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Dolores Cannon, the Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

A sneak preview of Dolores Cannon ’s inspirational message from her most inspiration book ever, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. We are about to experience a shift, a vibrational leap — are you ready for the New Earth?

Bold, Honest and Forthright — these are the best words to describe Dolores Cannon, one of the most inspirational speakers, renowned author, and past life regression hypnotherapist.

While she has managed to author several mind-boggling masterpieces, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth beats all the others hands down.

As courageous and hopeful as her messages, Dolores Cannon, was a past life regression therapist who worked with thousands of clients over the four decades of her career.

In fact, she has gradually grown to become one of the most sought-after professionals in her field.

She received messages at the end of her sessions, primarily from supernatural beings telling her what we should expect in the future.

These almost prophetic messages used to drive her around to deliver what these amazing beings wanted her to say.

Moreover, she used to explain how at the end of a session, the client’s voice would change in a specific way, and meaningful messages would be delivered to her through her client’s voice.

Dolores Cannon and her messages of hope and unity

In her book, Dolores Cannon explains to the current generation what needs to change, from a 5-Dimensional perspective.

She alludes that we are currently living in the most important moment in the human history since man was created. Cannon tries to discuss our current paradigm using some theoretical examples.

While the book is quite broad, a sneak preview of this inspirational piece presents the following details:

  • The Earth’s frequencies are changing, which means that human bodies are adjusting to the frequency as well. The human cells are aligning with the changes and are receiving the new instruction. One great example here is the reason why people today can comfortably hear high-pitched frequencies.
  • Those who die or ‘return to the source,’ return there for a reason. She says that the earth is in disarray and death is, in fact, an act of returning.
  • Our primary reason to be alive on Earth is to help each other as we are undergoing some really tough times. When placed under hypnosis, her clients frequently tell her that the purpose here is not to get married or make lots of money, but to help one another.
  • After coming back from hypnosis, her clients come back completely changed for the better, as they understand how we are all connected to one another. Many choose to become healers.
  • If you aren’t leading life the way you want, you can dismiss it and start a brand “new” one at any time, or, as she says ‘write a new contract.’
  • There are many souls who had previously lived on other planets, and the current incarnation is the first one here — as a result, they may find it difficult to adapt to Earth’s vibration and challenges.
  • As the frequencies are changing, those who can’t conform to the new changes will be left behind. The Earth won’t progress with anyone whose level of negativity is beyond 50%.
  • Do not let ‘illusions’ such as the economy, politics, etc., control you. As important as the everyday global events may seem, they don’t matter at all in the greater picture.
  • Our DNA is changing as we speak, and, one day in the future, we will reach a point where we will become immortal, even in physicality.
  • Those who choose not to amend will eventually die and they will not be able to reincarnate here, because of their negativity.
  • There’s a big spiritual & energetic leap approaching, and you may not like it here during that time, but if we get rid of fear completely, the process will be smooth and quite beautiful.
  • This is the final spiritual leap and, after ascension, the old world won’t be aware of the existence of the new one. Both the old and the new Earth will coexist, but in different dimensions.

If you want to learn more on the subject, you can purchase Dolores Cannon’s book from Amazon.

By Helen E. Williams, Dreamcatcher Reality

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