Here Are Your June Tarotscopes (Not Horoscopes)

Tarotscopes are done using Tarot cards. These are different from the more commonly seen “horoscopes.”

The history of Tarot runs back to the 14th century and many cultures believe that, when performed correctly, tarot card readings can provide valuable insight into our lives.

Of course, as with anything, they also come with criticism. Our thoughts? Have fun with it, see how the answers or pieces of wisdom make you feel, but don’t feel like you need to put all your eggs in one basket.

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June marks the end of a difficult phase, as you decide to move ahead, leaving unpleasant experiences behind. While this transition may seem difficult, take heart that you are on the right path. June will bring you opportunities that allow your talents to shine. A new job prospect or project may come your way. Your divine message is to allow yourself to receive help.

You may have felt guilty in the past while accepting help from others. However, this assistance is a part of your answered prayer. There are people willing to support you in your endeavours. You also need to believe in yourself if you want to get somewhere.

Your romance message for the month is to pay attention to the red flags in your relationship. If something seems “off” about a person you just met, then this sign is a caution for you to proceed carefully.

Examine any unhealthy habits and signs in your relationship that need to be addressed. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


You have some brilliant ideas that carry great potential and need execution in June. However, watch who you share your deep, intimate secrets with, as not everyone will have your best interests in mind. It’s good to focus on your goals, but don’t ignore your other priorities at the moment. Travel brings you favourable news.

You will receive the help you are seeking in the nick of time. Your divine message in June is to simplify your life. You need to de-clutter your internal and external environment.

Take note of any and all activities that are unimportant at this time and are distracting you from the task at hand. Let go of habits, people, and things that are keeping you away from utilizing your time effectively. In romance, friends will play an important role in supporting you this month. You may even meet that special someone through one of your friends.


Time to choose a new direction, Gemini. You may be lacking motivation in general and asking for meaning and excitement in your life. June brings you a fresh wave of ideas and opportunities. Say “goodbye” to the old and “hello” to the new.

You may be feeling skeptical when it comes to accepting these new offers, as you ask “what next?” Too much time spent in contemplation is time lost, so be willing to act. Your finances look good in June and there may be a sudden windfall, bringing in abundance.

Pay attention to the new paths that are opening for you and let your intuition guide you. In romance, you could meet “the one” this month – the person you just met and connect so deeply with could be the love of a lifetime. Existing relationships improve.


June is a month of learning and research for Cancerians. You will spend much time in your own company and may also embark on an inner journey, looking for more meaning and wisdom. You may be sailing through emotional ups and downs, which can blur your ability to think clearly.

Your message of manifestation this month is to be careful what you wish for. Your thoughts and emotions rapidly attract your desires, which also means you will attract that which you fear or don’t wish for.

You are also guided to pay special attention to all forms of communication, which may unintentionally lead to misunderstandings. Your romance message for June is to learn from your mistakes and forgive.

One of the main roadblocks in your romantic life has to do with releasing old hurt and healing from any past wounds. Let go of toxic energy and people, and any feelings of anger, hatred, blame and guilt, to manifest more happiness in your love life.


There is conflict in the air and you are being advised to maintain your calm and remain grounded. Minor roadblocks are expected on the way to realizing your goals, but remember that you have what it takes to overcome these hurdles. The necessary resources are accesible to you.

The Angels remind you of the power of asking. Whether it is through praying, putting your intentions out there in the universe, or literally asking someone to assist you, when you ask is when you will receive.

Don’t forget to keep your thoughts elevated and ask your guardian angels to provide you with help and guidance.


June brings you security and comfort. As a matter of fact, you may be too comfortable and in need of a stimulating change, which can help you learn and grow. Your message of manifestation this month is to explore your options and to push yourself out of the comfort zone.

If you have been contemplating “what next?” then it is time to sink your teeth into different ventures and experiences. Forgiveness is also your key message this month. This refers to both forgiving others and yourself.

A situation from your past could be holding you back from moving forward. Once you decide to release any old hurt, the doors of manifestation will miraculously open for you.

Your romance message of the month suggests that soon you will be meeting “The One” or, if you have recently started dating, your partner could become the romantic lover of a lifetime. In existing relationships, it is important to remember why you and your partner came together and rekindle the missing passion.


