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What Makes Humans Different From Animals? That Special Thing, Bigger Than Magic

The Reason why HUMANS Differ from Animals is more Magical than you can Possibly IMAGINE!
I started wondering what makes us different from animals? What is it? Is it the ability to speak?

Animals communicate in their own way, why should words be considered something special? Probably the ability to organize sounds so they create a particular word which holds meaning.

So, is it the ability to organize? It couldn’t be. Animals organize, sometimes even better than we ever did.

Did you know that a community of fire ants will hold together, arms in arms, if there is a flood? They’ll hold together to form a raft so they do not get drowned.

The most precious members of the colony, the larvae and the queen ant, are kept safely dry in the middle. The queen ant can give birth to some three million ants over her lifetime. If they can reach dry land, they stand a good chance of rebuilding.

Imagine us, humans, holding together, arms in arms, to form a human raft and let a couple of men and women reproduce on top of that human raft until we reach a safe land. Eating the minimum required for survival.

OK, that’s something that will never happen so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Let’s not drift away from the subject.

What makes us human?

It’s not the ability to organize and it’s not the ability to communicate. Is it the ability to learn? But animals can also learn. Is it the ability to teach? The animals teach other animals things they discover.

Is it being aware, being conscious? The animals sleep and they dream so they must be aware and conscious to a certain level. How much conscious and aware do you need to be to become human?
Babies are less conscious and less aware than some animals, are those animals more human than our babies? Of course not.

Is it our anatomy? Our mind? The ability to feel emotions? Animals cry, feel and think. Is it our spirit? Our character? Our Ego? It is proven that animals differentiate by character.

If spirit is measured by how free we are from the chains of illusions some animals are freer than us. How free do you need to be to be a human?

And, If Ego is a sense of self different from the others, it is proven by scientific experiments that some animals have a sense of self.

They can understand the difference between their reflection in a mirror and some other animal’s reflection, even if the animal was from the same species. They know themselves.

Ok, this doesn’t get us anywhere.

Let’s start from the beginning

Let’s try to imagine the moment we stopped being animals and became humans.

It was a long time ago and we were left in the darkness of the world, all alone, like children without parents.

We were hungry, so our natural instincts for survival made us hunt.

We hunted with bare hands, we ate fruits and vegetables, and maybe we even ate grass. There was no one to tell us what we should eat — or shouldn’t.

We weren’t killers. Most of us were vegan, but not the modern kind that will burn you alive if you eat a hamburger once in a month.

No, we ate meat if we were hungry and if meat was a better solution in that given moment. However, we preferred fruits and veggies. What can I say? It was easier.

This is proven by the shape of our teeth. As you can clearly see in the image below, humans have a frugivorous dentition:

There is no question that humans can thrive on fruits and vegetables, as long as there are plenty to go around.

In fact, veggies and fruits is what we preferred and there is a reason for that.

We were scared of the unknown. We feared the thunder sounds, just like any other animal. We took shelter when it rained and we avoided the cold.

One day, a smart young fella witnessed something that will set us on a historical journey. He witnessed a wonder: a lightning strike created a fire. The young fella saw the fire in awe. He saw the beauty of the flames and their fluidly-changing geometry.

He was not scared, he was curious. He got close, he got really close, he felt the heat and burned himself. He moved his hand away quickly.

The fire extinguished but his curiosity didn’t.

That awe, that glimpse of wonder opened a door in us towards our inner world. It gave us the ability to wonder and imagine.

This gave us the ability to invent and predict.

It gave us the urge to express our inner world with others, hence the ability of speech and organizing words. We wanted to share our own, unique point of view to others.

It all started because we saw a glimpse of something we couldn’t explain, something we should have feared but, for some reason, we didn’t.

We are still on a quest of understanding anything we wonder about. And, this hints something about our main question “What makes us human?”

It is our quest of understanding. Animals do not care about raising their consciousness.
It is the ability to wonder and imagine. The ability to question the world around us, ourselves, everyone else.

Animals never question. They do not share stories about other animals, therefore, they do not know about humanity’s greatest fear, the fear of time running out.

Animals don’t live with the fear of time passing away. They live in the now, while we live stretched across time.

But why do we have this ability? Because we were able to wonder. Because we were able to be awestruck.

Why were we the only ones able to experience awe?

What is awe?

By definition, awe is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. Why did we respect something we knew nothing about while animals only feared it?

It must be because we, somehow, had known these things before and now we have forgotten them.
Deep down we know the truth about everything, but it is deep down for some reason.

