5D is Looking Better Every Day

Beneath all of life’s window dressing and mass distraction there is always the sense that as individual, or group, we are moving towards something; some point in time, or event that will be the culmination of our individual & collective sojourns. 

For the most part, we are somewhat forced to imagine our individual horizons within the paradigm parameters of the masses. It is almost as if the powers that be get to set the framework, and field of possibilities for the rest of us.

While it is true we are all free to pursue whatever dreams we may desire; if your dreams cannot be confined by the general field of possibilities, it seems sure they will be harder to manifest.

For example, if the powers that be are driving humanity to hell in a handcart, any efforts to manifest world peace are just naturally going to be more difficult.

We all complain about corrupt politicians and yet on election day we always put more of them in office, because they are all corrupt! So corrupt in fact; that they long ago quit leaving the elections in the hands of the people. 

What we have is a charade so that the people can still feel as though they have a voice that matters, and gets counted. We repeat the exact same dog & pony show every four years, with political campaigns lasting nearly the entire time between “elections.”

Same as it ever was; except this time the batshit crazy factor is already thru the roof with over a year till the “election.” 

Just like always the candidates fall over one another pandering to whatever group they’re in front of, doing the chameleon dance to reflect whatever image the group endorses. Liars all. Not to mention criminals, perverts and psychopaths.

It’s been so long since anyone in America has seen an honest politician we simply don’t know what one looks like because they never make it far.  Google Iceland!

Of course the mainstream propaganda mill ignores the positive political revolution in Iceland as much as they do Fukushima. Neither one exists in the world of media.

Despite whatever personal dreams or goals we may have individually, we always seem to just go along with the group when it comes to politics. We either get wrapped up in the phony rhetoric of the echo chamber (internet) or just ignore it all. Either way the powers that be win!

While Obama sends more Americans to die in the desert oil fields to fight Isis, the worlds third largest standing army remains at home in Saudi Arabia, unwilling to fight.

Same as it ever was.  All you have to do is to look at a map of US mid-east military bases to understand that there has never been any intention to leave that region.

Almost anywhere you look these days there is war, chaos, uprisings and revolts. This is the trademark signature indication of being in fourth dimensional timespace, utter upheaval.  The reason we seem to be drowning in it just now is because, we are!

Everything is spinning out of control faster than we can process, or react to, so we all just go thru the motions with that thousand yard stare, kinda ambivalent & disconnected. Exactly how they want us.

Before it was banned, the toxic poison DDT was sprayed on neighborhoods, and school children as well as on the food we consumed. Now, decades later the widespread incidence of breast cancer is being traced back to mothers who were exposed, and had DDT in their bloodstream. Oops?! 

Not the first or last time the American population has been used as guinea pigs for scientific weapons research. My point is simple, and subtle; in fifty years what horrific side effects will be linked directly back to GMO food-like-products??

With every new discovery of dead marine life washing up on California beaches there comes a vague nebulous feeling that we’re just seeing the tip of a singularly horrific iceberg, and with it comes a pervasive sense of loss.

Only in the future will we know the ultimate price and cost of Fukushima, but of course, by then it will be far too late.

Same as it ever was, only so much worse!

First American civilian police began looking more like seal team six, then they were given military vehicles & weapons left over from our wars of conquest, so they began acting like seal team six and have now become little more than urban death squads.

Walking and driving while black are now crimes deserving the death penalty? Not a week goes by without yet another outrageous police shooting, or another “lone wolf” going on a killing spree, again, killing black people. I’ve seen all this before, and it smells like the terrorocracy is cooking up a race war.

The United States incarcerates 1 out of every 100 citizens! There are more prisons than colleges & universities in America; and right now there are more blacks behind bars than there were slaves during the civil war. Racism never ended in this country, it was just turned into an industry!  Land of the free my ass! 

The average person simply lacks the skills and connections necessary to navigate and exploit the system like the bankers, politicians & lawyers do. The System isn’t broken as they want you to believe. The system is functioning exactly as it was designed to. Crime pays – just not you or me.

Here in sunny California the two year long drought is so bad that some areas are actually using reclaimed sewage water, and not just on the crops.

Other parts of the world have been doing it for years, now it’s our turn. Elsewhere in the state, others are busy making desalinated sea water for public consumption. These are the kinds of choices we are left with, drinking poo water, or nuke water.

In business as well as politics, the operative mentality is clearly “If ya can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em” – Whatever ethics might have once been have now been replaced with predatory practices which seek to gain every last advantage over the consumer. Indeed, let the buyer beware!

Have you ever channel surfed during news hour? Ever notice how it is that all the talking heads use the same talking points, right down to the same exact wording?

That’s not plagiarism, it’s production values dictated down from the top of the terrorocracy to literally drill propaganda directly into our minds.

Those in control use predictive programming in the TV shows and movies we watch, in order to gradually acclimate the population to an unpopular reality.

The new series Minority Report comes to mind, as well as movies which glorify the transhuman agenda and the death of reason, and morality. It’s basically the same process meat is put through prior to cooking. 

If all of this describes the future you desire moving towards you can quit reading now.

Because there are several million others who envision something entirely different, something I believe might be attained on the individual level even if the group is moving elsewhere at breakneck speed and reckless abandon.

Quantum physics long ago showed how light, and energy can travel as either particle, or wave.  For a goodly time scientists believed it was an either/or kinda thing. Particle, or wave. 

More recently they have come to suspect that through a process we still don’t fully understand; light and energy can not only be either particle or wave, but can shift back and forth between the two states as well… and sometimes can be both!

It rather reminds me of us humans and how we function in society, and in our own private lives.  By way of example: when you’re listening to your music on your phone using ear buds~Particle.  When you buy tickets & take in a concert~Wave. 

