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Marijuana Sales in Oregon Break Records With $11 Million in First Week of Legalization

According to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, the state sold over $11 million dollars worth of marijuana in the first week of legalization.

by John Vibes, Ture Activist

The sales in Oregon on the first week actually outshined both Colorado and Washington state where the plant was legalized just a few years ago.

In Colorado, sales reached as high as about $5 million in the first week, while in Washington retailers made only $2 million in sales in the first week.

Oddly enough, marijuana has actually technically been legal in the state of Oregon since July first, but all of the red tape and regulations prevented shops from opening up until October 1st.

Retailers in Oregon were more prepared and more abundant than those in Colorado and Washington.

There were over 250 medical marijuana dispensaries that were immediately able to sell to recreational customers while in Colorado there were just 24 retailers open on the first day of legalization, and Washington had only 4.

Also, since taxes have not kicked in yet in Oregon, retailers were able to sell for as little as $10 a gram, while the same amount is currently as high as 30$ in Washington.

“We’re seeing about 500 people a day,” retailer Jeff Johnson told KGW.