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Polarize and Conquer — How the Paris Attacks Benefit ISIS and the Western Military Industrial Complex

By Jay Syrmopoulos

Only two weeks ago CIA Director John Brennan, French Intelligence Chief Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror were all together in Washington, D.C., on October 27.

They were participants in the CIA-George Washington University Intelligence Conference: Panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission.”

The timing of this meeting of high-level intelligence professions, only two weeks prior to the terrorist attacks in Paris, raises some startling questions.

If there is one thing that Islamic fundamentalists and neocon warhawks agree on, it’s that there should be no “grayzone”; only black and white.

The grayzone is the zone of peaceful coexistence. Eliminating the grayzone – and rendering a world as black & white the flag of the Islamic state is the ultimate goal of fundamentalists on all sides.

A recent ISIS publication, titled Extinction of the Grayzone made clear that the strategy has been at play for the past 14 years.

“The grayzone is critically endangered, rather on the brink of extinction. It’s endangerment began with the blessed operation of September 11th, as these operations manifested two camps before the world for mankind to choose between, a camp of Islam… and a camp of kufr – the crusader coalition.”

These are the same sentiments expressed by George W. Bush when he infamously said:

“Either you are with us or with the terrorists.”

ISIS’s goal from their own publication. A black & white world. What they call “grayzone” is our coexistence zone. pic.twitter.com/dDPqigam4t

— Iyad El-Baghdadi (@iyad_elbaghdadi) November 14, 2015

Often there is a quick rush to judgement after tragic events such as the Paris attacks, with accompanying knee-jerk reactions, as people are rapidly caught up in a frenzy of emotion and nationalistic pride that can lead to disastrous consequences.

This can be clearly seen in the statements made by French president Hollande who said:

“To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless.”

Let’s be clear about what is actually transpiring before making life and death decisions. Getting rid of a moderate middle serves the warmongers on both sides, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality or religion.

I am Muslim I am not a Terrorist Qur’an Teach me to love everyone around me 💐 #ParisAttack #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist

— يوسف المحروقي (@yousuf_m82) November 14, 2015

This artificially created divide serves both the interests of the military industrial complex, and Islamic fundamentalists.

It helps the Western alliance maintain an excuse for bloated military and intelligence spending and non-stop war footing.

All the while, ISIS benefits by gaining new recruits, as persecuted moderate Muslims are pushed towards an extremist worldview.

The attacks in Paris were certainly meant to polarize the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims in France by provoking anti-Islamic sentiment.

The question is; who is actually pulling the strings?