That’s why when we experience awe it’s like we remember something we see for the first time. Doesn’t it feel like that?

Even longer ago, we had extensive knowledge about everything. We were ascended in consciousness and, somehow, we got cut off. We have forgotten and now we try to remember in the best way available ot us.

We try to rediscover The Universe we once knew. That’s why we feel awe. But if this is true, than when did we ascend for the first time and, more importantly, why did we fell?

Why did we fell?

Life happened in The Universe when it began to organize itself. Once RNA was produced, The Universe developed self organizing systems which later “invented” DNA.

This was the first appearance of little souls inside The Universe and, ever since, they evolve to form superior beings.

When you have a soul, you have a body, a mind, a spirit and a heart — no matter how small they are.
However, animals only care about survival, remember the fire ants? That’s the purpose of our first chakra.

However, the purpose of the animal kingdom was to discover love. Real love, true love, the kind we write stories about.

Love is the purpose of our 4th chakra, isn’t it?

The moment we discovered love, we ascended. It was not our purpose to just survive now, we wanted to feel love.

We touched heaven and we wanted to live in it. We started to love each other and, sometimes, love was so important to us that we were ready to die for that love. If we think about it, survival was only our exact last mission.

That’s when we became humans.

Our global mission was to raise our consciousness and ascend even more. Ascension is the purpose of our 7th chakra, which can be summed up as “understand and let go.”

Feeling awe is our consciousness glimpsing above our 7th chakra.

It is the feeling of literally unleashing our consciousness from our fallen boundaries for a little while, like a kite, playing in the heights we once flew through.

However, then we probably didn’t experience awe. We were climbing those heights for the very first time.

We needed to understand while we were busy trying to love. And we did. We understood the meaning of love and we ascended even more.

Raising consciousness was our new mission. And we probably raised it so high that, somehow, we forgot what it meant to love. What truly mattered.

That’s why we fell… to remember how to love and what human love is all about. To love someone so much that you would do anything.

We fell to remember that love was the reason for ascending in the first place.

The way we saw love — the way we still see love — is unique in The Universe. The art we make, the songs and stories we create are evidence of our uniqueness.

We saw love as something magical and we were OK with that. We cared about something bigger than that. We were honest about loving because we loved each other and we made each other that bigger thing beyond magic.

We made each other better.

Animals do not invest time in that. The fire ants do not love the queen and the larvae. They needed them for survival. Their intent is survival.

If a puppy is born with a disability of some kind, the mother rejects it. When the puppy dies, the mother feels sad, but she knowingly rejected it.

Lions kill their weakest link for the strength of their pack.

We are better than that because humans will never reject a baby if there is something wrong with him/her. We’ll spend our entire lives carrying for that baby, doing our best to make his/her life better.

That’s what REALLY makes us human

We can love each other unconditionally, beyond any logic. That’s why we ascended, because we understood love and that’s what we need to understand once again.

Instead of neglecting our weaker fellow humans, we should try to make their lives better and show them that we’ll never give up on them.

Because that’s what we do, we invent things, we study sciences, we volunteer and help each other because deep inside, we love each other.

That’s the truth no matter how the world looks right now. Some of us are unaware of their potential for love and greatness. They run away from it, hurting others and by that they are hurting themselves.

Whatever we do we do it either from love or from running away of love. In the both cases it’s about LOVE.

We love the world around us and we always did, well counting from the fall. That’s why we preferred fruits and veggies.

We didn’t want to kill, we loved animals. We understood that animals care about survival and we shouldn’t play with hungry lions but that didn’t stop us from loving them.

And we are witnessing today that through our love we can transform lions. We can make them love us and not eat us, only by sincerely and honestly loving them.

We made dogs out of wolves through that same love. We make others love through our love. We help others evolve through our love, no matter if they are predators or just humans who forgot.

That’s what we should all do today

Fight the darkness of the world while showing it love. Make it remember what it meant. What it mattered. What truly matters.

And yes, we are waking up.

The World is waking up. There is no doubt about that. We hear this almost every day now. But what does this mean?

Our Consciousness is upgrading to new heights, both individually and, by logic, if each individual gains a higher consciousness we all gain as a collective entity. We call this entity Humanity. And I am just a part of it. Just like you.

It means that the intelligence is rising. We are remembering more and more. We download valuable information.

We are more aware of what really happens behind the scenes.

