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Bulletproof Your Immune System With These Natural Remedies

by Michael Edwards

You don’t have to catch the next flu. You can stop the next cold before it gets started. All you need is the right diet and a strong, healthy immune system.

Yes, I know. We have all met one or more people who eat crap and still never get sick. Chances are they were born with a good, healthy immune system and their parents fed them right. Now they are tearing down their immune systems. Their luck won’t last forever.

There are also people who don’t get sick because they take such good care of themselves that their body is not a suitable host for infection. Bacteria and viruses can’t get a foothold.

When pathogens invade the body, the immune system kills them so quickly that very healthy people aren’t even aware the battle took place.

Then there are people who eat pretty well, usually get enough sleep, but sometimes, every now and then, get sick.

With the right combination of supplements, in most cases, you can knock out, or radically lesson the severity of an infection. If an illness is caught early enough, even people who eat a lousy diet can treat it with the right supplements before they feel really sick.

Before we get into infection remedies, let’s be clear that we are talking about viruses, bacteria, fungus, and most of the parasites that make us sick.

Believe it or not, candida (a type of fungus) can give us the same symptoms as a bacterial or viral infection, and many times people have multiple infections at once causing flu like symptoms.

The only way to properly prepare your immune system to be as strong as possible is to have a diet and supplement regimen to address not just viruses, but all the other infectious organisms as well.

The good news is that there are many different herbs and foods that none of these invaders and pathogens like.

The Foundation – Foods, Herbs, and Diet for the Immune System

Infection wants an easy host. An easy host does not eat a healthy diet filled with lots of raw, fresh, organic produce, full of enzymes and vitamins. To be healthy, eat a salad every day with raw garlic.

If garlic makes your breath stink, it’s time to detox and get yourself healthy. Toxic body = garlic breath. Don’t eat processed foods, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or GMO foods. Don’t eat any food with artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives or MSG.

If you can’t grow your own ultra healthy produce at home, and you don’t have access to the best nutrient dense produce year around, take a really good whole food multivitamin with lots of easily assimilated vitamin C.

It’s not important how much of any one vitamin there is, what matters is that the nutrients can be properly and easily assimilated. Take a separate vitamin D supplements, too.

If your throat gets itchy at all, your breath smells stale, or your sinuses feel overly sensitive, sip on apple cider vinegar all day. If you need to speak to anyone up close, stop sipping for ten minutes or so beforehand. The vinegar will make your breath smell like an old shoe, for just a bit.

Drink plenty of fluids. Stevia sweetened cranberry lemonade with cayenne will help detoxify and flush the system, while making the body extremely inhospitable to infection (cayenne, cranberry, and lemonade are all very good at fighting off sickness).

If there is any sign of a cold or infection coming on, don’t use cough drops, or nasal spray, or any over the counter medications. Stay away from anything sweet, even fruit (besides stevia, green apples, berries, and watermelon).

That’s the foundation. With good sleep habits and a nearly perfect diet, there’s no getting sick.

Stepping It Up a Notch With the Real Flu Shots

If you have access to a juice press, the best flu shots in the world are available to you. If you are making sure your immune system is combat ready, it is not time to juice carrots, beets, or apples. They have too much sugar.

Juice ginger, turmeric, lemon, wheat grass, and cranberry (if you can’t get fresh cranberries, get organic not-from-concentrate), 2 ounces each. Take them all as individual shots. You could mix them up and chug it all down at once, but my tummy revolted when I tried this.

Do these shots in the morning on an empty stomach for a multitude of benefits, including a stronger immune system. Make sure it’s all organic of course. Nothing I know of sets the day off better. Well… okay, almost nothing.

The Big Guns – Bulletproof Your Immune System with the Most Powerful Herbs

Good echinacea, the pure, clean, and potent kind that makes your tongue feel as fuzzy as a shag carpet, will knock out a viral infection all by itself in most cases. When you combine echinacea with vitamin C, flu and colds don’t stand a chance.

Echinacea strengthens the entire immune system, but don’t take it for more than a week at a time, as it loses its effectiveness if you take it for more than 7 days straight. Wait at least 5 days before taking it again.

