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TOP 10 Cancer Preventing & Fighting Foods

Do not forget that good nourishment is one crucial weapon to fight against cancer as well as any illness.

According to a report of the American Cancer Society in 2012 indicated that there was overwhelming evidence that exercise and diet could raise survival and even inhibit cancer returning.

Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, MPH, RD, Ph.D, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute said that the least-expensive, easiest way to decrease your risk for the cancer is just by having a healthy diet.  

Here are 12 foods that can help you combat cancer effectively.

1. Vitamin D

As we know, this vitamin that helps to absorb calcium in order to build strong bones and teeth may also form protection against cancer.

Researchers suggest that this vitamin curbs the development of cancerous cells. A report introduced at the current meeting of the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) indicated a link between reduced breast cancer risk and increased vitamin D intake.

It found this vitamin to reduce the chance of growth breast cancer by up to fifty percent.

According to a 2005 Harvard study reported, Vitamin D may also enhance survival rates among the lung cancer patients. Patients with low vitamin D intakes as well as winter surgeries had only 23 percent survival rate.

Patients who underwent surgery for lung cancer in the summer, as vitamin D exposure from the sunshine is greatest, and also had the highest consumption of this vitamin, reported a 56 % five-year survival rate.

William G. Nelson, Ph.D, MD, of the University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Md., recommends that the RDA suggestions for vitamin D be lifted to 1,000 IU for women and men as well.

In just ten minutes, you can gain about 5,000 IU of vitamin D if you expose forty percent of your body to the sun, while wearing no sunscreen.

A one year supply of Vitamin D 5,000 IU supplements made from organic olive oil (non-GMO) can be purchased online.

2. Folate-Rich Foods
Folate- rich foods are also great at fighting cancer. This B-complex vitamin may be found in many healthy foods.

Stolzenberg-Solomon also said that people with low folate level are more prone to DNA mutations.

In one large-scale study, researchers valued the folate effects on more than 27,000 male smokers between the ages of 50 and 69.

The men who took at least the suggested daily allowance of folate — around 400 micrograms — cut in half the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

One glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice is high in folate and it is recommended in the morning.

For lunch, try one healthy salad with either romaine or spinach leaves. Then, top it with dried peas or beans for an extra boost.

You can snack on an orange or a handful of peanuts in between meals.

At dinner, have some Brussels sprouts or asparagus one the side.

This “nighttime multi-mineral” drink made from organic non-GMO ingredients is great supplement for everyone with a healthy lifestyle, and provides the daily requirement of folate.

3. Curcumin
A biochemist at The Texas University said that nearly all diseases are caused by the chronic inflammation that lasts over long time periods.

Curcuminis a great anti-inflammatory it has been proven to fight cancer.

Recent studies have indicated that curcumin obstructs cell-signaling pathways, thus suppressing the proliferation, transformation, as well as invasion of cancerous cells.

Curcumin’s protective effects can extend to bladder as well as gastrointestinal cancers.

Cancer rates are much lower in India, and it is most probably thanks to curcumin, which flavors many popular Indian dishes, since it is the major ingredient in the curry powder.

It complements rice, lentils, and vegetable. Some chefs sprinkle the yellow, bright powder into recipes for one burst of color.

4. Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables are part of the cabbage family, including kale, cabbage, turnip greens, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli, and can assist you to ward off cancer.

In lab experiments, the substance released during either chewing or cutting cruciferous vegetables (named sulforaphane) had a cancer-killing effect. The studies indicate promising results in the fight against colon and prostate cancers.

The tumors of the mice grafted with human prostate tumors started to shrink to half their size after thirty-one days.

5. Ginger
Gingeris known for treating nausea, but also useful in fighting cancer. Raw, fresh ginger contains a number of very vital benefits in the cancer fight.

It’s terrific anti-inflammatory property in the body decreases the COX-2 effects. This produces advantages throughout the body and particularly in the gut, decreasing rates of cancer spread.

