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MASSIVE Alien Craft Photographed Near Our Sun

Why is our sun receiving so much attention?

UFO watchdog Streetcap1 is doing a good job at keeping an eye out for alien [visitors] and his most recent video shows what appears to be a huge extraterrestrial mothership [larger than our planet]. Its presence is real and verifiable on NASA’s SOHO servers.

But if they’re going to deny the fact that this enormous object is indeed an alien craft, why make the image available to the public?

Over the past few months, activity around our star has increased significantly, as evidenced by previous sightings of similarly shaped and sized objects.

There is always the possibility that these things are just image artifacts but NASA’s silence speaks volumes towards disproving this hypothesis. Plus, their strangely geometric shapes suggest artificial origins.


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If these unidentified floating objects are what UFO enthusiasts think they are, they must be the product of an extremely advanced civilization capable not only of building continent-sized spacecraft but one that also mastered interstellar flight.

Their presence in our solar system is testament to their interest in the human species. An alien civilization on our doorstep is undoubtedly [exciting] news.

By Locklip