheer improbability that purely random factors can produce something as complex as the human being from primordial microorganisms within the time span of several billion years.

Also, no life processes can continue solely via mechanical deterministic factors, thus something beyond nature takes part in life, and therefore nature alone likewise cannot produce complex living beings like ourselves. The next higher intelligence would be direct intervention by advanced beings through genetic engineering.

Even if life evolves by default through a bootstrapping process whereby the evolving consciousness evolves the bodily form of its species, that does not mean species cannot also be modified or created by other species through genetic engineering.

Further, even if it were extremely improbable for life to arise on a planet, such that according to calculations earth is virtually the only planet that ought to have life, the fact that we can and will achieve interstellar space travel and master genetic engineering means one world can seed life on another, meaning we ourselves are likely seeded, modified, or created by those from other worlds who matured before us.

Thus sentient life in one place in the universe can spread to other places, multiplying life exponentially, and offsetting whatever dismal chances of life are allotted by the most pessimistic of scientific calculations.

In other words, humans are most certainly the products of purposeful genetic engineering by various alien factions, although these aliens more likely modified or combined existing species instead of creating humanity from scratch.

God is the watchmaker who set it all into motion and then experiences it, intervening theistically only when nothing else can. With all these options available and evidence pointing to different causes for different examples, the greatest error would be sticking solely to one explanation as the cause of everything. To believe that aliens designed all life on earth is an error.

To believe that all life arises from purely physical causes is an error. To believe all life-forms were created as they are by God is an error. To believe all life evolves itself morphogenetically without external interference is an error. The truth is a combination of all of these, depending on the case.

By Khali Carol, HumansAreFree.com