Also, it reduces the levels of blood sugar and gingerols present in it, which has shown to have a devastating effect against breast, leukaemia, prostate, and other cancer cells.

Moreover, it is anti-parasitic and packed with helpful minerals and vitamins.

You should grate five grams or more of this spice your juices, every day.

6. Carotenoids – Carrots, Greens and Peppers
Together with apricots, yellow and red peppers, greens like spinach or kale, carrots and sweet potatoes give anti-cancer carotenoids such as beta-carotene that converts to vitamin A, when required by your body.

2 sweet potatoes, a cup of carrot juice, four cups of red cherries and 16 dried apricots will each give 25 mgs.

Carotenoids are also found in the natural superfood chlorella.

7. Seeds
Seeds are loaded with vitamin E and fibers to boost your gut flora. Those who consume the highest natural fiber levels have higher immune systems.

Here are some useful seeds:

Sunflower Seeds These seeds are high in natural vitamin E and zinc. Zinc assists vitamin C to do its work and quickens healing time. They are great for a healthy prostate.

You require about 15 to 25 mgs a day. Five tablespoons of sunflower seeds provide 10 mgs. Also, sunflower seeds will provide a little selenium.

Sesame Seeds These seeds can reduce blood pressure as well as lipid levels. Research indicates they can battle inflammation and cancer as well.

Gamma tocopherol vitamin E decreases inflammation around your body. Both flax and sesame seeds are converted to compounds which can arrest oestrogen cancers.

Pumpkin Seeds You can mix the seeds with your sunflower seeds in the morning muesli.

Five tablespoons will each give twenty mgs of vitamin E, which prevents cancer cell growth and secures immune cells from the free radicals.

Also, vitamin E boosts the immune system´s fighting abilities.

8. Nuts
According to research at Cancer Watch, people who eat nuts daily live longer.

6 cracked Brazil nuts will provide the daily requirement of selenium (about 100 to 200 mcgs is the aim). Selenium is a very powerful anti-cancer agent.

8 wholemeal bread slices, a large chicken breast, or an organic egg will also be enough.

Onions, tomatoes and broccoli contain selenium as well.

Almonds and walnuts are helpful additions to the diet because they contain good oils as well as high natural fibre.

9. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can fight cancer due to the carotenoids and lycopene they contain. Tomatoes are especially useful in fighting prostate and pancreatic cancers.

To obtain the most advantages, you need to consume 7-10 servings every week. 

According to Harvard research, 7-10 helpings per week cut symptoms of the prostate cancer by 40% and also have a positive influence in the fight against other cancers, such as: colon, lung, cervix, and breast.

Lycopene is the best active ingredient, and it’s also found in peppers, carrots, peaches and strawberries, but one tomato soup contains 65 mgs (25 – 40 mgs is the daily required dose).

Lycopene helps decrease the bad fat levels in your blood stream and is also a strong antioxidant.

10. Green Tea
Greentea has the polyphenol compounds, known as catechins. According to the National Cancer Institute, the catechins present in green tea are strong enough to prevent cancer.

Compounds in green tea (ECG and EGCG) have been confirmed clinically to secure cells from DNA damage because of its substantial free radical killing capacities.
Research has indicated that the catechins found in green tea can not only shield you from the harm caused by the UV radiation of the sun, but they also promote the good functioning of the immune system.

In addition, the polyphenols present in green tea are confirmed to prevent tumor cell development.

Greentea can activate one detoxification enzyme, meaning that it can also inhibit the developing of cancerous tumors. In fact, a balanced and healthy diet is considered as one of the best ways to fight cancer.

Remember that processed, sugary, refined and smoked foods feed cancer. On the other hand, organic raw fruits and vegetables starvecancer.

If you commit to eating healthier, exercise and do periodic detox programs, you will live a longer and healthier life, free of cancer.

By Hang Pham, | References:

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