Politicians are hungry for Power, Money games, Illuminati, Secret Societies and Agendas, CIA, NSA, KGB, Aliens, UFOs, Terrorism, Religion, War, Banks and Rich Families, Earth Pollution, Corporations and Companies which destroy life on the planet, One World Government Agendas, Global Imprisonment, AI, Science and Mind Manipulation, Weapons, Technology, Lies and Psychological Warfare, Soul sucking jobs and Killing Animals…

And there is a lot more that is wrong with the world.

However, none of those things are the REAL problems. They are just the results of the REAL problem.

WE are the REAL problem, the “everyday” people who forget what we truly stand for. What we once stood for.

Now let me remind you

The problem is that we’ve let those things defy what matters for us. We’ve let those things dictate what side we will stand for, we’ve let those things fool us that there is actually a side. There is no side. There is no good and evil. There is no darkness and light.

It’s all just one extreme of the same specter. We are the specter. The specter as a whole is a side. We are inside the freaking side.

We are responsible for the extremes and whatever the darkness does is also the light’s fault because it was not successful to unite with the darkness. It feared and rejected it.

Whatever the light does is also the darkness’ fault because it pushed the light so far with not accepting it.

You see, there cannot be a hero if there is no villain but also, there cannot be a villain if there is no hero.

And the world is not that complicated, there are no villains and heroes like in the great stories.
There are people who honor love and people who cannot remember what love truly stood for.

There are people doing decisions based on love or based on fear, hate and every other shade.

It’s that simple, yet that much complicated in the same time

Politics is not that bad. It is what integrates the consciousness into the world but for that to happen people in politics should be highly conscious themselves.

One World Government is not bad. It is what will unite us and probably stop all wars.

However, if the intention of establishing it is to gain more control and better imprisonment for profit than it’s a big nope. I guess we always waged wars against that, somewhere in the subconscious level.

Science and Technology advancement are not bad. Hell they are necessary for us to evolve. However, letting them destroy Nature or using them to fight each other is extremely stupid.

We should focus the technology and scientific advancements towards integrating it with Nature so we’ll clean our mess, and maybe even benefit The World.

That’s how we’ll establish our place here. Believing in something is not bad. It’s what we need so we can go forward. The Gods never needed us to believe, we needed them. They do not need us to fight for them they are GODS they are ok even without us.

Fighting for them is an insult if you think about it. All you need is to believe in them and let their ideals guide you.

Why do you care if others believe in a different GOD than you? Let everyone believe in what they want to believe because all of the GODS and prophets preached about one thing. LOVE.

You see it’s not about those things. They are not wrong. It’s how we see them. It’s how we let them be used.

The REAL problem is us. We let fear divide us. We let fear blind us and limit us. We fight against those systems and in the process we harm each other, unknowingly.

We let fear take away the color from others and make us hate them.

However, the REAL solution is also US

What we should do is blindly believe in one another. Blindly and unconditionally love one another, because that’s the TRUTH and it always was.

The world doesn’t need super heroes, it needs super humans. It is time not to wait for heroes to save us, but we ourselves to be our own heroes.

Not old, young, male or female. Not soldiers or generals. Not rich fellas or activists protesting on the streets. All of us should be heroes. Not heroes standing against something, but heroes standing for something. Heroes of LOVE.

Only when each and every single one of us is a hero there will be no need of heroes anymore to sacrifice their lives for someone else. Your life is your responsibility. Stop being the victim, grab the wheel of your ship and take control.

We all count on you and we all LOVE YOU so PLEASE stop asking for permission and stand for what matters the most, for what always mattered the most.

And I am not saying to sing Kumbaya while there is a shotgun pointed towards your face. I am not saying to say I love you to an attacking lion and expect not to be eaten.

Fight back when you are attacked. Defeat your threats. Be stronger than them, smarter than them, more agile, more resourceful. Outmaneuver them and defend yourself.

However, once they are beaten, once they see you are better than them, stronger than them, show them that bada** love.

If they attack again be prepared. But get back to showing them what truly matters.

In this case they are the baby that is something wrong with. They are the puppy rejected from the mother. But you are not a dog, you are a human. You can show them what true love means.

What makes us human is the power to love.

That’s what we need to remember so we can ascend once more.

That’s why we fell, to remember what’s worth rising for.

The Intelligence created The Universe to explore itself. We turned around towards The Intelligence so we will show the meaning of its greatest power.

The Power to Love. That’s our purpose as HUMANS.

By Dejan Davchevski,

Dejan Davchevski is one of the brightest young minds who writes about the complete human health, motivation, philosophy and the secrets of success. With Life Coach Code he creates a mindset of happiness and prosperity through his articles – Codes – which Reprogram the negative Paradigm creating a better version of ourselves.