Self Discover Game Soul 2.jpg

Choose a ‘Soul Picture’ and See What it Reveals About You

Here is the scenario:

Imagine that you have died, but your soul survives. What form does your soul take after the death of your body?

Choose one picture that appeals to you above, also paying attention to the text beneath.

Remember to not over-think your selection – go with the picture that immediately “calls” to you!

The psychology behind your answer revealed

What is the underlying meaning of this game? Essentially, the picture you chose above is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. In other words, this self-discovery game opens a door of insight into your self-image.

If you chose picture 1:

You have a healthy self-esteem. You accept both your strengths and weaknesses alike. You have a balanced self-perception and have cultivated enough self-love to make you confident in yourself and your abilities. Congratulations!

If you chose picture 2:

You tend to struggle with a feeling of incompleteness. You are not entirely satisfied with the person you are and what you have achieved.

You still feel as though there is much more to fulfil in your life, and if approached in a healthy way, this feeling can serve as your guide and inspiration.

If you chose picture 3:

You tend to second-guess yourself and your worth. Although you have many good qualities to be proud of, you tend to struggle with perfectionism and find it hard to see that you are a wonderful person deep down, despite your flaws.

Once you accept that you are imperfect – like the rest of us – you will have a much easier time embracing yourself entirely.

If you chose picture 4:

You aren’t overly bothered with your self-worth – this might be because you’re extremely shallow, or incredibly wise.

You are not one to compare yourself very much to others because you’re not often preoccupied with problems to do with the self. You are neutral: you’re neither bothered by your shortcomings nor pleased by your strengths.

Origins of the Self-Discovery Game

This game was inspired by two Japanese psychologists Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, and their creation of “Kokology,” or the study of the “mind” (kokoro) in Japanese.

Kokology is based on the science of psychology and is aimed at discovering the hidden attitudes we have about ourselves, other people, and the world through a series of unique games, such as the one featured above!

By Mateo Sol