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Putin Makes ISIS Beheader ‘Jihadi John’ Russia’s NUMBER ONE Target

President Vladimir Putin makes ISIS’ sick executioner, Russia’s number one priority.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has made the capturing of ISIS’ butcher his country’s number one priority. Mohammed Emwazi, 27, is better know as Jihadi John and he is responsible for beheading Americans and Brits in hideous videos posted online.

Being ramped up by Russia’s interested in capturing Emwazi, David Cameron put pressure on security forces to track him down “dead or alive” ASAP.

Putin joined the fight against ISIS at the end of last month, launching a bombing campaign in Syria.

The campaign proved to be devastating from the very first day. Only a week after Russia begun striking ISIS, the Syrian ambassador stated that 40% of ISIS’ infrastructure was destroyed, while reports suggested many have deserted, seeking refuge into Turkey.

A US security source said in an interview with the Sun:

“If they captured Emwazi alive he would be a major bargaining chip. Putin could also say his strong tactics achieved what the West couldn’t. It would be a devastating blow to American prestige.”

Meanwhile, reports have emerged of jihadi groups turning on each other in Syria, as Putin’s relentless attacks take hold. The groups are fighting over territory control and a lack of funds.

By HumansAreFree.com | Reference: Daily Star