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5 Ways to Protect Yourself When You’re an Empath

by Jeff Wilson, Spirit Science

Humans are hard wired neurologically to feel what other humans feel. If you see a spider crawling up someone’s arm, you can feel the ghost sensation.

If you hear someone crying, you feel sad too. This is a natural and normal response known as empathy. There are some people though that are far more empathetic  than others.

They can pick up others’ emotions, desires, intentions and moods as though they were their own.

While this means they can readily help almost anyone and have a deep understanding of humanity, it also means that highly empathetic people are always experiencing other people baggage. 

Here are five ways to curb the negative and build on you talents, if your empathic.

Meditate Daily

Meditating at least once a day, is the perfect way to get some ‘you’ time. A lot of the negative aspects of being empathic are due to picking up others’ emotions.

Once another person’s emotions are picked up, it imprints on the empath. Even if you started off with a good day, you can pick up a co worker’s bad mood.

It can effect you as severely as if it was your emotion. Calming the momentum and craziness in your mind can help you figure out what’s yours and what’s not.

Get Comfortable Saying No

I know you like to help people. Empaths feel the suffering of others as though it was theirs. They are often trying to help someone with a problem. But empathic people feel drained after dealing with too many people.

People feel comfortable talking to you and your valuable insight make you the go-to support person. You care about the people in your life and want to help but realize if you’re exhausted then you can’t help anyone.

It’s better to say no and rest up then say yes and run yourself into the ground.

Create An Energy Shield

This handy visualization technique involves your heart chakra. You draw energy from your heart chakra and visualize the energy surrounding your body.

You’ll want to extend it about a foot around you and try to keep the energy spinning. If you have played around with projecting chakras and have more experience with your sacral or other energy, feel free to substitute.

Work On Your Chakras

Chakras are points of focused energy in the body. There are seven major chakral points in the human body.

Each one represents a different aspect of our humanity. The visualization and breathing techniques used in yoga help break down our troubles and re-examine our strengths.

Take Breaks

The ability to realize when your uncomfortable or picking up on way too many vibes is crucial. You are the only one who can know how you feel, so you have to be your own advocate.

It’s completely understandable for you to go outside, a walk, in the other room, or even the bathroom.