Are Crop Circles a Sign of Alien Life?

First of all , what are crop circles? Crop Circles are elaborate designs formed in wheat and grain fields. The stalks of the grain have been laid flat, usually in a circular or flowing pattern.

Mysterious crop circles have been spotted in wheat fields across the world for decades. With no witnesses to see them being made and reports of strange glowing lights hovering above them, could crop circles be the proof that aliens exist?

Crop circle formations are absolutely stunning in their design, intricacy, and precise measurements. Many of them are huge, covering the space of ten football fields. When carefully measured, the geometrical designs are accurate to within an eighth of an inch!

This is true even if the formation is a thousand feet long! (That’s the height of a hundred-story building.) For example, a hundred-foot circle will have an accurate and identical radius on all sides to within the thickness of a single stalk of grain.

The first description of crop circles scarring the landscape was in a local British newspaper back in 1678, when a farmer claimed he saw the devil himself cutting perfect circular designs into his field of oats.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s when mystifying large circles were discovered in the swamps of Australia that observers began looking to the skies for answers. After one farmer claimed to see a spaceship hovering over his flattened crops Ufologists seized onto the idea that circles were landing sites for aliens dubbing them “Saucer nests.”

Whether you think the crop circles are created by Aliens or not there is no doubting their beauty and intricacy.

A big positive I take from them is that if they are a form of communication from a higher intelligence then it is clear this information is being given to all humanity out of love and caring.

After all, It’s highly unlikely an evil force would go to so much trouble creating such beautiful designs for us all to see and study.

By Kasim Khan, Team Spirit