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Blue Solar Water: A Powerful Drink That Cures Emotional Pain

Blue solar water is not only healthy, but it also liberates mental blockades and heals emotional wounds. This water helps us return to the pure state, in which there are no negative thoughts…

Drinking the blue solar water, you will be filled with positivity, peace and love, and it is tastier than ordinary water.

Everyone can drink it, even children, and the recipe is the following:

All you need is a blue glass bottle, the nuances are not important. The most important thing is to fill the bottle with filtered, spring water or, even better, with ozonated water. The cap shouldn’t be made of metal. You can use a cork, glass or plastic cap.

Keep the bottle in the sun for at least 1 and a maximum of 12 hours. The longer you hold the water in the sun, the sweeter it will be.

How to consume blue solar water?

Our organism, somehow, recognizes this water and even people who usually do not drink too much water, have no problem drinking several liters.

There is no limit to its consumption. You can also use it for cooking. Its sweet taste will make you forget the ordinary water.

By Healthy Life Tricks

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