Black Portal Spits Out Cubical UFO Over El Paso, Texas

A mind-boggling UFO sighting occurred in Texas this week.

On June 29th, a storm appeared to be brewing in the skies over El Paso, Texas. Local resident Walter C. Lance went out to take a photo with his mobile phone when he realized something was amiss. At first, the sky appeared normal, with nothing but storm clouds visible.

But, at around 1 p.m., Lance noticed the clouds begin to swirl, creating a shape eerily reminiscent of a portal. The center of the vortex suddenly turned “jet black” and things got even stranger.

In a scene that best fits a sci-fi scenario, a massive cube-shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere, as if it had traveled through the black portal.

These unique photos seem to be confirming the hypothesis that extraterrestrial crafts can manifest themselves out of thin air, in a matter of seconds.

The ability to create and use wormholes would explain how these advanced aliens are able to travel the vast distances that separate us from them.

The eyewitness managed to maintain his calm and snapped a few more photos as the cubical UFO was traveling across the sky at a high and constant speed, entering and exiting the dense clouds above.

Enhanced image

It would appear that El Paso was the scene of an amazing UFO sighting that raises numerous questions. What was that menacing-looking cube? A craft carrying alien visitors?

A probe sent to perform some unknown yet menacing purpose? An extraterrestrial entity by itself?

Another witness was able to snap a couple more pictures of — probably — the same object, a mile down the road from the first location. This time, the UFO looks more like a rectangular prism, as you can see in the following picture:

No doubt, these questions will remain unanswered. But the reality of the sighting is reinforced by another eyewitness who saw the same three-dimensional, six-sided UFO.

After Lance posted his photos, the second bystander mustered the courage to come forward herself, while adding that she also heard the entity emit a strange humming sound. That sounds intimidating.

But wait, there’s more.

On June 28th, an observation webcam at Davis Station in Antarctica captured a similar image showing a low-altitude glowing object roughly shaped like a cube.

Was it the same object? Hard to say, since the image quality is pretty low, but this sighting once again highlights the theory that alien presence in the Antarctic is quite common.

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