A Call to Light and Energy Workers

by Neil Sperling

Who am I ?

At the end of this article I will note what the call to Light and Energy workers is. First I think it best I introduce myself by sharing a little of my background so you will know who I am, and where I am coming from.

I, like most of you, have been on the path of awakening all my life, never feeling like I fit in with the rest of the world. I started my conscious pursuit into the mysteries of life in 1980 when I took the Sylva Method of Mind control and meditation.

From there I delved deep into mysticism and became a student of a mystical order. Practising daily meditation was a way of life.

Fast forward to August 2015. I found myself in love with a beautiful soul I met on the internet. I took a trip to California to meet her, and found a piece of me that was missing. That piece of me was not found in the relationship, but was found because of the intimate love I felt for her.

While holding her I experienced a huge amount of energy and my expansiveness was beyond anything I had ever experienced in meditation before. It was then a huge piece of me that was never connected within my physical experience here on earth flew through my pineal gland and lodged in my heart.

I literally felt it hit my heart and the impact caused me to curl into a fetal position. Later that day while she and I walked on the beach, we both felt something in the ocean. She was expecting to see dolphins and I said “no I think it is a whale.” I could feel a sound in my inner ear and thought to myself I bet it’s a blue whale.

Upon coming Home

Upon my return home, I was working with some of Jennifer Hough’s and The Wide Awakening material. (I recommend her material big time. It will awaken your connection with who you are through your cells. Very Powerful plus Jennifer and her team are awesome).

Back to getting home… I had never believed in Angels and one of Jenifer’s activations was to open oneself up to the Angelic realms. Being that I did not believe in Angels I went through that exercise many times.

Since all of the other exercises were making a difference, I simply knew, there must be something too all that Angel stuff. Just maybe there is such a thing.

One day, after a brief meditation by the Lynn River that enters into Lake Erie in my home town Port Dover Ontario, I went for a walk to the pier. While on the pier I had another experience that blew my mind. Again like on my trip to meet the special lady, I felt energy and my expansiveness was huge.

Boom, I felt two thuds on my back. In my minds eye I could see two blue wings now on my back. What the heck is that I thought, and what does that mean. STRANGE is all I could think at the time.

I walked home deep in thought. I was thinking of the blue wings plus thinking about the impact of finding that piece of me on my trip and pondering what it all meant.

I was vibrating like crazy. The hair not only my arms was standing up, but the hair on my legs plus I could even feel the hair on my back pushing against my shirt… So I looked up blue wings on the internet and found my answer. Blue Ray.

The next day I was thinking about all the above, and once again I started vibrating in every cell of my body. For well over 45 minutes the energy kept vibrating and I decided to go for a walk and grab a coffee. Still vibrating. About a block from home it hit me… WOW, my middle name is Raymond.

At that thought the intensity of the vibrations increased and a Blue Jay landed in the tree and talked to me the whole while I walked under the tree.

I continued for my coffee and about an hour later was home and the vibrations had calmed, when I recalled the moment walking on the beach in California and feeling the sound of a whale. I asked myself “what does a blue whale sound like.”

A quick search on you tube and BOOM… the sound of the Blue Whale is what I had felt that day on the beach in California. Blue Ray? Well…. Blue wings, Blue Jay, Blue Whale and my middle name Raymond – I needed no more validation.

Back to “The Call”

During the time from 2000-2004 I took a detour, “off the path” of seeking and awakening and delved into all sorts of world problems, conspiracy theories and way too much negative stuff. I now know why. The detour away from the path was actually still my path. I had to get a perspective of the world from a different vantage point.

The call to Light and Energy Workers is “to now become energetically active in world politics.” “Energetically” I said. There is no need to get into deep political study or to become active in the political process, unless you are personally called to do so. So read on.

Thanks again to Jennifer Hough and The Wide Awakening, I became conscious to the realization of how every cell in our body works in harmony with all the other cells to make you whole. Your cells are tapped in, tuned in and turned onto source energy directly. Trillions of cells, in your body, all working in harmony.

The point is, we humans can also find that harmony. Working together, accepting, respecting and appreciating each other and our differences. Knowing each of us has a place in the scheme of things, just like the individual cells of our body.

I wrote an article called Thrivalism. In that article I weaved spirituality and world politics into a theme of progress with harmony.

The root of the theme of course is love, for without love there can be no harmony. But because of my detour into conspiracy theories and the world problems, I see the direction of change needed on many levels.

In Thrivalism, I present directional solutions. I do not make specific solutions, but I clearly point in a positive direction, on, many current issues and topics. Much further light and energy to assist in the changes necessary, is the call I present to you. So that’s the call. There are many possible trajectories that may unfold. Let them be guided by light.

Just remember as Jennifer said “the is no such thing as THE TRUTH. Creation is always creating upon itself and expanding. A TRUTH may last just sixty seconds. THE TRUTH is always illusive.”

One thing few people understand and Light Workers are no exception, is the “Power of Duplication.” When an individual wakes up, their energy helps others wake up. The process is duplication.

This should be understood at a deep level and applied to things as simple as sharing. Sharing links included. See for yourself. “The Power Of Duplication.”

So… “Only if you hear The Call” – please read and add your energy, love and light. Add your love and light “Energetically,” to the magnificent and beautiful changes that are now unfolding. We truly are “Creating Heaven on Earth.” We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Share this article with other Light Workers, as it opens the door to the other article in a more meaningful manner to someone tuned in. Thanks!


I honor you for the place in you where the universe resides
I honor you for the place in you of love – of light – of truth and of Peace
I honor you for the place in you – for when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us, sharing that sacred space.