Goldenseal is antiviral and anti-parasitic. It’s also a powerful blood cleanser. It can be a little hard on the liver. Black radish can help offset that by keeping the gallbladder healthy and maintaining proper bile flow, and it’s also antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-parasitic.

Coptis chinensis, also known as goldenthread, is a very powerful aid to detoxification. It helps keep the lymph glands clean and running smoothly, and it’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and antifungal.

I get the aforementioned supplements into my system by taking, Shillington’s Blood Detox, GI Shield, black radish, coptis chinensis, and I also throw in Shillington’s Total Tonic, but you can make it yourself easily. Here’s the recipe:

Doc Shillington’s Total Tonic Recipe:

  •     1 handful of garlic cloves
  •     1 handful of chopped onions
  •     1 handful of chopped ginger
  •     1 handful of chopped horseradish
  •     1/2 handful of chopped habanero peppers
  •     Raw apple cider vinegar

Throw in a blender and cover with an inch or two of organic raw apple cider vinegar. All ingredients should be organic, but don’t let that stop you from making this great formula (as long as the garlic is not from China). You can use the mash right away or wait two weeks and allow it to turn into a tincture.

Kill the Bastards

In the last phase of keeping the immune system strong add oil of oregano.

This will pretty much kill anything we don’t want in our gut (and some stuff we do want), as well as aid in killing any microorganisms anywhere in the body. It pretty much makes the body totally inhospitable to foreign invaders.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s Shillington’s Herbal Snuff. This is the herbal remedy that proves Doc Shillington is a sadist.

A part is a measurement by volume (cups, tbls, etc.):

  •     7 parts goldenseal root powder
  •     7 parts bayberry bark powder
  •     1 part cayenne pepper powder
  •     1 part garlic powder

All the above must be ground up very finely. It is best to use habanero cayenne as it is the hottest. Mix it very well as a clump of cayenne could keep your eyes in tears for an hour. It won’t hurt you, though.

When allergies are starting, or a sinus infection is trying to set in (or both), perfumes and sugary odors can make you nauseated or cause unusually intense cravings. Things that normally wouldn’t bother can smell very stale and overpowering.

This is a sign that it’s time for Herbal Snuff. You snort it. Just a tiny bit. Get it up both nostrils quick before you change your mind. It hurts. It sucks. But it clears out the sinuses like nothing else.

When using oil of oregano and garlic to balance the gut, or Herbal Snuff to eliminate sinus infections, the diet needs to be clean and at least some of the aforementioned practices should be utilized.

If someone uses herbal snuff to prevent a sinus infection or a sore throat (sore throats are typically caused by sinus infections), while eating food that promotes infection, it is likely that lung infections like pneumonia will set in very quickly.

Eating poor quality food can wreck havoc on the intestines of someone that has taken antibiotics, and oil of oregano and garlic are pretty strong, all natural, antibiotics.

If you don’t get sick, are you healthy? Some people have a genetically gifted immune system, and some people may have emotional makeups that help keep them from getting sick (mind over matter is powerful medicine). This doesn’t necessarily mean these people are healthy.

Anyone who doesn’t eat extremely well would benefit from regular detoxification, which is something your body does at all times on its own when it’s healthy and is fed a truly healthy diet.

For those who don’t take care of themselves, getting sick is a very good way to detoxify. For someone who doesn’t eat as well as they should, and/or doesn’t get enough sleep, getting sick is a way of taking out the garbage. Parasites, viruses, bacteria, and candida need weak cells to feed off of and to make a home.

A poor diet, lack of sleep, and habits like drinking or smoking cause malfunctioning cells to develop. To use the methods that prevent infection, and to do so repeatedly, without taking care of oneself, can lead to serious illness such as cancer, or autoimmune disease.

Disease suppression is dangerous in the long run, even with all natural, perfectly safe remedies.

With that in mind, if you need to make it through a stressful situation when the weather is changing and you know you won’t get enough sleep for a while, and the food situation won’t be ideal for periods (this certainly happens to me with business from time to time) without getting sick under any circumstances, then this protocol is what you need.

On the other hand, these practices can also be used while detoxifying to strengthen the detox and to lesson the side effects and reduce the likelihood of a weakened immune system and getting sick.