Somebody Stuck an Ax into This Christopher Columbus Statue Last Night

Once again, it was Columbus Day in the United States, a day that has lost much of its former prestige.

As of late, the holiday has come under increased scrutiny because of the violent and repressive actions Columbus and his ilk wreaked upon the native population of the Americas.

In fact, many cities across the country are abolishing Columbus Day altogether and replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day.

It seems an individual or group in Detroit takes the indecency of Christopher Columbus very seriously — seriously enough to vandalize a bust of the Christopher Columbus with an ax to the forehead with fake blood spilling out.

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As Detroit’s Metro Times details:

“[…] it appears that someone has vandalized the bust of Columbus located outside of Detroit’s Renaissance Center. A photo posted to Reddit shows what looks like a bloody hatchet blow to the statue’s head.

“Located at Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street, the statue was created by Italian sculptor Augusto Rivalta and dedicated to the city of Detroit on Oct. 12, 1910.”

By Anti Media