3 Strong Reasons Why Aliens Won’t Talk to Us — And Why the ‘Elite’ Must Go

This morning I had my usual cup of coffee first thing and my traditional bowl of porridge to kick the day off, and then did my usual thing of checking out Facebook and the news on my phone…

This is where it all went wrong! Immediately on FBI was presented with the most disgusting acts of cruelty towards animals!

So I then decide to check out the News, of which I am then confronted with stories about a guy being nearly beaten to death with batons by the Police in front of his child!?

Oh, and then I read another ‘happy’ story about how those vile sub Humans The ‘Islamic State’ have been going around Syria and Iraq raping and murdering 100’s of women and children, simply disgusting and evil!

And this ladies and gentlemen is exactly the reason why the Aliens do NOT want to speak to any of directly, until we actually one day gain a true sense of humanity and unite as one.

So what could be the key factors for why the Alien Beings haven’t talked to us yet directly? Well please check out the below to give some clear-cut evidence as to why this:

1. Mankind’s cruelty

The Human race (as mentioned above) are slowly but surely becoming a very cold-hearted species, you just got to look around to see that. 

With wars going on in many parts of the word and violent crime on the rise daily is it really a surprise why the ET Beings do not come down from the sky and say hi? No it is not as we now live in a world where violence is a way of control.

The ET beings are not stupid and can see what we are like as a species and what the consequences could be for the Human Race if Aliens did try reaching out to them! We have become war mongering creatures that use power to manipulate and control. 

We are restricted to different countries boundaries around the world and have our 40 hours per week and pay your bills monthly lifestyle already mapped out to us all by those who Govern us – is it surprising so many do not have an interest in what life lies beyond planet earth when they are so heavily burdened down with the mediocre chores penned out for them….

Unless the human race as a whole start learning more about how to treat others in this world, then we will always be deemed by the ones who watch us from the skies to be too aggressive to approach.

China is one of those countries (sadly one of many) that give planet earth such a bad name, by the way it treats its fellow man and creatures that share the same vast country. 

Animals in China have no rights and are treated in the most barbaric of ways possible, usually before they are killed and then eaten (just look up their disgusting Dog Eating festival which slaughters up to 10,000 dogs!).

U.I.P will not stereo type, but if the Aliens are watching us then they will be DISGUSTED by countries such as China and the way they appear to promote lack of care or understanding for any living creatures!

Humans sadly aren’t treated much better either in vast parts of Asia, where human rights become zero rights.

But the world is waking to the vile acts against Humanity in Places like China and many other parts of the word… But now is the time to take action and to show the compassion and empathy that each of us were born with (well most of us).

2. A world swayed by Terrorists and Control Freaks

How would a religious extremist view an Alien Being? Simple, they would want to kill it like any other brainwashed extremist would.

Lets take the cowards known as the Islamic State (or ISIS) whose only ambition in life is to create havoc and suffering throughout the world.

Terrorist groups like ISIS are trying to divide the world and wipe out anything that is different to them.

Terrorist groups like this are also trying to remove evidence of the Human Races history by destroying famous statues and artefacts which have been around for nearly as long as we have as a species!

Some Governments can be deemed as terrorists too by the way they control by fear and punishing anybody who goes against them.

Aliens will never be accepted by any extremists and will be seen as a threat to their ridiculous idealistic views. The only way we can move forward as one is to remove these types of individuals… Unite as one and the REMOVE!

Those who want to control and dictate are only helping to divide the world and NOT to unite us all.

Whether it’s the terrorist making threats over YouTube or a Government trying to promote fear and hate between us all, the ET’s will see that are a very nervy controlled species, which perhaps concerns them about the type of knee jerk reaction they could receive when they announce their existence to the world.

3. Mankind’s Destruction of Planet Earth

Planet earth is being drained off its natural resources daily, from draining the Oil from the grounds beneath us, to cutting down the trees in the Amazon rain forest, we as a species are destroying the planet that very much keeps us alive!

We are making other fellow species that walk this planet with us (some swim) extinct and placing their existence into our history books for the children of the future!

Under 24 hour Armed protection in Sudan – The last remaining male White Rhino!

There are wars and famine all over the planet causing unnecessary death and destruction on a daily basis.

Most wars come down to one thing, and that one thing is ‘Greed’ which comes hand in hand with control! We have not learnt by our destructive past the errors of our ways and how one conflict breeds many more future conflicts for the Human Race.

Back in World War two UFO sightings were witnessed in their hundred by Air Force’s in the sky.

They called a specific Orb-like UFO ‘Foo-Fighters’ which appeared to follow the war planes up high in the sky, almost as if ‘something’ was watching and reviewing our destructive actions against one another.

The Orb-like ‘Foo Fighters’

The Alien Beings that have been visiting our planet will have a true understanding about our destructive ways and what we are doing to ourselves and our very own planet!

One can only imagine that they must see us as an aggressive pathetic species which still fights over ‘Fossil-fuels’ in the ground. 

But with all of this comes HOPE and that hope comes in all of us as individual uniting as one to create a world-wide respect for one another and the very same planet that we ALL live on… This could be the change that the Aliens need in order to connect with us all.

But could it be that one of the most significant UFO events in our history, The Battle Of Los Angeles, which appeared to be one of those Orb like ‘Foo-Fighter’ objects in the sky, gave the Extra-Terrestrials a true understanding of the Human Race…

Attack what you do not understand, after the army fired hundreds if not thousands of shells at it back in February 1942!

The Battle Of Los Angeles – A taster of what the Human Race are about?


With all of the negativity that comes with the Human Race comes some Hope, and that hope comes in the shape of me and you and every other single person on this planet.

The internet gets a lot of bad publicity nowadays however one thing is offers people is the opportunity to see what is really going on around the world and connect with others who live a far!

We created U.I.P in order to help seek the truth but also, most importantly, to help unite the world so that can shout as one voice that “WE WANT THE TRUTH” and guess what people, the world is starting to wake up!

Some people will claim that we are subconsciously waking and perhaps there is some genetic link in side of us all that makes us feel that we need to learn about our true origins in life, but in order to accept how we come about its important to open our minds and accept the fact that we were made from the Universe… with perhaps a helping hand from our Alien friends.

The internet now allows people to see what is really going on in the world and enables people to unite against cruelty and suppression around the world. 

The biggest weapon of war against those who try to control us is the fact that we are now watching them and can see the evidence of such crimes against humanity with our very own eyes!

People are becoming more and more curious and this is why sites such as ours and many other UFO research sites are becoming bigger and more successful than ever… the Human Race is slowly but surely waking and deep down feel fed up of the constraints and terrors being faced on Planet Earth.

The HOPE comes in all of us… The HOPE comes in us all uniting as ONE in order to determine our own destinies and become free from those invisible constraints put on us by those want to ‘GOVERN’ us all…

Spread the word that the Truth is coming… and the Unity between mankind will help us unite from Beings not of this world who can help us as a species to better develop ourselves for the Future and beyond.

Its time the Human Race got its sense of ‘Humanity’ back… and accept that we are all part of something FAR MUCH BIGGER!