June is a highly favorable month for Librans. There is much potential that lies ahead of you and now is the best time to make plans for the future and take active steps towards your dreams. For some of you, travel will bring good news and help you expand your horizon.

Your message of manifestation is to simply make a wish and watch it come true. Of course, this also means adopting a positive outlook and asking the Universe to grant you what you want, and then remaining in that stream of positive vibration.

That will help speed up the outcome. Your ability to manifest is enhanced in June, so to speak, and therefore you also need to be careful not to harbor any negative or fear based thoughts.

Your romance message says that you may be meeting someone special this month. Love is in the air and you will enjoy domestic bliss and passion in June. Love is the fuel that will keep you going. Pay attention to the people who come into your life, as a chance meeting is not just a coincidence.


There will be times this month when you will feel like giving up or settling for something small. You may have waited long to reap the fruits of your labour and may find yourself on the verge of quitting. Your message of manifestation is to increase your standards this month and be patient. Don’t compromise.

You deserve better and a promising outcome is on its way. You are much closer to your desired results than you think, even though you can’t seem to feel any changes now. Your health shows improvement as you learn to take good care of your inner and outer self.

Aim for peaceful resolution and avoid stress. Your romance message of the month talks about being forgiving and learning from your mistakes.

There is something from your past that is blocking your experiences in the present. Identify this block and release it, as it is contributing to stress and unpleasant outcome in your current love life. Forgive yourself and others.


June brings a shift in energy as you complete one cycle and start a new one. Fortune and luck are on your side. Your circumstances are changing for good and the Universe smiles and blesses you with all the goodies you have felt the lack of in the past. Your message of manifestation is to stay optimistic and have faith.

What you have asked for is coming. Stay positive and follow your divine guidance. Even if you are finding it hard to settle in with the changes in your environment, give yourself some time, as the near future has many more blessings in store for you. Do not rush and avoid being greedy.

Your romance message of the month is strongly connected to your friends. Love seeks you through others. Be more willing to share your feelings with friends if you are looking for a fresh perspective and advice.

Some of you will benefit from spending time with friends you have ignored for a while. There is something special about your friends this month.


This is a month to shine and feel your personal power, Capricorn. You will be in the public eye and many will look up to you for advice and solutions. You may also meet someone who is fiery, passionate, and full of ideas. As a matter of fact, you will meet many helpful people in June who will offer their support and assistance to you.

Do not shy away or feel guilty about accepting this help. Your message of manifestation is to dream big, especially if you have harboured any negative thoughts about yourself. It is very crucial for you to remain positive this month.

You are not a victim of outside circumstances, but your own mind. See yourself succeeding. Your romance tip of the month highlights a happy event. This could be an engagement or wedding. Your love life improves and commitments grow stronger. A new romance may also have the potential to end up in marriage, in the near future.


You will need to exercise practical thinking and intelligence with all day to day affairs in June. Examine your choices by keeping your emotions aside. You are likely to deal with some form of authority and scrutiny this month.

Your message of manifestation for June is asking you to focus on your self-worth. Have you been feeling undeserving and unworthy of receiving help? If your self-esteem has taken a blow in the past, it is time to work around it and release any blocks.

Trust is an important factor when it comes to manifestation, so look at yourself and your situations in a positive light. Your romance message for the month is to seek out more information about a confusing situation by talking things out with friends. Do not bottle up your feelings. Allow your near and dear ones to offer you support and guidance.


Big changes are in store for you in June, Pisces. You are leaving behind something old and moving on to something new. This change opens the door for abundance.

Situations that previously seemed stuck will be resolved. Your message of manifestation is asking you to stay open to receiving help. You will find that unexpected help comes to you in June through various means.

Stop feeling guilty or ashamed in accepting this help. Some of your desires will be fully realized in the near future, so stay positive. Your romance message of the month is to spend some quality time with your beloved by getting to know each other well.

Do not rush into commitments just yet, especially if you have recently started seeing someone. In existing relationships, have a heart to heart talk with your partner to open the channels of communication and get to the root of the matter.

Have a blessed June!

By Sonnya Singh, Collective Evolution