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Yahweh, the Man Who Could Summon UFOs

A few years ago, a man who called himself Prophet Yahweh received wide media coverage after claiming he had the power to summon UFOs.

Born Ramon Watkins, he took to calling himself the Seer of Yahweh (after the god of ancient Israel and Judah) and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yahweh claimed he learned how to summon UFOs by carefully studying the Old Testament and that he had managed to mobilize his first flying saucer sometime in the late 1970s. Since that time, more than 1,500 UFOs have appeared on his signal, in front of witnesses.

Like many others, he believed the biblical “Pillar of Fire/Smoke”, “Ezekiel’s Wheel” and “The Glory of the LORD” were all references to space craft, operated by an extraterrestrial race commonly called angels.

Multiple witnesses testified to the legitimacy of his claims that he was actually able to conjure unidentified flying objects and there are videos that appear to show just that.

In 2009, as he was being interviewed by ABC News, Prophet Yahweh demonstrated his power by reciting a short prayer, and shortly afterwards, a bright orange sphere appeared in the sky above him.

The reporters chose the date, time and location, so there was no way the prophet could have positioned himself in an area prone to UFO sightings. But this argument fails to convince everyone.

Despite Watkins’ claim that as an African-Hebrew-Israelite prophet he was able to focus his mental energy and initiate communication with extraterrestrials, stories regarding his powers were always considered controversial, to say the least.

Fraud or not, nobody can directly confront Prophet Yahweh and his statements, since he reportedly died from a heart attack in August 2014.

By Locklip