Nuclear Explosion on Mars?

Everyone on Earth was really excited to learn that the red planet wasn’t that Red in the past when scientists finally admitted that Mars had an ocean in the past and while the world was focused on the report of scientists from NASA, the Mars orbiter launched by the Indian Space Agency (ISRO) was patently looking at something that according to some happened more recently – what appears to be a mushroom cloud on the planet’s surface.

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) or also called Mangalyaan launched on November 5, 2013, and entered Mars’ orbit on 24 September 2014.

The images taken by the Mars Color Camara (MCC) aboard India’s orbiter took some pretty interesting images, and among those images is one that has caught the attention of paranormal researchers and ufologists alike.

The image that has got a lot of people talking about is the one where apparently, there is a mushroom cloud on the surface of Mars, a cloud very similar to those of nuclear bombs that have gone off on Earth, so the big question is… what is it? Is it just another pareidolia phoneme?

Pixels and colors playing a trick on us? Or could it be that this image shows something strangely extraterrestrial?

According to several ufologists, the cloud that can be seen in the vast Valles Marineris canyon on Mars, has definitely the form of a mushroom cloud after a nuclear explosion, and an enlarged view of the image apparently shows what appears to be a crater formed below the cloud and there is also a shadow extending from it through the surface.

Taking in count that it might actually be a explosion mushroom, what caused it? We can probably rule out  wind on the surface because the cloud lacks a whirlwind according to researchers.

Curiosity Rover has recently detected methane on the red planet, but the amounts are too small to cause an explosion and/or large craters.

Well there are several very interesting theories one of them certainly suggests the possibility that this one is in fact a nuclear cloud.

A comparison of images between the same region but from different dates. Clearly there is something that looks like, a mushroom cloud. But what caused it?

US Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg writes in his recent book “Death on Mars: The Discovery of a global nuclear slaughter”, the “high concentration” of xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere together with uranium and thorium on the surface are according to him, remnants of a nuclear explosion caused by an alien invader that killed two ancient Martian civilizations.

Is there a war on Mars which we have no knowledge of? Or is this “cloud” another product of our wild imagination?

According to Dr Jonti Horner, astronomer at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, “looking at high-resolution images of the same part of the canyon, showed the “cloud” was nothing more than an optical illusion at the junction of a crater with the trench.”

Certainly the red planet has given us a lot to talk about in the last couple of months, and we expect that more awesome things will continue to arrive from the red planet in the future.

Until then, its interesting to see what this images actually depicts. Let us know what you think!

By UFO Disclosure