38 Crystals to Increase Your Frequency and Balance Your Energy

Crystals have always been rather appealing to me. There is something special about what they are, what they represent.

They are more concentrated than regular rocks, they have more crystalline geometric patterns in their atomic structure than the cells in the human body do (sure, it may not be as fluid and moving, but that’s yin and yang for you).

On my journey, I came across an old dusty book about crystals with a little piece of paper slipped inside. It was old and tattery, and hardly readable. But on this paper was a list of 38 crystals that you could find relatively easily that had unique properties… What do I mean by properties?

Crystals operate much like a magnet, but think about it in relationship to energy beyond the 3rd dimension. If you’re looking at it in 3D, obviously it’s pretty much just a rock. If you look at it through a higher dimensional lens however… you start seeing something unique.

You see waves, pushing and pulling on the energy all around it. Some crystals push on higher frequencies, such as Selenite or Amethyst, where as others push on lower frequencies, such as Garnet or Tourmaline.

The difference between the vibrations that i’m describing when I say “Higher” or “Lower” is in relationship to how they affect us.

Many crystals are very “Grounding”, Root Chakra levels, and help us calm down into 3D. Other Crystals however stimulate the brain, mental clarity, and “higher” frequencies of the mind.

All of the vibrations of these crystals are important, and sometimes the crystal you think you need the least, is the one you need the most.

Here is a list of the 38 Crystals from that secret piece of paper that I found, which I’ve remade on a printable PDF too so that you can have one as well. You can download it here.

    1. Agate

        The Strength Stone, Courage and strength for both boy and mind.
        Facilitates perceptiveness and precision.
        Is grounding and energetic.
        Balances the yin yang energies.

    2. Amazonite

        Aligns and balances mental and etheric bodies.
        Calms nerves, aids creative expression and cutes through illusion.
        Brings joy, clarity and an understanding of universal love.

    3. Amethyst

        The Peace Stone. Ideal for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities.
        A greatly calming influence, very protective and inspirational.
        Radiates divine love.

    4. Aquamarine

        Provides emotional and intellectual stability and clarity of mind.
        Aids self-expression, calms nerves, dispels intolerance and helps banish fears and phobias.

    5. Aventurine

        Balance the yin yang energies.
        Motivates and refines positive attitudes and feelings of independence.
        Relieves anxiety and fear.

    6. Azurite

        Cleanses the mind and soul.
        Awakens psychic abilities and initiates transformation.
        Enhances creativity, self-confidence and inspiration.

    7. Bloodstone

        A powerful healing stone renewal.
        Revitalizes and enhances both body and mind.
        Instills wisdom and sensitivity for inner guidance.

    8. Calcite

        Facilitates an awareness and understanding of nature.
        Aids in the remembering of astral travel experience.
        Alleviates fear, clears and balances.

    9. Carnelian

        Aids concentration and memory.
        Stimulates inquisitiveness and dispels apathy.
        Enhances attunement with the inner self.

    10. Chrysoprase

        Instills a sense of grace.
        Helps clarify personal problems and brings out hidden talents.
        Balance attitudes and actions.

    11. Citrine

        The abundance Stone. Joyous, warm and energising.
        Raises self esteem, stimulates mental focus and aids in the alignment with the higher self.
        Attracts and maintains abundance.

    12. Clear Quartz

        The Energy Stone. Excellent for meditation.
        Amplifies energy and thought.
        Dispels negativity. Receives, stores, and transmits energy.
        Aids communication with every dimension.

    13. Flourite

        Balances and advances the mind and increases concentration.
        A stabilizing influence on all levels.
        A stone of discernment and higher understanding.

    14. Garnet

        A stone of love and compassion. It strengthens and purifies, balances the body’s energy field and enhances the imagination.

    15. Hematite

        The Stress Stone. Enhances mental capabilities and reduces stress.
        Strengthens and energizes both physical and etheric bodies.
        Dispels negativity.

    16. Howlite

        Reduces stress and pain and encourages patience, discernment and refinement.
        Aids communication and expression.

    17. Jade

        Balances the emotions and encourages wisdom.
        Aids in remembering and solving dreams.
        Peaceful, nurturing and stress relieving.

    18. Jasper

        Protective and grounding, a balancer on all levels.
        A sustaining stone working mainly on the physical body.

    19. Lapis Lazuli

        Expands awareness and intellect an enhances psychic abilities.
        Helps overcome depression, aids creativeness and protects.

    20. Malachite

        Aids intuitiveness and transformation.
        Balances, clarifies the emotions, clears subconscious blocks and reduces stress.

    21. Sunstone

        Dissolves negativity and grounds the root chakra.
        Brings happiness and sunshine and shines light into the shadow self.

    22. Moonstone

        Stimulates confidence and balances emotions.
        Encourages intuitiveness and perception.
        Enhances the feminine nature.

    23. Obsidian

        Grounds, protects and shields against negativity.
        Aids in the understanding and clearing of subconscious blocks.

    24. Onyx

        Balances the yin yang energies.
        Reduces stress and encourages self control.
        Encourages happiness, good fortune and higher inspiration.

    25. Opal

        Encourages intuitiveness, inspiration and imagination.
        Aids in memory improvement and the release of inhibitions.

    26. Peridot

        Inspires happiness, strengthens and regenerates.
        Protects and purifies, reduces anger and jealousy.

    27. Pyrite

        Protects against negativity on all levels.
        Encourages a positive outlook and greater understanding.
        Aids memory and intellect.

    28. Rhodonite

        Aids self esteem and confidence.
        Reduces anxiety, balances and inspires greater understanding and discernment.
        Assists in maximizing ones potential.

    29. Rose Quartz

        The Love Stone.
        Balances, heals and rejuvenates the emotions.
        Cools hot tempers, clears stored anger, guilt and jealousy.
        Encourages compassion and harmony.

    30. Rutilated Quartz

        Enhances insight and understanding of problems.
        Assists in communication with higher self and guides.
        Wards against negativity and interference.

    31. Smokey Quartz

        Dispels negativity and releases emotional blocks.
        Balances grounds and protects.
        Enhances channeling powers.

    32. Snowflake Obsidian

        Brings purity and balance on all levels.
        Encourages understanding and realignment of though patterns.

    33. Sodalite

        Rationalizes and aids clear thinking bringing clarity and truth.
        Enhances communication and creative expression.

    34. Selenite

        A very intense and highly attuned crystal.
        Helps one connect to their higher self and into higher frequencies.
        Also – Very pretty!

    35. Tigereye

        Brings cheerfulness and optimism.
        Enhances clarity of thought, balances the yin yang energies and helps soften stubbornness.

    36. Tourmaline

        The Protection Stone.
        Wards off fear and negativity and protects on all levels.
        Enhances inspiration and encourages self confidence and understanding.

    37. Turquoise

        Brings peace of mind, wisdom and understanding.
        Enhances psychic abilities and communication.
        Protects and balances.

    38. Unakite

        Balances the emotional body and gives an awareness and understanding of subconscious blocks.
        Can facilitate the rebirthing process.

To learn more about Crystals, check out this short movie we put together all about them:

by The Spirit Science | Reference: Angel Fire