Nintendo PR Employee Advocates Pedophilia

by John Kelly, Medium (excerpt)

Nintendo’s Public Relations employee, Alison Rapp, argues not only for the legalization of child pornography, but also for more lax consent laws between adults and children

Ms. Rapp is a “Product Marketing Specialist at Nintendo of America” specializing in “Public Relations and Communications” and is responsible for the marketing of several games for the company. [Ref.]

At the Japan Studies Association Conference in Honolulu in 2012, Ms. Rapp presented Speech We Hate: …Anti-Child Pornography Laws [interesting to note is also the page number: 33], a thesis which outlined objections towards laws enacting against child pornography.

Her piece can be boiled down to three points:

1. that the consequences of consuming media containing child pornography are exaggerated,
2. that child pornography constitutes free speech, and
3. that Japan’s laws are a byproduct of cultural imperialism from the West.

Here are some of her highly controversial, pro pedophilia, twitts (click images to enlarge):

What her arguments do not address is the rewarding of child rape necessitated in making such media, and in fact suggest child adult relations are only a matter of cultural norms.