When you meditate~particle, When you use Facebook or Twitter~Wave. Your hopes & dreams for the future~Particle, Your going along with the system just to keep from losing what little you have~Wave. You get the picture.

Just like light & energy, we humans also express as either particle, or wave, depending on the situational requirements and can shift from one to the other almost effortlessly.  

Unfortunately, every time we shift into wave function mode and just go with the flow, we disempower those things important to us in the particle state. What suffers the most from this is our sense of spiritual sovereignty, and our connection to source. 

When in particle mode, we seek to become a better version of ourselves, to live life at the highest expression attainable, yet when we express in the wave form function it tends to stall the progress of the particle. 

This is called the rat race, the merry-go-round, and the game of life…even though in particle mode it is anything but a game.

It has also been called the grand illusion, and around that concept there remains some difference of opinion.

Some will insist that all of this life is but an illusion, or perhaps a hologram; while others who have been doing it longer contend that reality itself is not the illusion, but rather the mind’s projections onto that reality are!

Ever notice how often we seek the refuge of the particle state to escape the banality of the wave? There is a reason for that.

Here in the maelstrom of fourth dimensional resonance there is a foreboding sense that the wave function is currently sweeping us all into the gaping jaws of oblivion & despair. 

It’s all about frequency, and vibration. The lower frequency harmonics of 4D are like quicksand; sucking you down the more you struggle against it, until it has you for good. The more one identifies with the wave, and the more time spent expressing in that harmonic, the lower it will drag your energy, attitude, and resonance. 

Conversely, the more time one spends expressing as particle form function, the cleaner and higher your resonance frequency becomes; and that is the way out of the quicksand trap of 4D.   

The more time one spends expressing as particle, the stranger and more bizarre the world of the wave form becomes; which is why the powers that be have always sought to marginalize the entire human potential movement.

They don’t want the unwashed masses discovering the power of the particle. They have no problem with organized religion because like prisons, religion is incorporated, and turning a tidy profit.  Not only that, but at the same time, organized religion serves to keep the masses expressing firmly in the wave form function.

If you embrace the belief system of the masses, (wave) you will inherit the destiny of the masses.  If you build and maintain your own belief system (particle) you break free from the destiny of the masses and are then free to express at whatever frequency level your heart desires.

This, I think, is the fifth dimensional resonance more and more people are talking about. 

It exists right now, kinda of alongside the current 4D reality structure, in a parallel timespace.  Bits and pieces of it can already be seen now & then in places where the barrier between the two realities is thin… where the harmonics briefly match and stuff bleeds thru.

More and more people are now refusing to base their entire world view upon a single event (911) and this is a very good sign indeed, as these people may very well end up altering the very nature of the wave form function. 

The old paradigm has lost its hold on us, and as its facade crumbles before our eyes the powers that were are desperate and just a bit frantic; and did I mention batshit crazy?

A good time to quietly disengage from the wave, & begin expressing as particle again!

There is another wave forming, comprised of like minded particles seeking each other out as they free themselves from the quicksand of 4D resonance.

Reaching for that next octave up in frequency vibration, the fifth dimensional resonance. That is what evolution is all about, progressing to ever higher expressions of the Godforce. This great shift of the ages is all about waking up, and rising up.

So many may ask, how do I raise my vibration closer to that of 5D? What must I do to accomplish that goal. While there are many paths leading to the same destination;

I cannot say what anyone must do, as we are each particles with differing properties and situations. What works for one may not for another, and different individuals may need differing lessons, etc. 

As always, Spiritual matters are intensely individual, and personal, so it comes down to following your heart in such matters.

What I do know, is that the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there!

If we desire to elevate our personal resonance closer to fifth dimensional resonance we must first begin thinking fifth dimensional thoughts, and expressing thru fifth dimensional harmonics. Energy follows thought. 

If you consistently elevate your thoughts your energy also elevates; and does so even faster when your actions are congruent with your thoughts, in other words, if you walk your talk. Your energy doesn’t have a choice in the matter, it has to follow the direction and dignity of thought.  It’s how this quantum physics stuff works.

One of my favorite methods for raising and maintaining energy levels is thru the use of sound, chanting and music. It’s kinda like a tuning fork for the soul, helping us to return our energy to manufacturers specifications. 

Music that elevates me might not get a passing nod from your soul, and vice versa, so as always my advice here is to find something your spirit gravitates to, and go from there, adding to whatever your personal spiritual practice may be.

Sound is also quite useful when one desires to tune up their chakras. I’ve always had excellent results using sound and color together to tune up the human energy system.

Unfortunately expressing 5D particle harmonics becomes difficult if most of your time requires you to function in 4D wave form, i.e. the daily grind. They tend to cancel each other out, and progress becomes difficult in either particle or wave form. 

At some point each individual will arrive at the point in time when they will have to choose between their place in the wave form function, and their survival as a particle. It’s a destiny of the masses kind of thing.

The current puppet theater of 4D wave form function has far surpassed the levels of absurdity in Joseph Heller’s classic Catch-22, so if you’ve lately been feeling a bit like John Yossarian yourself, you aren’t loosing it just yet; there’s a lot of that going around.

At a time when humanity is supposed to be evolving into a higher state of consciousness (5D) the wave form function of 4D works only to keep us trapped in the primal energies of our lower chakra centers, and sending people pics of our un-tanned bits. This ain’t why we’re here folks!

If the current 4D wave form function is not representative of where you envision your particle destiny unfolding, how much longer will you be content to ride along with it?

Is the current ‘reality’ moving in the direction of your dreams and aspirations? Are you as alarmingly unconcerned as the masses regarding the darkly ominous future barreling down upon us?

I only ask because if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

By Augureye Express